Wednesday, 23 March 2011


A bit of a different style of post to fill this week & I'm hoping it might prove entertaining - in a depraved kinda way. Seeing as we have a blank weekend ahead of us (in terms of Premier League fantasy fixtures) & therefore no player picks/update posts for 10 days, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on our seasons so far - although sadly I'm focusing on the negatives!

I have a question for you all. With 30 weeks gone & only 8 weeks to go, what have been your BIGGEST fantasy regrets/mistakes/nightmares this season so far (oh yes, there's still time!)? The ones when your heart has sunk as you watch the week unfold in front of you? Being in the chat room as everyone else had a certain player who you dropped just before dealine?

Look, I know we all have loads of annoyances each week. I see so many comments like "oh man, I had him until just before deadline, but dropped him for xxxx" & on some occasions this is true. But on others (and probably more often than not) it's a defensive thing to make ourselves feel better, as in all honesty we never seriously considered the alternative who just had a cracking week. I know this, because I do it, and hundreds of others have admitted they do the same - it's a natural reaction in all walks of life. But I'm not asking about these..

I want the real shockers. If you're thinking yours might be dropping RvP at 9, that isn't particularly bad or interesting, because we all did that, and it was actually the right decision based on the info we had. I want to know the REAL bad ones, the ones where you tried to play it smart & it went horribly wrong, the ones that really stick in your head.

I'll kick things off with my two that stand out in particular...

1. Picking Rooney instead of Drogba in Week 1. I thought I was being smart going against the grain in the first week, but picking an out of form striker who'd just had a terrible World Cup deservedly backfired - Drogba, grabbed a hattrick for 35 points, Rooney an awful 4 points. It was an awful start to the season, & seeing as I'd also gone for Kirkland that week (conceding 4 vs Blackpool) it was actually an all round disaster.

2. Going with Tim Howard over Rob Green in Week 21. It was a straight up choice as they were the same price & I'd had Green all week, but at 11:30am I suddenly became sure Everton would beat WBA, while I'd always thought bottom placed West Ham would probably draw against Wigan, so I made the switch, Howard to Green, less than 10 mins before deadline.

How did that go? Well, you can probably tell from the photo at the top of this page. Everton lost 1-4 AT HOME, to bloody West Brom, while the Hammers won 3-1, with Green saving a penalty the final insult. I'll never forget that day in chat room, it was a bad feeling, as -7 rolled in for Howard & 20 points for Green. That one REALLY hurt, and it's the one I remember when I see myself just 18 points away from my first ever appearance on the Overall Top 50 Leaderboard.

I'll open the floor to you - tell me your worst! :)



Anonymous said...

my regrets are my picks every week.. yes every week

Sandy said...

Deciding to go against the grain and holding off on VDV for over a month as his price and returns just kept getting higher. Painful. On the plus side I did have Sturridge for the first three weeks he was loaned to Bolton at 2.71. I think I finally have to dump him so that may prove another regret.

Mike said...

Sticking out with Rooney for the first few weeks when Berbatov was hot on form.

greginho said...

mine is very easy. my whole year and current feelings about this game where affected by one major decision to keep nani through his injury. in week 16 i had moved into the top 100 for the first time and was all excited to keep progressing, the adam's, van der vaart's, nani's malouda's, elmander's, and ben foster's of the world were carrying me. then week 16 hit, in came the news that both van der vaart and nani would be out, i decided to ride it out, because sir alex said that nani would be back in 2 or 3 weeks tops. last two times van der vaart was questionable, he went off fantasy wise, so i was keeping him too. for 8 weeks afterwards, i never broke the 100 points and had 2 to 3 zeroes everyweek. i went from top 100 to 3000 after 12 weeks.
many weeks sir alex would say nani was coming back this week, then he would either be on the bench or not even there, but never playing, i just got overly confident that when nani came back after 2 or 3 weeks i was going to catch up, whatever places i had lost. i am still trying to catch up that ground that i lost.

