Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Week 24 - Player Picks

Much like the transfer window I'm very very busy at the moment, so I'm going to jump straight in to things this week.

Before we get to the fixtures, here are the important things you need to know about Week 24, which could be a pivotal one in your fantasy season:

  1. It's a double week for 6 teams: Manchester United, Liverpool, Blackpool, Fulham, Aston Villa and Wigan
  2. The other 14 teams play once
  3. You should try to fill your team with as many double-gamers (DGers) as you physically can as even the worst DGer can still pull out one surprise score across two games. However...
  4. You should NOT drop your big discounts on the top performing single gamers (SGers) to get DGers in (e.g. Keep Bale @ 12, VDV @ 6, Kolarov @ 4, RvP @ 9 etc.)
  5. Week 24 is the Quarter Finals of The Blog Cup
  6. I'm now on twitter (@nikarg) and will be using this feed for general football/YFF updates, so please follow me (admittedly this piece of information is not really that important...)

Now, the DG teams listed in "best fixture" order:

MAN UNITED (Birmingham, @Blackpool): A dead easy home game followed by an open away game which will suit their attacking qualities. 6 points.
LIVERPOOL (@Wolves, Fulham): Despite their poor form these are both winnable, but Wolves should be good for a draw, so 4 points is more realistic. Anything less & they're in big trouble.
BLACKPOOL (Sunderland, ManUtd): They could beat Sunderland & their attacking instincts at home will still mean good points for their players vs Man Utd. 3 points would be a fine return.
FULHAM (Stoke, @Liverpool): Stoke at home is a must-win for Fulham, but I think they'll lose at Anfield. 3 points for them too.
ASTON VILLA (ManCity, @Wigan): The Bent signing is a huge boost, so I can actually see Aston Villa getting a draw at home to Man City, before slight disappointment with a draw at Wigan. 2 points
WIGAN (@Arsenal, Villa): Could be in for hiding at The Emirates & I've just mentioned the Villa game. 1 point.

From the SG teams the stand-out fixtures are

EVERTON v West Ham

Arsenal were scarily good at West Ham with RvP & Fabregas looking back to their best so Wigan will not be looking forward to their trip to North London. Everton have beaten Spurs & drawn at Liverpool so West Ham at home should be an easy win.

The remaining SGers...

Bolton v Chelsea
Newcastle v Spurs
Blackburn v West Brom

..are too close to call either way, so I'll be going for 3 draws in my ITKS predictions.

With that in mind it's time for me to list my players. I don't have time for any analysis this week but I'm sure you can guess why I'm recommending them...

Van Der Sar

O'Shea/Brown/Fabio (whoever replaces Rafael)
Bale (discount)
Kolarov (discount)
Heitinga (if Jagielka remains out)

Anderson (DG filler)
Lucas (DG filler)
Etuhu (DG filler)
Diame (DG filler)
Van Der Vaart (discount)

Dembele (check team news)
DJ Campbell
Van Persie
Santa Cruz

That's it - as you can see the majority (unsurprisingly) are DGers but I have dropped in a few good value SGers if you're that way inclined.

Now, I'm actually having quite a bit of trouble with my team for three reasons.
1. I missed all barndoors last weekend so I'm buying at full price
2. I have 35% of my £100m invested in 4 big discounts that I'm definitely keeping (Bale, VDV, Kolarov & RvP)
3. These 4 discounts leave me a maximum of seven DGers.

For these reasons it's likely I'll only be able to have one of this weekend's big 3 - Nani, Rooney or Torres - and in that scenario I have to go with Nani, who's performed well all season.

So the current team on my page is: Reina, Bale, Kolarov, Walker, Watson, Van Der Vaart, Adam, Nani, Dembele, Bent, Van Persie.

At the moment I don't like it at all. I've considered switching Walker, Watson, Bent to Caldwell, Anderson/Lucas, Torres but I'm not certain on that either. I'll have further problems if Dembele is still not ready to start and may need to consider a SGer ins his place (Dzeko perhaps). I'm really annoyed I missed Meireles @ 8, Kelly is still a possibility in Walker's place, but I'm not 100% on Reina. So basically, the only players who will definitely stay are Bale, Kolarov, VDV, Adam (@8) & RvP. This is one week where I could really use your advice please guys!

I'll leave it there as I'm out of time, but I'll be back on Friday with the usual injury/team news update post. Good luck to all, especially if you're still in The Blog Cup!

