Saturday, 29 January 2011

Week 25 - Player Picks

We have just 48 hours of the transfer window to go and I while it's been reasonably quiet in terms of actual signings so far, the rumours suggest we should expect some big money transfers before the deadline at midnight on Monday night. It's the rumours that are causing some real headaches when it comes to picking a team this week.

Many of us have Torres. Will he be at Liverpool or Chelsea? If he stays, will he play against Stoke. If he plays, will his mind be elsewhere? The same questions could be asked of Charlie Adam, who is getting increasingly frustrated over Blackpool's stubbornness. Add Bale's injury (10 days according to Redknapp, but he often lies) to the list of worries and my own team is in real disarray at this point in time (I have all three of the players mentioned), with this weeks deadline at 7pm on Tuesday.

I guess we need to focus on the players that we know will definitely play (and will definitely be available on YFF - e.g. not Suarez), so that's what I'll be doing in this post. The good news is, we have lots of nice fixtures to look at in Week 25. They are as follows.

ARSENAL v Everton
MAN UTD v Aston Villa
BOLTON v Wolves

The current Top 2 are in great form and I have no doubt they'll win their home games, despite Everton & Villa being decent sides. Bolton are in a real slump but I think this will be the game that they begin their recovery - Wolves don't travel well (1 win, 1 draw, 9 losses away from Molineux).

Should Win 
MAN CITY @ Birmingham

City often play with more freedom on the road & they should have too much quality for Birmingham. Liverpool are on a decent run - despite the Torres issue the club has been lifted by Dalglish, so I think they'll beat Stoke at Anfield, Blackpool almost ended Man Utd's undefeated run last week, so there's no reason they can't overcome West Ham. The final game is more a "must win" than "should", but West Brom are capable of winning this one & I think they will.

Close To Call
Sunderland v Chelsea
Blackburn v Spurs
Fulham v Newcastle

I'm putting £5 on these three games being draws (44/1).

With that in mind, the players...


Smalling (*depends on Rio)
Bridge (was taking set pieces last week)
Spector (playing as an attacking midfielder)
G.Caldwell (not suspended, he's served his one match ban)

Fabregas (Nasri out for 2-3 weeks)
Adam (*transfer dependent)
Giggs (in outstanding form, will surely start after FA Cup rest)
M.Taylor/Holden (both good options for Bolton)
Van Der Vaart
Lampard (back from injury)
Richardson (supporting the striker)

Van Persie
Torres (*transfer dependent)
Elmander (time for him to fire again)
Rooney (last chance saloon, but I think he'll score)
DJ Campbell
Vela (on loan at West Brom, dirt cheap)

That's it - I'll try to add some analysis over the next couple of days & of course the lists will be updated if any transfer developments change things. I'll also produce an update post on Monday/Tuesday with all the important team/injury news.

I mentioned earlier the problems I have with my own team. It is still saved as this:

Reina, Spector, Kelly, Kolarov, Bale, Adam, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Dzeko, Torres, RvP

Bale, Adam & Torres may all need to go. Rooney or Elmander might come in for Torres, Giggs could come in for Bale (switching to 3-4-3) & Matt Taylor may come in for Adam. I'll wait until the last possible moment to make my decisions and save my changes.

I'll leave it there, but please let me know how your own team is shaping up. What decisions are you making on Bale/Adam/Torres?


p.s. Blog Cup Results from Week 24 will probably be calculated on Monday - good luck!


Superfly Jim said...

1st !

Martin said...

I'll be keeping both Torres & Adam.

No real reasoning as to why though :)

Superfly Jim said...

Sulley Muntari has joined Sunderland, could be an interesting option.

"He will not play in Tuesday's home game against Chelsea, but is expected to be available for next Saturday's trip to Stoke." - BBC

Data Head said...

I really enjoy this site and have built my own as a sort of companion site for those managers who might take a more analytical approach. After a lot of work on design and posting, everything is now up to date (as well as the url):

Nik, you do a wonderful job, which is why I am not hoping to compete against this blog with my own. In fact, I (rather prominently) recommend your blog to my readers. Cheers.