Anonymous said...

i dropped bale and vdv at big discount according to their doubtful(i dont like doubtful player). but they played and scored 20+. lost big discounts and big points. but pretty happy i did well average with 919 overall. i will fight the last 8 gameweeks.


Jeremy Spitzberg said...

Luiz to Fabio this week in another ill advised Friday trade.

afm said...

my regret for week 30...c adam to albrighton and hoilett to really hurt...

Data Head said...

Dropping all my Blackburn players when bad weather hit early, back in November, I think (W14). That morning, despite not hearing anything about the game being called off, I sold Robinson, Salgado, and Gamst Pedersen... who netted 65.00 points. My replacements didn't even cover Salgado. (Ouch!)

Anonymous said...

my worst, no internet for several game weeks. no changes of line up from week 17 to week 22. dropped from top200, now only around 600+ overall.. missing RVP @9 only to pick him @13 and also missing kolarov @4.. about picking player, i regret not to load on Man Utd during their double game.. only had nani and vidic which he end up on getting RC!

Anonymous said...

last week was my biggest regrets.. i have adam n hoilett bd'ed for a whole week. and looking like everyone having bfay, i drop them for him and pick some filler that didnt play ! wtf....................................

nicolas said...

i regret not picking Kolarov at 4 and van persie at 9 I was in the top 500 for my first season which is not bad, and now after owful weeks in a row, i am 1,400 overall. i am a bit desapointed for that especially that i am an arsenal fan, and not picking van persie at 9 hurted me a lot.

Anonymous said...

dropping rvp at 9.08.

Anonymous said...

My biggest regret was missing out on Van Persie at 9, like most others. Then I got him at 13 only to drop him for a double week and got him back for 17 the week after. He scored a brace during that double week so it didn't work out well.

I figured it was not worth it keeping him due to his injury record. Now he's back to full fitness and I have him BD@17. Hopefully he will come throught the internationals unscathed.

Last DG week for Everton and Birmingham was the worst as I dropped Hitz@5 and Ba for DGmers. You know how that one turned out. Both raked in the points in a West Ham romp while my Dgmers did jack all.

This is by far my best season as I'm just outside the Top 200. Delighted with my 113.5 points in the week gone by but could have been better had I dropped Hitz for Suarez, which I decided against it at the last minute.


Anonymous said...

Kolarov at 4-- didn't get him, he reminded me of Kyrgiakos who was a disaster in the FPL game.

Two things bug me the more than the above:

1. neg points from a goalie- 3 times after dropping Hart after 15 weeks or so.

2. Playing the terminators-- Joe Cole and Cattermole (as a filler) who got RED cards and neg points.

3. Feeling helpless hearing incomplete news the SNOWSTORM weather reports and not knowing where teams were located (I am a first year player) and adjusting only a little to add Blackburn players-- Now I'd drop everyone not locked on and play it like a DGW.


Anonymous said...

4. The other thing that bugs me is lack of editing a comment- so that makes FOUR things.
LOL Arizona

DasBoot_8 said...

Rooney instead of Drogba in Week 1 immediately came to mind for me, but another regret was my last-minute trade from Dembele to Carroll in Week 4 (25.5 point swing).

I've just broken into the top 500 overall, so I'm wondering what might have been...

DasBoot_8 said...

Another thing: 11 out of the 30 game weeks so far, my keeper has returned negative points. I know this isn't so much a regret as a lament, but who knows where I might be had I been able to predict keepers who scored in the black. Oh well, such is the game, and the reason I keep coming back. I love the challenge.

Kavedas said...

Good Idea AM .
Now i remember 2 BIG regrets ..
1- Picking Rooney Over Berbatov on week 15 . i had Berba for ALL week , and wouldnt think about dropping him for 2 reasons .. Rooney was out of form and he was just back from injury .. then on mid week i read Rooney had a great performance on Champions League and he scored the match winning goal so YES i said this is his week ... and then BOOOM .. Berbatov 5 goals .. it was pain ...