How's your team shaping up?


p.s. I need to reiterate this for the 4th time because people keep posting incorrect information in the comments section & I don't want anyone to drop him because of it...


The 5 Yellow Card rule was only up to 31st Dec 2010. From 1st January 2011 a player will need to reach 10 YCs before the second Sunday in April to get a 2 match ban. 15 YCs accumulation up to the last day of the season will get you a 3 match ban which will be carried over to the following season.

Torres received his 5th after 1st Jan 2011. He is available for both games in the upcoming double-week.

Thanking you :)


WMA said...

nice one AM

Anonymous said...

will berbatov, rooney and nai will play both weeks and sure starter? they may be involved in a rotation risk...anyone have answer?

Anonymous said...

No Evra ?

Ruben said...

How about Carson?
Does he play?
He is 1 mil!

Anonymous said...

i would pick berbatov over rooney. what do u all think

Anonymous said...

is rafael suspender for both games?

SK said...

Since Rafael is only serving an one match ban, shouldn't we avoid any of his replacements because they are guaranteed to be a SG?

Anonymous said...

Berbatov always 'surprises' us..............

Stato said...

I think he will rest Berbs starting Chick Pea and Roo in one and starting Roo and Berbs in the other.
Nani will play both as Roo and Nani have played fewer games over Xmas.
Therefore, I have Nani (still at discount) but would like to get Rooney in.

Is Stam a good idea as I have him at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Im going with Howard, same price as Reina, but he plays againist West Ham

- Chi

Assistant Manager said...

SK - Rafael has an additional FA charge for misconduct (throwing a strop when he was shown the red card), so he could end up with two game ban (unconfirmed as yet). I should've mentioned that in the post.

kwyjibo said...

Only managed to fit in 6 DGers. Despite his -1 last week, I still can't drop Hart @9. He has tripled my goalie points output for the season since I started sticking with him.


Still not sure if I should switch Dzeko for a DGer, but he does have a good matchup against Villa. I may hold on to him @6.23.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Torres accumulated 5 yellow cards after the game with Everton? Won't he be missing 1 of the game due to the yc accumulation?

Anonymous said...

I have Bale at 15.79 so not the 12 discount of some but still an almost 4 unit discount. If I drop him I can go for Rooney upfront and have 9.35 leftover for a defender or go bent and 14.74 leftover. Current team is

Kolorov Bale GoHouri
VDV Nani Adam Vaughan Kuyt

So it comes down to drop/keep Bale!?!


Assistant Manager said...

This question has been answered twice already over the past few days, but lets make it third time lucky...

The 5 YC rule was only up to 31st Dec 2010. From 1st January 2011 a player will need to reach 10 YCs before the second Sunday in April to get a 2 match ban. 15 YCs accumulation up to the last day of the season will get you 3 match ban which will be carried over to the following season.

Torres is not banned as he received his 5th after 1st Jan 2011.

Josh said...

Current team...

Kolarov / Evra / Stam
VDV / Adam / Meireles / Nani
RVP / Torres / Bent

I'm very happy with the midfield, and may end up changing Bent --> Albrighton, but need help on Evra/Stam.

I could go Crainey/Skrtel.


Anonymous said...

No kuyt?

Anonymous said...

my team atm


i'd like to bring in berbatov instead of bent cuz i think he will score at least 3 goals but i dont know how to fit him. i have 0,39 left

Anonymous said...

yay for torres i hold him at a semi discount yayy thanks AM

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Ferdinand Walker Agger
VDV Nani Adam
Rooney GTFletcher Dembélé

Of course it's not final - I still have to watch for Dembele's fitness (not sure he'll play both even if he starts the first one), and Agger was also injured during the Sunday match so it might be another problem. I'm also not 100% convinced GTF will start both matches, but he has scored well recently so I'll try to keep him in.
Another problem is the four defenders. It usually pays off better to play with only 3, but this is the best combination I've found. Kolarov obviously stays, I want to keep Walker as well as he's a good attacking fullback, while Agger scores good phantom points and Ferdinand has a nice chance for at least one clean-sheet. I really want to keep Rio, but I might drop him if I want to bring another midfielder, or upgrade Dembele or GTF maybe (Albrighton is very much in my plans right now).



Kendo said...