Martin said...

Oh and Caldwell got a red last week didn't he?

MPFC/KPM said...

Caldwell played today in the FA cup (and Wigan kept a clean sheet), so I guess a red card relating to bringing somebody down in the box only carries a one game suspension? He didn't play in the second game of the double week which would have been his one game suspension.

Nobody seems to have the answer. I sent a tweet to Jeremy but he never responded.

Right now Caldwell is in my team. As a defender who will presumably start every game I can't resist at 2.50 ish. Very difficult to not return value (yes, I know -7, but I can't imagine that is going to happen again. Can it?)

And speaking of cheap defenders, apparently Jiranek has been promised more first team action after threatening to leave. I am probably going to drop Murphy as I am concerned about his playing time.,19528,12876_6708726,00.html

Anonymous said...

big balls up last week.. last minute changes for no logical reason - adam, meriles, torres/berb and carroll out...rooney, bent ,dzeko and heitinga in....NEED LOTS OF ADVICE PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

Will stockdale play as today was asia cup final (think japan won it in extra time) schwarzer maybe back by wedsday?? any news on this pick

gman26 said...

@datahead Checked out your site as I am actually interested in stats. As a yank, we do nothing but crunch statistics for fantasy sports in the US. This YFF game is lacking statistical analysis. I was disappointed looking at your site. Where's all the data? Where is something I can use? If it's there, then at first glance, I can't find it. That means you have a design flaw. Or maybe I just raced through it(which many people do) and didn't see it. In any case, I think you have some work to do to improve.

Anonymous said...

why odemwingie and parker(west ham must win game) not on the player pick list??

Anonymous said...

@ anon (6:53)
start your own blog and put your name as well as your neighbours name in the players list.


Anonymous said...

Why would Chelsea want Torres since he is suspended ??

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7.41pm - he's not suspended forever you know...

Hands off Andy Carroll said...

Really liking the Vela signing for West Brom. Any Baggie fans out there like to take their best guess as to whether he'll be starting or not? I think he has the potential to score quite a few goals given enough minutes on the pitch.

Correct me if I'm wrong though but don't WBA play 1 up top with 5 mids? So with Odemwingie available where does Vela fit in? Surely Odem wouldn't be as effective on the wing, so with Mulumbu and Brunts places seemingly assured, that leaves Vela to take the place of who, Morrison? Thomas? Dorrans? Surely you won't change your whole set up just to accomodate a youngster who ony has 3 prem goals to his name.

Just found this quote from Di Matteo

"Carlos is a new attacking option for us who can play both centrally and in the wide areas. He also has great technical ability and pace and we're hoping he can make a big impact during the remainder of the season".

Sounds like he could be used out wide then which would be a shame. I know Wenger saw him as a sort of second striker but I haven't seen enough of him play myself to know his best position. Definitely one to keep an eye on but it's tempting to take a gamble this week at 5.14 at home vs Wigan.

Any Baggies or arsenal fans out there with any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

arsenal fan here and seen vela on a number of occasions good finiser once through on goal and can dribble how ever more of an impact player comin on wide...considerd lightweight up the middle cos of age,lack of height and strength. so to fit him in the team i would bring him on with 30 mins to go either to equalise if your behind or lookin to win a tight game.

Anonymous said...

DEF Hart Kolarov Coleman Kelly (All at discounts)

Going to keep them all. Whilst Kelly looks good to return his value, I consider Liverpool too high risk to trust in Riena.

MID Nasri VDV Mereiles Hoillet

I want to ditch Nasri @11.5 soon as he has lost set piece duties and must suffer some rotation with Arsenal still chasing every competition.

Merieles seems to thrive when Gerrard is out. I will probably keep him for the Stoke game if Torres is still at Anfield

I picked up Hoillet on the Barndoor. He looked awesome and has to be worth 4.66 provided he keeps being selected. Should be interesting to see how his pace matches that of Lennon. Richardson @3 seemed slightly less tempting.