2- I picked Dempsey over VDV .. i had no idea about Dempsey all week , but then some friend convince me about him Saturday morning .. i saw his stats and he it was great . +10 points every home game and VDV was just back from injury so i made the swap ... BOOOM .. Dempsey was subbed @60 min and has done nothing ... VDV was a magician and scored 2 goal against Villa

Linesman said...

My biggest regret is missing the first two weeks! I was on vacation and completely forgot about YFF until I got back. Won't make that mistake again next season.

Other then that I'd say dropping RvP and also dropping Lampard at 13 before week 28...after the season Chelsea have had I couldn't trust him...missed out on two weeks worth 60+ :(

Birty said...

I'd got up in and around the top 1000 and was closing in on the leaders of my league by about 20 points a week by week 17.

Then week 18 and 19 with some snow and Christmas netted me a massive 41 points. Mostly due to me not taking a risk during the snow week and holding onto my discounts - Bale, Adam, Brunt, Odemwingie. I dropped to about 4000 within a couple of weeks and haven't got higher since.

rwlwhite said...

AM, surely your regrets should be your goalkeeper picks for the first...uh, 20 odd weeks?!

My biggest regrets have been:

1. Not picking Bale as much as I should. I think I dropped him at the first hint of injury or something and that cost me!

2. My strikers. I always seem to pick the strikers who don't perform to their ability. I had Dzeko for a few weeks and he was a pile of piss.

Chamakh and Hernandez in week 1 = 2.5 points
Balotelli in week 2 = 0 points
Chamakh in week 3 = 1 point
Carroll in week 3 = 2 points
Torres and Berbatov in week 8 = 7 points

The worst couple of weeks were probably Week 13 (Carroll 5, Torres -3, Tevez -0.5 for a total of 1.5 points!), week 15 when i picked tevez instead of berbatov, -4.5 to berbs 53.5! and dzeko and rooney in week 24 instead of berbatov, 19 points to 59!

SO my biggest regret is probably not picking berbatov when i should have, but i think overall it has been my ability to choose strikers who i WANT to score rather than who WILL score!

Miecio said...

1. My biggest regret is that I missed far too many Barn Doors.. Sometimes I could have done nothing with that, but I'm going to improve in that case next seasson.
2. I didnt do any recon in new promoted teams. It's pretty important part of game (especcialy in the beggining of the seasson).
3. I kept Berbatov for around 5 weeks and he score me about 25 pts. Few week later he score his 5 or 6 I dont remeber.

Anonymous said...

My regret was to rely on my FIFA 2010 matches on my PC to help me pick some players. HAHAHA! :D

Highlight of this strategy: missed out on Drogs (week1), Berba (5goalweek), Nani (most of this season, because he was injured on FIFA)

that was dumb, i know. But on balance, and considering it's my first full season in fantasy EPL, sitting at 1,400 overall is a pretty satisfying thought!

I love this game!

Ken said...

Being a first year player, the lines are blurred somewhat between regrets and inexperience.
I can tell you a couple main lessons..

Taking zero's on players (intentional) should be avoided.

Chasing points is not a way to select a team.

loading up on double gamers (is)a good thing but not at the expense your (primary)discounted 1-2 players.

Match up is 70% of focus with home game trumping the final decision between 2-players.

Player selection should be done (before) seeking suggestions from others sources. Then tweak & shim accordingly. A copied team gives no satisfaction.

Weather effected games..take all the above lessons learned and throw out in the trash!

Regrets: Not having several years of association with this great game & the people who support it, but I am working on that.

Gasper said...

I have two really big regrets this season:

1. Dropping Foster (@6) before games vs City and Chelsea; I think he got like +50 points, and replacing him with Carson

2. Going full DG on Everton and Brum. It was a total failure.

Otherwise still in the top 500. Yay :)

g_g said...

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Ian Sanderson said...