Nik wot about Skrtel @6.45 I have Agger and Reina for the double surely the tide has to turn for KK?


teemweeek24 said...

hi guys!
nik,what do you think about my team,do i need some changes,opinions from others are welcome too!!
kolarov(4.43) vidic(11.57) agger(6.64)
nani(15.21) barton(9.58) vdv(11.52) meireles(8.31)
rvp(9.08) dzeko(6.23) rooney(16.43)

Miecio said...

I have two remarks:
1) Torres got 5th booking what means he is single gamer
2) Skrtel is available (don you think that Skrtel>Agger ?)

Anonymous said...

Kuyt last 2 goals are pk's, i doubt if he'll get another this week.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit curious as to why no one has mentioned kuyt at all for the double week. Is he just too expensive? He's been getting enuf playing time, and is a midfielders playing fw or attacking mid at the least. He's been getting shots off and been attack minded as of recent.

Anybody have any thoughts on Kuyt?


Anonymous said...

Dropped Albrighton(my favourite player) for Bent because i don't know if Houllier will to go with one striker or 2.

Reina(prefer Robinson)
Kolarov Kelly G.Caldwell
Nani VdV Adam N'zogbia
VanPersie Berbatov Bent

Anonymous said...

Kuyt is shit, unless he scores his return is poor and his last 2 goals if i remember correctly are penalty kicks

Anonymous said...

What about Bosingwa? Im thinking about dropping him


Assistant Manager said...

Miecio - Please please please read my comment about 7 places above yours regarding Torres.

And regarding the defence, Agger > Skrtel for me. All I ever see Skrtel do is lose his marker at set pieces, Agger is the far more accomplished defender & I believe Dalglish feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

bent could score well...with the signing of makoun as defender, downing in the midfield, he can get goal against man city and wigan....interesting though

Anonymous said...

My choice is one of Dzeko, Dembele (chances of DGW, if fit) or Fletcher. I will reclaim Dzeko instantly after deadline.

Any downside to Fletcher?

Not sure why Giggs at 9.37 is higher than Fletcher at 6.70, except Giggs is overdue for a goal.
Thanks - for the good help Nik.

Miecio said...

I didnt read about Torres before I wrote the post above.
About Agger, Skrtel. I didnt mean that Skrtel is better player but he gets more points.
For example. If you consider Vidic/Ferdinand, you should take Rio, because he's much cheaper and has similat abilities. In fact I would rather have Vidic because he gets more phantom point (tackles + intercepts + he's more likely to score header at set-piece).

So Agger > Skrtel > Kyrgiakos when we look at their abilities.
But Agger < Skrtel < Kyrgiakos when we consider picking one of them into our fantasy team (when we know all of them will play).

Anonymous said...

Bale Kolarov Vidic

Adam S.Davies Fletcher Albrighton VDV

Berbatov RvP

Dropped Torres (at 12) immediately after reading Yahoo Uk's Live Commentaries that he would be suspended for one game after picking up 5th yellow. How i regret it. I'm in need a huge week so i got some picks away from the pack. Going with Simon Davies, Fletcher, Albrighton, Vidic and Sir. Dimitar Berbatov!!!

Anonymous said...

in seasons gone by Agger has always had a high points average for a DF because he has an excellent shot and often takes shots or free kicks from distances too far out for Gerrard. Agger > Skrtel in ability and points potential

Gunnison Jones said...

Martin Kelly or Stephen Kelly?

rwlwhite said...

i don't see many double gamers who i'd actually want in my team so i'm going with slightly fewer than the rest of you:

Kolarov - Djourou - Walker
VDV - Nani - Walcott - P.Nev (filler)
Dzeko - RVP - Rooney

3 double gamers, but other player who can get decent points. i don't see the point in picking an average midfielder who will score 4 or 5 points twice, just on the off chance he 'might' score more, i'd rather go with single gamers who will (!) score higher points (and Nani, Rooney and Walker)

Yeong Chuan said...

Any Comment on my team this week ?

J. Reina
Sell at 5.71
(market price 5.71)


A. Alcaraz
Sell at 7.45
(market price 8.37)
V. Kompany
Man City
Sell at 8.76
(market price 9.61)
P. Bardsley
Sell at 9.53
(market price 10.75)


J. Barton
Sell at 5.49
(market price 11.57)
R. Van der Vaart
Sell at 6.33
(market price 15.21)
Man Utd
Sell at 13.57
(market price 18.40)
R. Meireles
Sell at 7.69
(market price 10.09)
C. Adam
Sell at 10.25
(market price 10.25)


W. Rooney
Man Utd
Sell at 16.43
(market price 16.43)
E. Dzeko
Man City
Sell at 6.23
(market price 6.42)

SK said...