Bentley and Adam (if still at the Seasiders) are top of my midfield replacements, with Taylor and Barton also possibles. I am not convinced Holden is back to form and Newcastle isn't such a good match up for Duff.

FW Van Persie Torres Dzeko

Likely to replace Torres with Elmander and Odemwingie favorites. Torres looked like he was playing with lead boots last week. He really isn't a team player so he can't be trusted.

I was considering Santa Cruz for Dzeko but RSC has suffered a knock. Dzeko may still go to bring in Bentley.

FILLER to consider: Regular attacking substitute Phillips continues to return his value or better for Blackpool. Home to West Ham he is an inviting option @6.48

WILDCARD Zigic @3.85 sent West Ham into disarray when he was introduced midweek. With Bentley as provider there is a good chance he will be given a crack against City.


Anonymous said...

what do you guys choose between meireles/spector or giggs/P.robinson?

chuckstar said...


i took a look at your site/blog. some useful info, and not a bad start.

but there are a few stat categories that i would find more useful and that i think you should consider adding. these used to be collated in tables as standard data in the YFF game (absolutely no idea why discontinued).

AVG PTS/COST or COST/AVG PTS (ie how good of a value is a player). this used to be in tables by position as well as an overall list. basically, the mental math most managers already do in their head -- will this player return at least one point per unit cost? i see that you do a weekly value post after the games, but most managers presumably want this kind of info BEFORE the games and based on a sample size of more than just one week.

AVG PTS PER LAST 3 GAMES. i know this info is included in the player profiles on yahoo, but it also used to be in tables listed by position. a quick glance would give you a realistic sense of who is hot and who is not (as opposed to simply averages over season). again, i see that you do a weekly top scorers post, but i think a much larger dataset either listed or sortable by position and covering more than a one week period would be useful.

also, your spreadsheets do have some useful data on points production, minutes played, etc, but they are not sortable at all. this could make things more technically difficult for you, but also much much more useful for any users.

anyway, just a few ideas to think about ...

kit said...

Is the transfer window deadline before or after the YFF deadline?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

the more i think about it i dont like torres or berbatov this week...instead I am thinking that Tevez might be a sleeper, a dark horse. Thoughts on Carlos Tevez at Brum?

Donut said...

Liking the data post!!

If you are interested in providing stats then something i have personally always wanted to see is how many goalkeeper points a team concedes.
It's easy to see how many GK points a player gets but very relevant would be a total and average per team of how many points the opposition goalkeeper gets. This would help with matchup picking I think. Fairly manual process to work it out which is why I havent done it myself but if you like that sort of thing it would be v useful...

My team has same 3 problem players as many

Kolarov Bale Caldwell
Adam Nani Hoilett Brunt
Torres RVP Defoe

Subject to big changes I feel, I will more than likely be bringing in Cesc and Bentley who scored in cup yesterday, Defoe Torres Bale Hoilett prob out, I will definitely lose Bale if it looks likely he will miss some games. Not only because of the zeros and having 13 tied up for no points is a lot, but also because he is back to playing LB and gets no set pieces any more with VDV in the side...


Anonymous said...


no bale in your DF list, why? injured? for how long?

Travor J

Anonymous said...

Just curious which bookmakers you got for that 44/1 for the draws AM?

Anonymous said...

o'hara to wolves could be very interesting and what about biyladentinov he looks to have his sot in the team with pienaar gone great filler

kenny said...




van Persie(14.20)


gman26 said...

There goes my Nasri discount(8.19). It was fun while it lasted. thanks for the points, Samir.

Staffer said...

Greetings AM-mers.

Currently on:

Berbs,Van Persie,Dzeko

SAF gave the green light for Rafael so he def stays. I don't think there will be any changes if there are no injuries. I hope for another fantastic week since I love how my team looks. Most of the players are season keepers like Reina,Kolarov,Adam,Berbs,Van Persie and probably Dzeko. BTW - Fulham are trashing Spurs and there could be more in the second half - bad to see since Spurs are my 2nd fav team after Man United.