1. Choosing Kirkland in week 1 for minus 10 points.

2. Going on holiday to a place with no internet connection.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Went to visit my Sister-in-Law on Boxing Day and left my laptop at home, safe in the knowledge I'd be able to use her computer to sort out my week 19 team before the deadline, and barndoor in time for week 20. Found her computer down and the local internet cafe closed down. 59.5 point in wk 19 looked majestic compared to the 19.5 points with 4 zeros and two minuses (all from players I was going to change!) in week 20. I'm still recovering!!

Paphos Toffee

gimp said...

Week 26 - nice bit of barndoor action for the second gameweek in a few days to bring saha in for home game to blackpool - all settled on my team. Shoot forward to Friday night, catatonically p*ssed, 5am, changing saha for suarez, away to chelsea I think, suarez gets 0, saha scores 4 goals - 47.5 points. The main issue was it took me until 2 Saha goals in to have the horrendous flashback of what I'd done. I literally felt sick. Never ever ever making a drunken friday night switch again. Now 2nd place, 56.5 points behind my brother in our league. It still hurts. Still time to make it up though hopefully...

kwyjibo said...

Actually, this past week was one of my biggest nightmares, messing up 6 good weeks in a row.

Friedel: -1
Walker: 3
Nasri: 1.5
Bent: 2.5
Total: 6

I convinced myself that Adam wouldn't make back his cost, so I went with Nasri. Walker was a better choice than Luiz thanks to the match-up, and I dropped Howard to Friedel to 'upgrade' Ba to Bent.

Could have had:

Howard: 4
Luiz: 23.5
Adam: 29
Ba: 9.5
Total: 66 points!

A 60 point turn-around! D'oh! By far my worst. 65.5 points instead of 125.5!

Now my hopes for a first-ever top 1000 finish have been severely hurt, as I dropped to 1,653 overall. It's going to take A LOT of work now to make it back up.

But, that's the way it goes! Can't really complain, it is just a game, after all. It just gives me a goal for next season ...

Doctor Teeth said...

Great question, AM....nothing like asking us to tear the scab off of wounds that have finally healed.

The most recent mistake I can recall is option for a 4-3-3 and choosing Vidic (who had the benefit of a DG) over BFAY in Week 28. Brutal switch that I made at 2am after a bottle of wine...a 19 point swing.

Anonymous said...

1. Getting 7 points in week 20. 2 other players in my league who weren't even playing the game any more, and thus not changing their players from week to week, got 77 and 55.5 points respectively.

2. Following AM's goalie picks too closely - sorry Nik- big error!

3. 4 am change-arounds when I believed I had total divine inspiration, but it was really just total red wine intervention.

4. Regret not having enough time to do my "fab fantasy fillers" post each week ..

5. Missing too many barn-door opportunities when I work over the week-ends

But I still really enjoy the game! Thanks for making it such fun!

FC_Porto said...

1 - missing week 1 due to vacations.

2 - only discovering this site 15 weeks ago. before that i never looked at injuries or bans or any statistics. just picking players that i knew, having weeks with 30-40 points.

By the way, why there are so many games postponed. Can't they play with snow like in Austria and other countries? Hate it because it brings double weeks in the future and i perform really bad at those weeks.

roonaldo said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay I see a lot of regrets that are pretty massive but don't know if anyone can beat my 1 double week blunder where I only only fielded 10 men, forgetting to click "save changes", and got a fat zero for the double...dropping me from 300th to 4,000. I will never forget, but I'm not too upset about it...I realize that without that mistake I'd be 200 so that's a consolation in itself :)


roonaldo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roonaldo said...

I have done too many mistakes bcz i like to do last minute changes prob 15 min b4 deadline..the most worst tat i remember are (recent blunder):-

Dropped c. adam and luiz in week 30 for nasri and walker......lost arnd 40 points there....

