Thursday, 27 January 2011

Very Quickly

Just a quick holding post as things are crazy at work....

Firstly, a reminder it's the FA Cup this weekend, so the Week 25 Deadline is not until next Tuesday 1st February @ 19:00 GMT. My Player Picks post will therefore be delayed until the weekend - hopefully Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

As for the double week, I finished on 176.5 points, staying inside the Top 200 (180th). I'm now trying to decide what to do with Bale with the news that he'll probably miss 2 weeks, and I'm leaning towards selling him.

What would you do? And how did you do in Week 24?


p.s. Blog Cup results will be done next week once I'm sure they'll be no points adjustments by Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

i got 220.50!!!

Ken said...

179 points for me. Very happy

Looking forward to this week.

Good luck all

Anonymous said...

i got 211.5 with
kompany heitinga agger
vdv dempsey nani kuyt c.adam
dzeko torres

Alex Darlo said...

I ended up with 229.5.

Looking at the top players they usually pick week to week and ignore holding, so that would be my advice.

Now, Spurs, their best season in the Premier but not reflected in YFF, in fact they are very disappointing with Bale and VDV aside.

Last season I was always on Spurs player, Lennon, Krank, Defoe etc etc but this season I, and most players, just don't consider them, it's weird really for such a good open and attacking Team, it sums it up that after the two aforementioned players next in line outfiled is Hutton, and then BAE!!

Looking deeper at their three main strikers (I know VDV is advanced we have Pav with 5, Crouch with 1 and Defoe with no goals, it's clear though they are not just a two man Team but if Bale and VDV were unhealthy I would fear for Spurs.

Pienaar a strange signing, maybe a luxury, for me they should break the bank for a top class striker.

Alex Darlo said...

Aware that Spurs are scouting and negotiating with Forlan, the answer?

Miecio said...

Nick, when would you update next round of AM Cup?

Shakespur said...

To sell or not to sell Bale? That's the question.

markygoods said...

I sold Bale 2 weeks ago knowing that Spurs had 5 away games of their next 6,( 4 of 5 now). Although a couple of them are cup games I've noticed that Bale is much more expessive at home where Spurs are stronger and free flowing. I only held him at 14x tho so the decision was easier for me but as mentioned above if you want to push on at this stage of the season you need 11 players playing every week so dont worry about discounts and pick players on matchups. I'm adopting this approach from here on in as it has pushed me back up the rankings in the last few weeks. I still hold V Persie @ 9x, VDV @ 6x and Kol @ 4x but if any of them were to get injured I won't hesitate in weilding the axe.....I think

Cap said...

As this is an F.A. CUP week I'd like to get some understanding of the way players values evolve. Take Lampard and Adam for instance. Adam has played 22 games, has 195 pts at an average of 8.89. He will cost you 13.01 units, whereas Lampard costs more - 13.08 units. This year he has played only 9 games for a stingy average of 5.67. I know he had a very high price at the start of the season but the players standings at the beginning of the season seems to more weighted for the long term more than it should. (Default price for non active players understandable). Now that we are over half way through the season the value of under performers and injured players should be more adjusted to their current performances. I guess there is a mathematical formula they are following but it is biased in my opinion. Comments anyone?

Yosh said...

I agree with Cap. It has become very difficult to get rid of discount players and replace them without using "fillers" such as Spector and Caldwell. The number of players that cost over 12pts has probably increased five times (probably more) since the first few weeks of the season. It makes sense that the rate of value increase for high performers is greater than the rate of value decrease for under performers or injured players. But when the difference is so vast, it becomes difficult to sell players and find a fair replacement.

I am gutted to hear about Bales injury. If I sell him I may be forced to use two fillers in order to keep up my weekly average. I'm sure this is the case for most of us. Hopefully his value will drop to the 11-12 range in two weeks, but I think I'm being too optimistic.

Staffer said...

Awesome week mainly due to AM's fantastic advises. I admire you, Nik. Hopefully your team will be in the top 10 by the end of the season.

I got 275 pts with 0 from Walker :) and I'm 6th in the weekly chart. By far this is my highest ever score (I'll probably never reach it again in my life) and it took me back to top 500 where I was for about the first 10 weeks. For next week I'm dropping Walker,Watson and Bent and I'm adding Dzeko, VdV and a defender but I'll probably have to lose Dempsey as well if I want to add someone else instead of Caldwell since I'll have about 3.xx units left. I'm keeping most of the others. Any ideas of bragain defenders for next week? I was thinking of Rafael but most probably he will miss the Villa game and I'm not risking him.

I wish all of you had great weeks and looking forward to Tuesday's fixtures.