Wish you all fantastic scores this week.


greginho said...

i am disappointed dzeko scored because now everyone will pick him up.
ben foster
koscielny, salgado, murphy
van der vaart, nani, dempsey, malouda
van persie, dzeko, gyan
i am hoping that malouda pick sets me apart, because i have not seen him picked too much. i have the heavy hitting midfield this week. gyan is another pick everyone is avoiding. gyan is the only striker on a really quality sunderland team, who beat chelsea 3-0 at chelsea already this season. i can't afford elmander unless i go down from dempsey to holden. so i am hoping gyan gets all three this time.

Anonymous said...

AM i see you have Gary Caldwell in your player picks, but didn't he get a Red Card and is out for 3 games?

paul mac said...

just my 2 cents here.i cant see anybody who moves on deadline day being available to play on tue or wed as they would not have done any training with their new best they would be on the watch out for this.also if torres moves to chelsea then their next game after wed is liverpool next sunday.i believe that it will be made part of any sale that he will not be allowed to play in this game by liverpool so that would be 2 gameweeks with nothing from torres.also leave out nasri( 3 weeks for hamstring injury0 and dawson(3 game suspension for red card)

madness said...

caldwell was suspended for 1 game and he already served it

madness said...

@paulmac: how can liverpool stop chelsea from using torres if they sell him to them ?? he would not be going there on loan...

Assistant Manager said...

Red Card Rules (suspenions)

Denying an obvious goal / goalscoring opportunity = 1 match

Foul or abusive language / gestures = 2 matches

Violent Conduct / Serious Foul Play = 3 matches

Plus an extra match if sent off earlier same season.

Anonymous said...

@Paul: Its nice to have your own opinion and believe what you will, but you have absolutely no idea how transfers work, best to leave that up to the clubs involved.

Dawson only suspended 1 game, not that you'd want him anyway

Anonymous said...

Currently on:


nasri big loss...

after tottenhams shambles today...definately ganna beat blackburn defoe for sure will score

Anonymous said...

dj campbell or defoe comments please?

adam or arshavin/giggs/parker/lennon/ meirelas/kuyt/holden/bentley/s.davis

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

many ponderings this week within the fantasy realm, I have decided to wait until next week for Tevez. Instead I turn to Blackburn, where a Bale-less Spurs will venture to...Roque Santa Cruz.

Glen Johnson
Van der Vaart
Van Persie
Santa Cruz

Anonymous said...

Why defoe all of a sudden? I think spurs will lose that match.
Lampard over Gerrard, the man himself doesn't think he'll be back to his best again, he's not had one good game all season, before or after his injury.

Anonymous said...

Would Park Ji Sung be back from the Asian Cup?

Anonymous said...

AM said that vela is on loan at west brom..
but why he still at arsenal as a forward in YFF ??

any comments??

Anonymous said...

delayed. Even keane still in spurs.


Anonymous said...

any final transfer updates on the last transfer day? torres?? adam?? young?? ...

Anonymous said...

adam value will decrease if moving to liverpool because he will not take PK anymore..


Anonymous said...

Why and If would I pick him or them?

Assistant Manager said...

ALN - Santa Cruz went off injured after about 5 minutes of Blackburn's FA Cup tie, he's a big doubt.

Anonymous said...

any ideas for Jamie O'Hara at Wolves???

Anonymous said...

I already have Nani, so buying Giggs as well looks to me like putting 30% of my eggs in one basket. Right now I have Gerrard, whom I bought after dropping Torres (not really the safest bet on earth right now...). I could drop Gerrard for Giggs to get more funds, but I would love to read some opinions.

Kolarov Jara Walker
VDV Nani Fabregas Gerrard Thomas
Dzeko RSC

(Thomas and RSC will obviously go, Walker will be probably dropped as well. Gerrard is a good bet vs Stoke, albeit not a great one, while I'm not quite sure if Dzeko starts in the midweek after 90 minutes in the FA Cup match.)



Anonymous said...