AM - About the card rule: If a player gets their fifth, tenth and fifteenth before the respective days, will they get a suspended a total of 6 games? But another player with 15 yellows may only be suspended 3 games if they didn't pick up their fifth or tenth card by the first two days. Is this just the way the rule works?

Anonymous said...

@rwlwhite- agree or not dgers will score more than sgers, last time i went with 6 and scored 126, this time i'm going with 7.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, real tough question here looking for an opinion.

Albrighton or Bent? Not sure and really torn between these 2

Miecio said...

Tricky week.
I'm something between:
Stockdale (Reina..?)
Pantsil RFerdinand Skrtel
Adam Meireles Fletcher Downing
RvP Rooney Bent (Rodallega?)

I wanted to include Nanny :) into my team but I would have to drop Rooney.
Dempsey is alternative to Downing but I already have 2 Fulham players.
I feel Hugo might score well (usually I got my feeling right in that case).

hmm.. any ideas? Albrighton? droping Rio in favour of filler to get nanny?

Bojan said...

@AM - Evra is much better pick then rio ferdinand imo... i don't know your reasons why you skipped him, and if you please share it with us...

Bojan said...


walker agger evra caldewll

nanni duff anderson

rvp rooney torres

Assistant Manager said...

Ferdinand costs less and has a higher average than Evra.

Anonymous said...

So who is replacing Torres in the lineup?

SpiderPig said...

Should i go for Albringdon for the double gameweek (with slight concerns on whether he'll play on both matches) or keep keep kevin nolan

Bojan said...

no risk that Evans will get a start in front of old and "i cant play 3 games in 10 days" Rio or that Rio will be subbed before getting potential CS???

Anonymous said...

If it's between Nolan and Albrighton, i'll go with Albrighton because he can still score some points coming off the bench.

Anonymous said...


Please read before you post....

Jackum said...

I'm going to drop Torres (suspension during a double week is a no-no)-- Rooney or Berbs as a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Got five DGers on my squad at this point. I've never been totally sold on the idea of loading up. I think the last DG week only one of the top five scorers played two games. Plus the second games can turn out to be very tired affairs, Wigan/Villa and Liverpool/Fulham could be just that. Still, Caldwell and Miereles seem like good bets to at least return value, while Adam and Vidic could score big if their game is wide open like everybody seems to think.

Stockdale (what can I say, had him three weeks now)
Vidic / G. Caldwell / Koscielny
Adam / Fabregas / Meireles / Van der Vaart
Dzeko / Beckford / van Persie

Stato said...

Kyle Walker has only played one game for Villa.
Why do you think he will will play two games?

Anonymous said...

@Stato: One EPL game, but he also started in the FA Cup game. So in total 2 games. :-)

Anonymous said...

@Gunnison Jones: Definately Martin Kelly from Liverpool in this DGW. He seem to be prefered over Koschesky by King Dalglish.

Anon@7.16: I'll choose Bent over Albrington; Bent could play the target man alone up-front with good crosses/support from Downing, Young & Albrington. Has the chance for debut goal and could take PK. I hope I could fit Bent in my team.

@Stato: Kyle Walker is an attacking full-back, on loan from Totenham (January transfer) until end of season. He likes to run forward and cross.

@Jackum: Torres is not suspended!!...

My team atm (8 DGers):
Kolarov Walker Kelly
VdV, Adam, Meireles, Nani, Reo-Coker (filler)
Torres, RvP

Wish I could swap Reo-Coker to Bent :)

Does most of the MU goals coming from forwards - Rooney/Berbatov/Chicharito? I have a feeling the forwards will score goals. But I can't fit them in, probably keep Nani.

Hope someone can answer me after I answered some of the blog readers' questions above.


Anonymous said...

No Ashley Young and Agbonlahor? :(
I have them both, just a hunch...


kwyjibo said...

@MRA - Don't forget that points don't only come from goals. I think Nani is the best choice from MU.

Berbatov is so inconsistent...he scores goals in bunches at times, and nothing at others. He can score big at times, but is more of a risk than Nani. It depends on how much a risk you want to take.