The most worst blunder is i did bardnoor in week 28 for hitzpel, osman, jagielka and lampard bcz they all scored decent points in week 28 ....but wat i did b4 the week 29 deadline(double game week) is dropped all of them to add all double gamers arteta,sebastian larsson, coleman and s.carr....shit lampard and hitz scored very good points tat week...i lost exactly 62 points...

So totally i missed arnd 100 points in just 2 weeks bcz of last minute changes...

roonaldo said...

-Honduran-Saul : ur head not logic at all....1st week b4 any points uploaded u were in rank 300 ???? and just dropped to 3000 after the u got zero tat means most of the manager got - points is it!!!!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

i will probably have the longest post on this discussion bc my season is filled with more regrets than anyone else, as I fell out of the top 250 and I am now stuck around 3,000 and cant move up. stand by for my in depth analysis of my fall from grace!

Anonymous said...

Made so many mistakes this season I couldn't begin to list them all, but the ones that stand out:

- Dropped Balotelli after weeks of minus points. Went on to get a hat-trick against Villa.

- Dropped VDV @ 6.6

- Dropped RVP recently @ 9

- Payed 20+ to pick Tevez against Wigan recently. Scored an incredible 0 points.

- Repeatedly picking Rooney earlier in the season because he was "due a goal".

FLScott said...

Without a doubt,.... dropping Berbs after week 22... due to his 59 pointer in week 24. Winning my private league by over 200 - but failing in the main groups this season; well, so far anyway.

Alex Darlo said...

A lot of regrets are driven by form players being poor throughout the season, the top clubs arent as good as they were and the bottom clubs are better but inconsistent.

My regret is not going with my thoughts, too often I have a greta Team I really like but read what others are doing and pick a player as not to lose out, for example I pick a Nani'less midfield, it's really balanced and tasty but I then bottle it and pick Nani (or similar) just to not fall behind, the lesson as always is go with your original thoughts

Anonymous said...

Regrets I've had a few... but dropping Kolorov on accident while doing BD work really pissed me off.


Anonymous said...

@roonaldo: if your read sauls post right you'd realize he said first double week not first game week. Glad you tried to jump on him for that because now u just look silly

TARHEELS said...

Two things wrapped in one:
The week Liverpool had a DG and dropped a bunch of players to jump on their bandwagon, and they tanked.
The double whammy, I dropped Kola at big discount and never got him back.

Anonymous said...

Sandy said "Deciding to go against the grain and holding off on VDV for over a month as his price and returns just kept getting higher."

This! It hurt so bad knowing that everyone and their mother had him at 6 and I had to pick him up at double that price and hold him because he is just that reliable. That had me on the ropes in my private league for like two nail-biting months. Luckily I grabbed RvP cheap and, along with some other decent selections, rebounded to an unassailable top position in my group (with much credit to AM of course ^_^).


munafix said...

week 18=35pts, week19=18pts and week20=41.5 brought me to an understanding that luck play way bigger role than i thought b4. i read atleast 5 websites including N&J's, ffscout, yahoo, starting11...etc b4 pick my weekly players. i even make a spreadsheet to compare my players selection. but u know when shit happen, it just happen.


Fidan said...

Hey Nik, you're not allowed to do this. These wounds are still not properly healed, REALLY.

Now, there are tons of regrets/miss-picks this season. But as the season goes on, I find the lucky picks make up for wrong ones (it does for me, and I'm sure for most of us who dare accept it)...!!! I had Rooney and Kirk on 1st week but then I had Lamps for his hattrick vs Blp. I had Rooney and not Berbs for his 50+pts but then I had Tevez for his hattrick vs Wolves...!!! You see the pattern.

Anyway, there are 2 or 3 decisions I'll never forget...!!!

1. This probably hurts more than all others.
Week 21:
- Green in the team for whole week, I decide to go for Reina (11 pts loss)

- I have WHam's possible CS covered with TalBenhaim (lovely 17 pts) only later to check at my pts and see that I accidentally while rushing had picked Faubert (thats the downside of saving/picking your team just before deadline)...that one HURT

- All fired up to have Tevez vs VERY leaky Blackpool, wide-open match...He goes on to miss 2 or 3 sitters, and then makes things WORSE by shooting a penalty wide and returns a woeful 4.5pts ...!!!