I expect Dzeko to start because of injuries and doubts. Just need a team that'll give me a 100pts.

Kolarov M.Kelly Onoha
Nani VdV Adam Brunt Gerrard
VanPersie Dzeko

Ebi (Den of Thieves)

LC said...

My team for this week.

Im fairly happy with it except for G.Caldwell

Reina (5.18)
Kolorov (4.43), Agger (6.53), G.Caldwell (2.54)
Nani (17), VDV (14.35), Fabregas (16.85), Gerrard (15.55), M.Davies (3.77)
Dzeko (6.42), Dembele (6.69)

I have 0.69 left so i guess its between G.Calwell & Aurelio for who gets the last place. Will probably stick with G.Caldwell as he is pretty much guarenteed to start.

Any suggestions


Anonymous said...

Probably i'll go with this team with 1 or 2 changes remains perhaps..

Koscielny Pantsil Robinson
Adam Nani Dempsey V.d.V Thomas
Elmander Dzeko

I have exactly 1.00 left and i'm happy with the strikers but need suggestions on the defenders and midfielders part pls...

Any comments ??

Anonymous said...

wow big news going around with carroll and torres looks like torres to chelsea and carroll as his replacement at liverpool and liverpool using the extra money to bring in Adam and young

anyone no if these rumors r true?

Data Head said...

@gman26, chuckstar, Donut, et al. -

Thank you for the feedback. I will address your comments and request general feedback in a forthcoming post on my own blog, so as not to irritate AM with continued comments referring to another site.

Anonymous said...

andy carroll for £35m ahahahahahahahahaha.

what a joke.

Anonymous said...

My current team:

Kolarov - Kelly - Djourou;
Adam - VdV - Meireles - Walcott;
Van Persie - Dzeko - Berbatov;

Dropped Nasri and added Walcott, giving it a shot with him, although Cesc might be a better option. If Yahoo adds Suarez I will have to think if I want him in place of Dzeko. Suarez might be a bit of risk considering in the Eredivisie he would get the odd red card and surely more yellows than what Dzeko will take.

Anonymous said...

how about L.Varney for Dzeko ??


Anonymous said...

"I do know how they will be feeling & it's not nice at all."

you sure you KNOW how liverpool fans think? brilliant. cos as a liverpool fan, i'm glad to see torres off to ANY club in this world for 50m(if it is true). Just to think that he will get injuries again and again, makes it logical for him to depart. It's a kewell issue. however i do wish we could do a swap+cash of kalou+50m. 'why kalou not anelka or sturridge' anelka is coming 32, meaning we will need to replace him real soon. sturridge- ummm, you've seen his number of goals scored. nuff said. as for kalou, good age 25, epl experienced, either footer(pri right), decent goals/games (6/19). even if we're to sell him later, it'll fetch us 6~8m. good impact sub. moreover, a glance at chelsea squad will tell you that a kalou departure will hurt them more as DD and NA are edging ever closer to retirement, and with a overworked torres(internationals, games after games), chelsea will need to splash more cash, they will DEFINITELY not meet the UEFA financial fair play regulation(FFPR).(what torres reportedly will be awarded a salary of 200k pounds per week? lol ) and they're yet to find a defender...blah blah blah, they just going to spend alot and Torres, good luck to you, when you see chelsea barred from european games, you know you made a mistake. we should go for benzema(20m or less since he's NEVER in that MOANinho's plan) and not carroll(atm since he's injured and it isn't clear how long he'll be out.


Anonymous said...

a few player i will like to see departing liverpool for a bit of squad refreshment exercise.

Steven Gerrard- injury prone, high wage (150kpw afaik ) , still have suitors if price right (15~20m can neg)
Paul Konchesky- please go (2~3m can neg).
Jamie Carragher- wage, age, welcome italian clubs for bidding(0~4m can neg)( serie A good for lengthening one's career)
Christian Poulsen- please go. (3~5m can neg).
Daniel Agger- injury prone. (12~15m)
Sotirios Kyrgiakos- please leave for a free to serie A. been a good servant for the club but pal, time's up.
Milan Jovanovic- since we are not using him, can we sell him? makes no sense to see him here really. (5~6m)

these 7 players will help us in wages reclamation, add to the transfer chest(40m odd), little or time to end their contribution to the club. honestly without these players the club looks exactly like... now.

that's my list of who-to-go-from-lfc .


kellz said...