Rooney hasn't looked very impressive yet, of course the match ups are good. I still feel he is a bit expensive. Chicharito is a risk to not play.

I have Nani @17, so I'm keeping him.

Any one else risking MU forwards? If so, who?

Anonymous said...

for sure Bent>>>ReoCoker rite?

Anonymous said...

@kwyjibo: thanks, that's just all that I needed, confidence boosting of choosing Nani over Rooney!

@Anon 2.39: Definately Bent over ReoCoker if I have the money to spend.

@AM: Haha.. we can finally have a say in Niks' team (after which my team was built around his recommendations). How about using a filler below?

Nani --> Rooney
Dembele --> Meireles
Watson --> Lucas (filler)


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Desperate for some advise.

1) Reina and Kelly


2) Stockdale and Heitinga?

Anonymous said...

hey guys,need some help...any ideas who i should buy in,instead of torres since he's suspended for one of the matches?

Anonymous said...

Nani over Rooney surely, though i have both of them, thinking of downgrading(actually upgrading) Rooney to Berbatov.

Anonymous said...

@anon, can you please read the comments above, or at least read what AM posted above about Torres? I think many of us are tired replying or responding to such statement as "torres is suspended".

If you are here just to put comments and not even reading what has been discussed, then whats the point of following this blog?


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - 7.05pm

I don't think rwlwhite is saying he don't understand that double gamers can score big points, but you say it as if it is fact that they will.

case in point:

Gameweek 22:
Reina (2 games) -9 points
Torres (2 games) 15.5
(they are two of the 'best' players in the league)
S.Dann (1 game) 16 points
VDV (1 game) 18.5 points
Hernandez 15 points

Just looking at that proves that double gamers don't ALWAYS score more than single gamers. For example, a top striker (SG) against a relegation threatened team could quite easily score a hat trick, while an average player (DG) against 2 title challenging teams could do sweet fa and get a handful of points.

I'm with rwlwhite and only picking nani and rooney as double gamer this week. im pretty confident about the rest of the single games in my team

Anonymous said...

If we can create 2 new teams no players on discounts, i load up on the best double gamers while you pick the best team you can, i'm sure i'll out score you. I'm sure A.young/downing can match Walcott/Nasri. I'm sure Nani can match Fabregas currently. The only reason i don't have 11dgers is because i've players on discounts. I started playing this games by week 6 last reason and it what during the double weeks last reason i was able to climb up because i didn't have any players on discounts and was just loading up on dgers.

You also didn't mention GTF, ADAM, DJ CAMPBELL, who all scored above 20.

Anonymous said...

lampard limped out of training with a calf injury. i've dropped him anyway.

Anonymous said...

During the last double game week, 140 was one of the highest scores in this blog and he had 9 dgers including the -9 from Reina. I can comfortably pick this team even if it was a single game week.

Kolarov Kelly Caldwell
Nani VdV Adam N'zogbia
VanPersie Berbatov Bent

Anonymous said...

Also during the last dg week, the top 7 players overall, only 1 had less than 5 dgers. That i think is good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Also, during the last dg week, the top 7 players overall only 1 of them had less than 5dgers. That i think is proof enough to me that it's the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov GaryCaldwell Kelly
Nani VDV Adam Albrighton Meireles
Torres Rooney

Really hoping to get some ground this week as I dont have RVP at discount like many

Ken said...

To double game or NOT to double game.

That is the question?

I am not quite sure how you can reference week 22 as a measuring stick for this weeks double game players. Week 22 showed us limited teams , with most of the teams with "top" players not playing well. Struggling teams & players.

This week, not only do we have a top teams playing well but many, many , many players who score well.

In ADDITION to week 22 players we have this weeks players like, Nani, Rooney, Van Der Sar, Downing, Dempsey, Bent, Albrighton, Young, Hangeland, Davies, Alcaraz and on & on.

I think the only choice is to take the 2/1 deal this week. My only problem is that I can't pick enough of them. They will only let me have 11.

Anonymous said...

Is Torres not suspended?....just kidding!

Anonymous said...

A. Young??

Wil said...

mireless? gerrard will be suspended for next two matches?

Stato said...

Gerard only suspended for one more game.

Anonymous said...

i think want 2 buy d.bent as much of us look forward 2 him.. but i only left 3.53 millions..should i sell dempsey or downing to get him ?? or keep both of them??

