Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm Back

Thanks for all your responses to the "Regrets" post guys. There were some great stories & I'm sure it made you all feel a bit better when you realised that every single one of your fellow fantasy managers has had at least one total nightmare moment this season!

As you'll be aware I'd taken a week break from blogging, but I'm back now so you can expect the Week 31 Player Picks tomorrow night/Thursday morning. Until then I wanted to ask you another question...

Is anyone considering Manuel Almunia @ 4.5?

Yes, I know he's quite awful, but he's at home to a quite awful Blackburn side. Howard & Harper are the other options I can afford, but I might go with the Arsenal man if he's set to keep his place ahead of Lehman.

Am I madder than Mad Jens to consider a goalkeeper who couldn't honestly claim "making saves" or "decision making" were strengths of his? If I go through with it, is it destined to become another story to add to my regrets this season? Who are you going with?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if he's that cheap, and he plays, I'd be happy to pick him. I don't think he can get any worse, and Arsenal are due a clean sheet

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

good point!

Anonymous said...

tough, howard @3 or him.. hmmmm.. howard it is!

Anonymous said...

almunia is definitely worth considering at that price. the win pt's are virtually guaranteed. you wouldn't expect a clean sheet, but if he can keep it down to just 1 conceded, he should score ok. i'm slightly favouring Howard myself, but bl'burn are pretty poor on the road & almunia could quite feasibly get a clean sheet. no djourou does weaken them though.


Anonymous said...


almunia, really. but it would just feel so dirty...

chris said...

i will be holding on to howard at 3.79. my question for the week is nani/nasri or rvp/rooney?

TARHEELS said...

Chris: No doubt, Nani and RVP.

TARHEELS said...

As for the Keeper Blues, when stuck between a rock and a hard place, I'd go with Aluminum... Um, Almunia.

greginho said...

keeping ben foster at 5.85

Anonymous said...

rooney or tevez? tevez could have one of those 30+ weeks.

Doctor Teeth said...

Great to have you (and Gareth Bale) back, AM.

I'll be sticking with THow at 3.58 in all likelihood. Currently sitting on:

Luiz Smalling Kolarov
Valencia Lampard VDV Silva
Defoe RVP Suarez

Anonymous said...

Already planned to go with Almunia in goal, yeah he makes blunders but home to blackburn at that price seems an obvious choice, unless you hold a good discount on your current keeper (which I don't). Might not work out, but what are the alternatives - Harper? Newcastle shipped 4 goals last time, no thanks. Friedel? Villa away at Everton, may make some saves but very real chance of conceding multiple goals. Any decent keepers for this weekend (Cech, Hart, Foster, VDS) are all too expensive for a player like me who is looking to spend as little as possible on GK + defence.

How's everyones teams shaping up so far? I'm giving serious though to dropping Van der Vaart @ 15.29, not sure yet though.

Martin said...

Silva or Nolan? (Maybe even someone else!) I know that if I pick Silva then Nolan will score big!

chuckstar said...

almunia is a nightmare waiting to happen ... again. as flavor flav and chuck D said: can't truss it! no no no, can't truss it! no no no

kolarov luiz koscielny
VDV Dempsey Lampard Hitz
RVP suarez dzeko

how does this look? .45 left in the bank. any suggestions for upgrades? i am not too thrilled with koscielny, hitz, and dzeko, but like the rest of the team a lot.

Ken said...

As far as Almunia..not for me. If I were to take that risk I would use Friedel/Carson and take the 1.15/2.30 (respectfully) and beef up my midfield which could use it.

Sitting on Rina at the moment at 7.1

I am considering Beckford over Hitz this week. Pretty much same price. Saha hurt, seems like a good pick?


Anonymous said...

Kolarov Luiz Jiranek
Nani VdV Dempsey Young
VanPersie Suarez Ameobi


Anonymous said...

Reina all the way!

Anonymous said...

Besides Harper the other cheap option i like is Aluminum

Anonymous said...


Ken said...

Taking the plunge on Harper...


Pending any (bad) news..I like it. (.01) in bank. Not bad.

I know there are a few question marks in this team but it does have potential. Guess that can be said about most line-ups. Looking forward to AM's picks as always.

Good luck all

Anonymous said...


FLScott said...

Because nobody seems to be, I'm going Almunia.


Anonymous said...

Apologies for the test's, that was me. My iPhone has never worked for leaving messages before. I'm bored as crap at a family event, lol. I've made a couple of changes since a few days ago. My team:

Kolarov Luiz Smalling
Nani Adam Cahill Hitz
Suarez Persie Zamora
2.48 spare.

The changes being Walker/Dempsey to Cahill/Zamora. Good stuff I think.
I'm 90% sure this will be my final team, notwithstanding injuries. At least 5 goals here! Good luck all!


Anonymous said...

YES Gyan!

Anonymous said...

NO! RVP injured again...

Anonymous said...

I am sticking with Howard at discount - more because they play @ wolves, then home to BBurn in upcoming weeks.... and Villa like to shoot from distance giving decent save opportunities.
Almunia is tempting.... as someone pointed out he should get the win and if BBurn does not score 2 (highly unlikely) then he should return his value.

I have scored 196 points this season with my keepers :)


Anonymous said...

I am going for Reina. I believe he will keep a CS against West Brom. Last week I went for Gomes and it worked well. However, I do think Almunia will keep a CS too, despite how shite he is.

My team looks like this

Kolarov Smalling Koscielny
VDV Adam Hoilett Lampard Dempsey
RVP Suarez

Still hold Luiz@6 so could switch Koscielny to him.


Anonymous said...

Almunia's worst feature is his central defence. I'd take him before I'd take Koscielny.
In fact, I will take him!

chrism said...

This from-RVP injured again


Yes, RVP injured again. Although I feel for him, he is now captain of my all time sick list time, edging out Owen Hargreaves and David Dunn. Many of us posted letting RVP go @ 9 as our biggest mistake of the season in the last thread. If he spends anytime out because of this, we can all feel less stupid.

I hope none of you do what I am doing and picking up Torres instead, just playing a hunch, I need to have someone none of you have to pick up any ground. Just remember what crap the pretty boy has been all year and don't take a flyer on him. Really.


Anonymous said...

31th :))

yff_gamer said...

Maybe i will drop Rvp :))

Tayo said...

While we wait for the Players' Pick post...

Anonymous said...

yeah Tayo, we stay in the same city. i thought i was the only one in phc what plays this game.

Tayo said...

@ Ebi
Good luck this weekend!

I'm considering the following team:
Luiz, Smalling, Walker
Nani, Der Hammer, VDV, Adams, Osman
Suarez, Ba

Anonymous said...

@Tayo interesting team. its like you're playing yourself. you've picked players from five teams mostly squaring up against each other. I like to take sides, often times.

Anonymous said...


The article posted by chrism (11:49AM) is dated March 29. The most reliable and most recent source about RVP's injury comes from the press conference given by Wenger on March 31. He claims that RVP "has a good chance of being fit and available".

Here is the link:


Good luck to all!


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