2. Week 26.
This one, when I think about it is even worse (even though I ended up with solid 123 pts)
LAST minute change:
- I decide I have enough Everton's attacking power in Coleman/Billy so I decide to drop Walker/Saha for Coleman/Dzeko (and I double on City FWs, never AGAIN).
How did that turn up:
Coleman/Dzeko = 9pts
Walker/Saha = 62pts

It made me even consider continuing to play YFF. It REALLLY did...!!!

NIK, one're CRUEL for bringing this up...!!!

Keep up the GREAT WORK

Anonymous said...

no regrets in general, except for poor goalkeeper choices during first weeks ... but even tah was fun ... went down few thousand places at the begining but was steadily creeping up ... currently at 433, my highest ever ... hope for even better ... cheers to all,

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

The Balotelli hat-trick was the turning point for me, dropping him with 1 minute left turned the tide of my season, rapidly followed by a slew of random mistakes! utterly moronic decisions!

Anonymous said...

my biggest regret is the latest week that is week 30...because i had COLEMAN, HOILETT and ADAM on my team..and just few hours before deadline I change three of them (maybe some negative thoughts of them)...AND IT COST ME MUCH !! VERY MUCH THIS WEEK !! OH MY ...

Anonymous said...

My problem is goalkeepers, I repeatedly make terrible choices.

Anonymous said...

dropping berbatov the week before he went h.a.m. for 5 goals.


kwyjibo said...

@Anon 4:31 PM - yes, goalkeepers have been a big problem this season in general. They have been HUGELY inconsistent.

Just go to Team Manager, and do a search for all Goalkeepers, and sort by total points. Only 3 above 200 points, and only 12 above 100!!!

Granted, there are fewer keepers than any other position, but still. This highest average for a regular starter is only 8.10 points per game? Only 2 over 8 points per game? Those are some pretty weak numbers.

I'm pretty sure that we've ALL been burned by goalkeepers this season at one point or another.

Ajimsan said...

dropping Kolarov @4 because mistakenly thought he got a straight red while all the while he got sent off because of 2 yellows... the shit feeling still lingers...

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for AdmiralLordNelson's in-depth analysis...

speed addict said...

my deepest regret is playing this yahoo fantasy league, it make me insane with my player pick up EACH week!!!

Anonymous said...

My biggest regret is the same regret I've had since I started playing this ff stuff... it's not having a decent cable service to actually watch any game ever. Sure I can scour the inet and download a game here or another there but I never ever get to get up in the am and watch a live match. This means I get no feel for players. I cannot see for myself who looks like they may be heating up.

I remember being at a freinds house last year I think and watching Yakubu, saying to myself he's going to hit a few and sure enough he got on a hot streak.

OK, I am sure I couldn't pick them 100% or even 30% of the time, but I would like to follow up all of the reading with some demonstrable support. For example, if I could ever watch a Blackpool match I am sure I would have held onto Charlie for his most recent tally :)

I regret not having games this weekend to pull my f-ing hair out over stupid player picks who I've never actually seen in person. Can't wait for next week then can we?


Mell 10-11 said...

My regret is not buying Nasri before he scored two goals in the early season when there were no Fab VPersie.

On the current table, Blackburn have the outside chance to be relegated. So guys, whose your threerelegation hopefuls?

Ken said...

Seems there are plenty of regrets to go around. Excellent topic AM. There is a lot to be learned by your own errors as well as others.

How about best moments?

That week in & week out strategy that you have improved on to make this year your best ever, even though you may not be in the top 10..yet

Let the bragging begin?

Ken said...

I will give what I consider my best ability this year. Seems to be the "regret" of most but somewhat of a highlight for me...

Picking goal keepers!!!!