Anonymous said...

The best of the blessed DG fillers for this game week:

Friedel AVilla 5.33 ** DG
Reina Lpool 5.71 ** DG

Kelly Lpool 5.98 ** DG
Caldwell Wigan 4.51 * DG
Stam Wigan 5.66 * DG
Heitinga Everton 4.05 * SG ?
Walker AVilla 6.08 ** DG ?

Lucas Lpool 4.24 ** DG
Etuhu Ful 5.92 ** DG
Diamé Wigan 5.47 * DG
Bannan AVilla 3.85 * DG ?
Neville Everton 3.71 * SG
Reo-Coker AVilla 2.84 ** DG
Anderson ManU 4.66 ** DG ?
Scholes ManU 3.96 ** DG ?

Carew AVilla 3.65 ** DG ?
Grandin Bpool 4.85 * DG ?
Di Santo Wigan 4.07 * DG ?

DG - plays twice ? - check injuries/team sheets

Good luck to you all


PS I think Mereiles may be SG player this wk as Gerrard will be back for the Fulham match.

Anonymous said...

My choice is one of Dzeko, Dembele (chances of DGW, if fit) or Fletcher.

Any downside to Fletcher?

Thanks - for the good help Nik.

Anonymous said...

My team
bale(@15.7) ,pantsil ,evra
nolan(@5.27)kuyt, albrighton, dempsey, VDV (@11.7)
carroll(@5.96) bent

i would like to fit torres/berba in but would have to drop dempsey and downgrade evra for agger.
Is this worth doing ?

matt team? spurs fan

Anonymous said...

Since Torres is suspended do you think I should date a chick with large tats on her arms and chest. She is cute and height/weight proportional. She also play roller derby against other women, aggressively. Tell me what you think!!!

Anonymous said...

Bale Wilson Spector
Nasri(8.19) Adam ReoCoker Nani
Rooney Bent Torres

6 DGs and 4 fillers to fit in the big guns

Both Wilson and Spector play midfield

Comments are welcomed =)

Anonymous said...

Guys, if you had to choose between Bent and Dempsey, who would you go with?

Anonymous said...

Dont like to comment as its my 1st season but if pushed i would keep bent

matt team ?

Anonymous said...

Also as it is my first season does anyone Know how many teams are in the main league and what would be a good position to finish up in ?
( I am about 37000ish now )

matt team ?

Anonymous said...

Kolorov Evra Rio
VDV Nani Adam Vaughan

7 DGers and I like this team on a single week. I could fit in Reina, Stockdale or Friedel in nets but I have more faith in Szcz for one game than any of the other 3 for two games. He got me 16 last week. I'm hoping dropping Bale at 15.79 (discount of almost 4) doesn't come back to bite me particularly in week 27.


Anonymous said...

@BCB- Don't change that team, especially your keeper. I thinks it's safer to go with a keeper playing 1 week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info guys, the key points seem to be that...

Torres is suspended, double gamers are a terrible idea, and that Evra is a better pick than Ferdinand even though he costs more and has a worse average….. :-)

Looking forward to a great week!

MPFC/KPM said...

Cannot believe Torres got himself suspended. Now I will have to rework my lineup.

Heeeey. How about Mascherano for the double game week? Sounds like a good differential pick to me.

stc3 said...

After much chopping and changing:




I can't decide! Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

rwlwhite said...

wow, i didn't realise my comments would cause such an argument. I didn't mean that DGers would never ever, in the whole future, do better than SGers, thats just stupid. I just meant that out of those playing double games this week, there aren't many i trust to score big points

Man U - Rooney and Nani will defo do well, and I have them in my team
Liv - yes they could do well there are only 3 LIV players I would ever pick, Reina, Gerrard and Torres. LIV have hardly kept any clean sheets this season and Reina is 5.71 for a reason. I do not trust him in nets just now. Gerrard will only have one game. Torres is not really in form, and so i'd rather not pick him
Fulham - are not really playing well this season, and i'd maybe only have dempsey from them anyway
Blackpool - again only 1 player i'd have, Adam, obv, but one of the games is against Man U and I just don't think he'll score massively
Wigan - game against arsenal, they will lose, badly, meaning few points. they then play a villa side with renewed vigou, new players and the heart to go and beat wigan too
Villa - some good midfielders, and Bent, will do well against wigan, but a tricky game against Man City means it could go either way.

those are the reasons i'm not picking many DGers this week. that's my decision and I don't care what you say. If it was Man U with 2 games against fulham and blackpool, Chelsea against Wigan and Blackburn, and Arsenal against West Ham and Wolves, I'm pretty sure I would pick all DGers from those teams, but not this week. Just don't feel confident in the double game options

Anonymous said...

john Carew to leave Villa soon?,19528,11661_6680821,00

There goes a DG filler option?