Newbie: Steven Gerrard IS Liverpool he's our talisman. I agree with much of what you wrote but cannot abide by the notion we should sell gerrard.

Anonymous said...

All Liverpool fans I know were gutted to hear Torres wanted to leave. Losing a truly world class player to a rival can never be good news, even if you get a decent fee, as it's very difficult to replace them. It's all well and good pretending you don't care now he's going to Chelsea, but you're not kidding anyone. As for your list of players to leave: Agger? Gerrard? Carragher? 3 of your best remaining players, the latter of whom are the heartbeat of the club? Are you sure you're not an Everton fan?

Anonymous said...

newbie your ramblings suggest you've been playing too much Football Manager

Anonymous said...

Carroll to Liverpool...from this seasons performances, I'd say he's a pretty good replacement for Torres.

Anonymous said...

Andy Reid is the new Charlie Adam for blackpool?

what do u all think fantasy wise? i think he will take set pieces n will provide alot of cross.

Anonymous said...

all the above.... ummm, you do know gerrard is 31 year OLD come june. selling him is good business for us now( for 15~20m). if you are a liverpool fan, you will surely know that we need a NEW stadium(redevelopment is honestly out of question by the way things are going). kellz: ask yourself, when did Stevie G last perform well throughout the season? 08/09 ? 16 in 31 games? don't mix emotion with future of LFC. Club over player as always.
as for anon@5:21, G & C are at the twilight of their career, seriously you are not suggesting them to play till 40 are you? agger? like i said, injury prone... best of lfc or not, he's to go( go look at his match played per season , best: 27lg@06/07, second best? 23@09/10 nuff said) remember, selling players do not mean NOT replacing them with other players. do not mix up your mind. everton fan? you just step out of the party line by calling a Reds Supporter a blue nose. =)


Anonymous said...

Which squad is better:
def: baines coleman stam
mid: nasri( 8million) silva adam and ???
frd: dj campbell berbatov RVp OR

szczesny, robinson coleman stam nasri silva VDV adam dj campbell berbatov RVP

Anonymous said...

"Magpies striker Andy Carroll is in talks with Liverpool after submitting a transfer request "

How is he going to PASS the medical???


Anonymous said...


Liverpool FC confirmed this afternoon that Newcastle United had accepted a Club record offer for the transfer of Andy Carroll.

The Club have been given permission by Newcastle to discuss personal terms with the player, who will now travel to Liverpool for a medical."


Kellz said...

@Newbie: Theres much more to a player than on field product, and yes Gerrard hasn't been his seasons best, but are you seriously suggesting he leaves because hes 31? Hes got the experience youth players need, the desire to stay with Liverpool even in hard times, hes been out for most of Dalglish's reign and will show exactly how important he is to Liverpool in the remaining games.

Cara is getting old and was exposed in the WC, a longer term replacement is needed for Cara, but again hes more important to us then to just off load him because of age.

Agger injury prone? Should you dump a player of his quality because of injury set backs? If that was the case why has Utd kept Hargreavs so long? Agger is by far our best Center Half, to sell him would be insane.

Give me a break dude, I don't doubt your a Liverpool supporter at all, but thank GOD your not in charge of Liverpool FC because you would ruin us.

Martin said...

First of all I'd like too offer my two pennies on the Carrol transfer.

He's an excellent homegrown striker bought in the rush of the Janurary transfer window which leads to the inflated price. Liverpool's new owners are keen to flash their cash and show the Premier League they mean business!

Now to our business - how do you think this will affect the Newcastle frontline? I've had Ameobi in this week as a hunch..

Anonymous said...

Is Scott Carson playing this week?

Anonymous said...