My year total =241 points

I have 6 games with keepers getting 20+ points

I have 9 games with keepers getting 10+ points

I also have 9 games with a negative & 3 intentional zero's but with all that I still average 8.03 for the season. (fair)

My best = 28 points
my worst= (-9)

mmm said...

get over it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Most weeks this year gave myself the challenge of finishing in the top 5000 for the rest time. This has been a miserable failure as I droped Berbatov 3 times before his scored two hat tricks and 5 goals. I still wake up in sweats. Having Kirkland in goal at the start of the season and dropping bale when i had him at 7.38 pts just before a massive scoring streak.

chrism said...

Like many of us getting killed with Kirkland week 1 was nasty. But that was just bad luck, not stupid.

Nor was not having Berbatov when he hit for 5-that was not skill just bad luck again. I still wouldn't touch him.

I think the only bad move I made was letting RVP go @9. But that might still work out. I have picked up Torres instead and there is just the outside chance he might extract his head from his ass and do something the rest of the season.

Letting Bale go too I think will work out. He is hurt. Teams have figured him out and are now just knocking him off the ball before he can run at them. I think his days as an FF god may be over. Hopefully his value will go down so I can grab him for next year.

Smart moves were grabbing Kolarov, Luiz, Suarez and Adam at their intro prices. I made a mistake and kept Adam when he got suspended thinking it was a one and not a 2 match band otherwise I would have dumped him. Good thing.

All in all, most of the regulars here have been playing very smart all season. The AM leagues are real tough, I am ahead in my private league-the Usenet soccer group, which had been in existence since day one of fantasy footie by over 300 pts, Yet I am 30th or so in AM's group.

I think luck really comes into play among the better managers. We all basically pick the same teams with 2 or 3 differences. A week or two of dead to me Berbatov hitting in 5 goals is all that separates us, so you have to be lucky as well as good. Just my 2 cents

velvet underground allstars

Anonymous said...

Chrism said: "I have picked up Torres instead and there is just the outside chance he might extract his head from his ass and do something the rest of the season."

Chrism- please start a 12 step withdrawal program for Torres- he looked lost today at the Euro Spain v. Czeck game. Just lost- no touch.

Baseball analogy: Torres is a former .320 hitter but under .200 this year- it won't change, he might hit one soon, but you got to give up.


Anonymous said...

taking a zero on the double week with an saved team of 10 players. My unsaved team had 5 goal berbatov and hattrick hero rvp. Missed out on 200+ pts. Ruined my fantasy year. Never recovered.


All is not lost. There's always next year....and cricket

chrism said...

@ arizona probably right, but gotta gamble, he's looked so bad no one else in their right mind would touch him.

@dimebag-yours is the baddest of the bad luck stories. Ouch!

jack said...

keeping carroll through his injury

Kendo said...

Great thread nik

Regret dropping rvp @ 9 hope he doesn't do all rest of season

Regret dropping nani early in season

Few weeks ago stacking up on bham and everton in
Dg week only to get fat zeros for many players

Realized it's better to hold on to value players rather than completely match up each week did that as an experiment and have only been gaining ground since Xmas too late!

Anonymous said...

I.m second of my mini league. In the top 5000, would rather be higher. Did a few bad ones including VDV and RVP but no regrets. Its all part of the game ain't it?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

still awaiting the courage to type up an epic paper on how i totally sabotaged my fantasy season after the Balotelli hatty!

John Doe is the Man said...

well, a lot actually esp those with 20's and 30's pts. But the one that made me almost quit this game when i confidently switch berba for rooney vs Blackburn at the very very last minute. And that bulgarian scored 5 that game......Been studying the game for the whole week and boom. I was thinking to myself that I'm just wasting my time analysing games and players.

John Doe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Regret playing this game.. When international games come, it's so BORING....................

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Although Im playing fantasy premier league, I like the author's analysis and follow his thread closely! My biggest regret is to change 4 players during the winter period and almost all matches were postponed! In the end, i got 2 points for that gameweek only!!!!

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