Anonymous said...

Etuhu (Fulham), Watson (Wigan) or Fletcher (Man U.) - all around 6 or so. Right now I'm leaning Etuhu. Any thoughts?

Birty said...

Someone convince me to dump my discounts. I have three on Bardsley and two on Brunt both of whom have been consistant scorers for the past few weeks and my team selection is normally quite conservative and I like to keep my discounts - see Gyan, Asamoah.

I just need a push to drop them and pick some DGs - probably a Untied defender pending RB news and Albrighton or similar

Anonymous said...

Who is likely to score better Vidic or Dempsy? Etiher one will require a filler at the corresponding spot. I can't decide.

Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:52PM
Etuhu surely, surely. He's been scoring very well the past 3 weeks, right about when Fulham started to play well, and should win a lot of tackles and such vs Stoke and Liverpool. Watson, on the other hand, hasn't proved his worth at all, and with N'Zogbia back he won't even take some of the set pieces. And, for what it's worth, Etuhu gives you 0.1 ,ore to spend!
Fletcher isn't very stable and is more of a wild-card in my opinion. If you have a gut feeling that he'll score then go for it, but I can't see him outscore Etuhu over the double-week and there's a better chance that Fletcher will be rotated rather than Etuhu.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

what are the best two players for 10 mln?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether I should give up VDV(@12.15) for either A.Young, Downing, Torres, Bent, or Adam.
How do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

need help lampard doesn't go I am a chelsea fan and can't bring myself to drop him, it isn't logical, but a fans heart sometimes wins out over logical endeavors.

my team
kolorav walker stam
lampard adam downing meireles nani
yayga bent

any thoughts is this decent or do I need to make serious overhauls. man U defence is out as there is no way blackpool will not score against them


Anonymous said...

phillips for blackpool anyone? solid attacking midfielder, could start both games...

Anonymous said...

Well, I dropped Lampard and can pick him up for just a bit more for next week if I want. If he does poorly he will be about the same or less in price. Lampard could easily outscore a DGW player-- so I can see your dilemma . I wouldn't drop VDV even at 10.

I am Gareth Keenan said...

AM - I'm interetsed in your thoughts as to why Dirk Kuyt's name wasn't thrown up as a suggested midfielder?

Only averages 0.93 less than Torres.

Anonymous said...

kolarov, skrtel, kelly
adam, meireles, downing, demsey
rooney, bent beckford

Plz comment AM

Punky Brewster said...

@I am Gareth Keenan -- dont pickup Torres for he is suspended for excessive yellow cards.

Torres said...

You would think people would actually read the post before posting comments.

Kenny Daglish said...

I will play TORRES because he is NOT suspended. I repeat, my PLAYER TORRES is NOT suspended!

toshack said...

gabby is injured?
i think they will paired ( bent)
and albrighton might drop to bench

Anonymous said...

is lampard injured or wat...need help

Tom Hicks said...

I'm going to sack Kenny Dalglish because he lost 2 and drew his first 3 games, though that is no surprise at all. Then I'm going to sell Torres to Man Utd because Man Utd is the best team in the world!

Assistant Manager said...

That would be funny if Tom Hicks still owned Liverpool. But he doesn't. So it isn't.


Anonymous said...

AM, your valued opinion please :

Rooney - Anderson
Berba - Fletcher ?

Thanks !

Tom Hicks said...

I'm sorry I forgot I sold that stupid club to NESV!

Anonymous said...

Im very sad my first comment in this blog need to start like this.. but..
Tom Hicks is a Fu&*K*^% A$$H645!!

Data Head said...

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Anonymous said...

AM, I'm considering N'zogbia, but as transfer rumors persist, is he still a viable candidate for the double week. - S

Anonymous said...

Is Gerrard out for either of the double games?

capiTeno said...

somebody help me... i can't decide... it's tearing me apart... my guts are churning... etc etc
downing+bent or albrighton+torres

Anonymous said...


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