"If that was the case why has Utd kept Hargreavs so long"

simple answer- idk. i can only guess no one wanted him. if stevie G and Carr is important to our youth players, they can jolly well be our football coaches. carr is taking his badges i think. but for the near future, they can move , i don't see why not. i certainly welcome them back as coach.

oh, and please recall a certain loud-mouth-owen, luckily he went off and a certain torres came, otherwise we wouldn't even have such a conversation.

NESV do not have limitless funds, so how is it for LFC to buy players if players don't move?

"There is as good a chance of us getting someone else in as there is someone going out," Dalglish told reporters on Monday morning. "The owners have been fantastically supportive.

"There is money available if we want to bring someone else in. The money is there. Their support has been unbelievable.

"It's not a PR exercise either, it's a real determination from them to step forward and move Liverpool Football Club forwards and upwards.

"We're going to look after ourselves first and foremost. Is that not the same in any business? If someone's going to go you've got to have a replacement."
-end quote from


Anonymous said...

The joker from the US has started to fart again. can safely ignore him.


Anonymous said...

additional name to list of who-to-go-from-lfc

Fabio Aurelio-injury prone.

how did i MISS him is a miracle.


gaius marius said...

any thoughts on sturridge to bolton? at 2.85, he could be put into the starting xi for a team that's shown it can provide some service to elmander.

Anonymous said...

Newbie is just a regular fool, IGNORE.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone keeping Nasri at 8.18? Does anyone think it is worth it? Him missing a potential of 3 home games in Feb is going to kill my team.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nasri is BD'd at 8.19. Not bad for a top 5 midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Will Torres be withheld from the Chelsea Liverpool match on Feb 6th because of this transfer, essentially meaning he misses 2 games?

Kendo said...

More excited at the thought of Charlie Adam goin to the pool than Carroll


Kellz said...

@Anon: Theres no reason that Torres wont play, this is not a loan deal, so there is nothing stopping Ancelotti from playing Torres against Liverpool

Bojan said...

my chat is off, and i let my imagination run wild... ended up with fantasy talk between Abramovich and Ancelotti...

R: Carlo,you did terrible job in lost 3 months and you are still manager of Chelsea. Do you know why?

C: I dont have a clue.

R: We will make a deal. I want Champions League trophy. You have won 2 of them. What do we need to win it?

C: World class stiker and great central defender. And they have to be able to play in KO rounds of CL.

R: Do you have any players on your mind?

C: Torres and Luiz.

R: Ok. I will buy them but if you dont win CL i will sack you without compensation.

C: OK.

madness said...

lol bojan!

donut said...

Most expensive transfers ever C.Ronaldo,Ibrahimovic,Kaka,Torres,Zidane, Figo,Crespo and...Andy Carroll

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


gman26 said...

@anon - I'm probably going to drop Nasri at 8.19. Three games is too much. My only fear is Wenger exaggerated the extent of the hamstring injury and he makes a miraculous recovery next week.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see what sort of impact Sturridge (2.85) will have at Bolton. He has the speed and energy that Bolton have been lacking up front this season. Both him and Vela are very tempting prospects for the coming weeks...

Anonymous said...

I think you need to re-do this post in light of all the transfers. O'Hara, Keane, Martins and Reid are but a few options I can think of that are suddenly attractive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Torres for all the wonderful time with us. Welcome Suarez and Carroll.

Luis Suarez will wear the No.7 shirt for Liverpool.(former Dalglish's number)(please carry on scoring)
New record signing Andy Carroll will now wear the No.9 shirt. (former Torres's number)(please be a good boy)

may i dedicate this song to all, from celine dion-A New Day Has Come .


Anonymous said...


I am worried about that too, but knowing Wenger he will actually be out much longer. I sure hope not.

I am forced to drop him. Trying to make money to get Cesc.

Anonymous said...


G.Caldwell G.Jara C.smalling

Nani Adam VDV Brunt M.Taylor

Elmender RVP

kwyjibo said...

I sure hope Yahoo makes the changes before the deadline...