* Latest points: 275.00
* Total points: 2,149.50
* Overall rank: 436 +126

Anonymous said...

Nik, i'll sell Bale and hope is value drops to around 14.

Rafael, personally won't pick a full-back against Agbonlahor and A. Young , could be a booking there.

Anonymous said...

Well done Staffer. I like when someone puts up their overall points and psoition. Gives me something to chase. I'm 48.5 points and 482 places behind Staffer. I think a realistic goal for the season is top 500 for me but I could just as easily end up outside the top 1500.

Disappointed I didn't keep Reina for the double but played safe with Szcz. On the flip side, I'm glad I got rid of Bale.

Current Team
Kolorov Agger Skrtel
VDV Nani Adam Ramires
RVP Torres Berbs

2101 pts
918th overall

Anonymous said...

Kolarov M Kelly M Hughes
Nani VdV Adam Brunt
VanPersie Torres Dzeko

Nik, would you have Dzeko or trade Hughes and Dzeko and pick a midfielder/forward playing home? Who would you recommend?


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Sell Sell Sell.

Ken said...

I would also like an opinion on keeping or dropping Dzeko this week as a cheep option at forward.

Also...who IS NOT going to have Elmander on their team this week? Home to the wolves!

P.Robinson a great filler this week also?


Anonymous said...

Who would Manchester United consider selling Howard Webb? And to Liverpool?

donut said...

180.5 for me and went up 20 places or so to 440ish

Holding Bale until nearer deadline just to get latest news.

If he is indeed out for 2 weeks then he is gone. Even though I have him at 12ish he is only 16.59 which will go down a bit with the gap, probably to 15, when I will have another decision to make.

Looking forward to getting a cheapie in his place and freeing up that cash to get Cesc in this week, I think its his time to get some points...

I think your lack of posts have co-incided with getting engaged AM... You're not under the thumb already are you mate?!


greginho said...

ken i am a big elmander fan and rode him for his 5 best weeks. at one point, i wanted to try to get carroll, van persie and elmander for my front line, but carroll is down, so i will have to pick someone else. money is tight and i have dempsey and gyan or i can do elmander and someone like holden or even bentley.

Ken said...

I also have Dempsey and would have to let him go in order to get Elmander. He did a great job (Dempesy) over the past two weeks but Fulmam anywhere is hard to find a goal and as good as Dempsey was it still was one great game and so.

Also need every dollar to avoid a defender who will end up with a zero. If that is the case I will drop Rina, put in a net minder for a zero and use extra cash to beef up across the board.

Got to love it...never a clear choice.

Great game.

Good luck

king kroney said...

with bale, i am keeping him for 13.3... though i play in a league where we are not alowed to pick up any player that is currently being played so it's more to keep others from getting him at this point. (5 team league and we all love the rule although it limits the players that one may pick up)

for what its worth, players i like this week are odemwingie, m. wilson on stoke for 4, and gutierrez. and i can sell nani or tevez for a lot if anyone knows of any really solid plays for this week?

needhelp said...

Hello guys, which is a better option Nasri-P.Robinson (Bolton) or Meireles-Clichy

gman26 said...

I got a tidy 192, which got worse as the week went on. To compound that, the guy in second place behind me, Os Mockers, had the 14th highest score all week - 267! I held a 100 point lead on him before the week. Now it's down to 30. The only good news is that he sold out on all DGers. So I move forward with heavily discounted players like Nasri(8.19), RVP(9.08), VDV(11.40) and Kolarov(4.4). He has to start from scratch. I hope those discounts pay off down the stretch.

Oh and he had 267 with one player not even playing(Jovanovic).

Question - What say everyone about keeping Meireles at 8.37? I'm leaning towards dropping him.

Before changes, team right now looks like this:


Pantsil - gone. Bent? maybe. unsure about Meireles. I guess I'm keeping Reina.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone here notice foster..he is great pick with his value now..

Anonymous said...

I would wait a week before buying Foster as they are playing City. I doubt City will fail to score two weeks in a row.

Nasri and Meireles are tricky picks cuz they both score less points when Cesc and Gerrard are on the field. That being said, looking at the match-ups and considering Shawcross' suspension I'd go with Meireles/Clichy.

Anonymous said...

Elmander has lost his form. I would rather go for cheaper striker like Dzeko or Kevin Davies.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely sell Rooney for upcoming W25.Always waiting for him to score but seems like it will never happened...Hopefully he'll not score big at OT for W25.Otherwise I'll be the most upset person in this world :(

Guys,any idea who is the best pick for FW for W25?Really appreciate your ideas...