According to reports on Yahoo:

"Sturridge goes straight into the squad to face Wolves on Wednesday..."

Might be a tempting filler at only 2.85?

Anonymous said...

Chelsea plays with 3 strikers and that's not going to suit Torres(playing from the left). What changes will Ancelloti make?

Final team
Kolarov M.Kelly Onoha
Nani VdV Adam Brunt Gerrard
VanPersie Dzeko


Not Genius said...

actually what it means by 'successful cross' and 'corners win'? what it's condition? anyone can elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Source: Chelsea FC official website.. So maybe torres wont play

It appears your first game will be at Stamford Bridge on Sunday against Liverpool.
It is like the destiny. It is not perfect for me but we will see what happens and I only have good words about Liverpool. They made me a top player and gave me the chance to play at the top level. I will never say anything bad about Liverpool, I have been very happy there, but now the history is different and I am playing for Chelsea. If I have the chance to play I will do my best for Chelsea and hopefully I can score.

Gavin said...

VDV or Walcott at retail this week? Who is the better option? Thanks

Anonymous said...

i juz sold dempsey and buy meireles..coz nw liverpool is lack of strikers and for sure meireles going 2 play the role.. dempsey have shown a good quality in the last 3 EPL games and maybe it will not remain against newcastle..

so what u guys think?? any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Was anyone expecting Torres to play tonight? Having not trained with his new team mates and 3 other strikers in the team already.

The Greek said...


You can pick Sturridge if you like since he's already in the system. He gets the points even if he's still listed as a Chelsea player.

Kellz said...

@NotGenius: My understanding is that a "Successful Cross" is any ball played into the attacking area that reaches a team mate. I have noticed most are counted only if they are in the air, i.e no through balls count as a successful cross. But the important aspect is the receiving player touches the ball before the defender, i.e header from a corner or set piece.

A "Corner Won" is straight forward. If a player touches teh ball out for a corner, the person who played that ball wins the corner. i.e if a player kicks the ball and i deflects off a defender for a corner, then that player wins the corner. Also if a layer has a SOT that is saved and goes behind, the player gets 3pts for Shot on Target and 1pt for Corner Won, while the keeper gets 2pts for the save.

Hope it helps

Anonymous said...

Considering that Charlie is staying put, what's Andy Reid going to be doing at Blackpool?

SamTheMan said...

Going with


Pretty happy with that 11. Comments?

Anonymous said...

100th !

Anonymous said...

Currently on:


after tottenhams cup exit will they beat blackburn... if so defoe for sure will score??

Will stockdale play... schwarzer maybe back an news on this??

Anonymous said...

M.Taylor/Holden + parker + odemwingie


brunt + adam + defoe

gman26 said...

O'Hara should be a great choice going forward but I doubt he'll get the full 90 vs Bolton. (see below)

Also news on Torres - Chelsea new boys, David Luíz and Fernando Torres, will not be available for selection tonight against Sunderland

His chances of starting at Bolton may be hindered by a lack of first team football but he believes Molineux’s exhaustive medical has cleared any doubts about his back injury.

“The medical was the longest I’ve had – it was very thorough,” added O’Hara, who is moving into an apartment in Birmingham city centre.

“I went for two scans and everything’s fine so it’s now a case of getting a couple of games under my belt and hopefully I’ll be back to 100 per cent.

“I was looking to get 45 minutes last night but I’m still hoping to be involved at Bolton.”

kenny said...




van Persie(14.20)


Anonymous said...

Is it worth keeping bale @13.08 and take the 2 zero's? i really dont know what to do with him.



Anonymous said...

The team I'm probably going with (unless any unpredicted announcement appears):

Kolarov Jara Bridge
VDV Nani Fabregas Gerrard Silva
Dzeko Dembélé

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

kolarov caldwell jara
VDV nani fabregas adam
RVP dzeko elmander

any comments?


Anonymous said...

defoe or dembele or dzeko

Paulo said...

Does anyone know why Spector didn't play?

football picks said...

People thought their streak would end day after day when they hit 8 games.

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