Anonymous said...

@TJ: This should be good pick (I hope): DJ Campbell, Elmander/K.Davies, Dzeko, Torres, Santa Cruz, Berba, Odem, Roda, RvP, Drog

Chris Sheach said...

205 regained my position on top of my private league, and for the first time in six years of playing, I broke the top 5000. My job takes me to a lot of places with no internet, so AM has been a great help in forecasting a team midweek, in case I don't have a chance to hear injury news. This week makes up for the three weeks without changing my lineup, while I scored in the 20s! Thanks for all your advice Nik and everyone else, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think Bale will be sideline just for a week. Im gonna hold him.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to set up my team before I leave on a business trip for the weekend. My current squad is


I'm still considering any of Meireles/Holden/Dempsey/Gerrard for my midfield and Elmander/DJ Campbell for my attack.

I know it's still early for most of you to make any final decisions but any insight is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

whahoaaaaaaa!!! i scored ranking improved to 20559 from 43950...

etanol said...

B. Myhill

M. Wilson
M. Skrtel
G. Jara

F. Fabredas
F. Lampard
J. Thomas
Yaya Touré

W. Rooney
F. Torres
R. van Persie

LC said...

I need to gain ground in my private league and for that reason im leaving out both Torres and RVP whilst keeping Nani.

Any suggestions on my team would be appreciated. I have been in free fall now for about the last 10 weeks and have lost a 240pts lead to just 30pts.

Cech, Kolorov, Agger
Nani, VDV, Bilyetadinov, M.Taylor
Dzeko, Odemwingie, Elmander


chrism said...

my 2 cents on Bale is that he has got to go. I will wait until right before the deadline before pulling the trigger. 2 weeks at 0 is too much at this point in the season.

With the extra cash I will sell Rooney, who has been teasingly close to returning to form and buy pretty boy Torres who looks like he's back, maybe Kenny D has given him some steel.

I am worried too about Adam but it looks like he's staying afterall. My team would be gutted without the 2 and their big discounts. Right now I am trying to land on players that will play every week, and not worry about collecting 0's. Toward that end I have a couple of problems I think I share with many of you. I am holding Kolarov at 4.4. I don't know if he plays every week. I don't know whether VDV will stay fit, especially with the CL games coming up, which is a joker in the deck. Its all so confusing.

For the moment though Bale is key. Backs are tricky.


Anonymous said...

Kolarov will miss the odd game but he's first in that position and should play a lot of games.

Ken said...

For what it is worth. I am a first year player and sort of started off the season with one foot in the to speak. I have tried to follow the "rule" of getting players at a great discount and holding then through the tough times.

I just can't for some reason. I do well on the "door" most weeks and get players (before) they jump in price but I always pull the trigger at the last moment dropping them for someone I feel will just do well that week, and (so far) this has been the result.

Last week 179 points
year total 1957.50 points

I understand that this is "average" ????

I also know I have MUCH to learn.

My question those who ponder week in and week out about dropping a great discount, and have followed that strategy, do you feel at this point in the season it has paid off?

Do most (top) players hold or do you feel it is split?

If so can we guess on that split??? 50/50 60/40, 70/10???


LC said...

For me in the 1st half of the season it paid off and i got a 240pt lead in front of all others in my private league, but now, i have been in free fall and am only 30pts clear.

As long as i win my private league im not really that bothered where i finish overall, so picking players game by game seems to be working (Obviously we will see at the end of the season if im still top).

Just to let you know though this is my 1st season using this blog. My other seasons without this blog i came 6th and 3rd, but i was at least 200 or 300 points behind everyone else when i was 3rd.


D said...

same with me here,LC.Since i found the blog,i did quite tremendously.1st in my league n 3000 overall.quite impressive.YOU did a great job,AM.thanks a lot.Your blog so addictive :)


TARHEELS said...

Just a cheer out for Boss FC, up to No. 10 overall. Pretty amazing. And Bergkamp: play some leapfrog.

kellz said...

Liverpool sign luis suarez for 23mil. Now that's just what we needed. Certainly need a new leftback and new blood on the wings but its a start. Hope it can work out

Anonymous said...

Torres to Chelsea then?

Ken said...

Great information LC....

Guess I must consider myself spoiled as I was lucky enough to find this blog right off.

I can't remember just how I found it, but I feel I am here to stay.

Good luck

south of europe said...

Suarez in Liverpool! Something good is going on on Anfield.

Superfly Jim said...

Anybody else think that Carlos vela is now a legitimate option for next gameweek, playing for west brom against Wigan ?

FLScott said...


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