Saturday, 29 January 2011

Torres Wants To Leave

From BBC Sport:
Liverpool have rejected a written transfer request from Spain international striker Fernando Torres.

The Anfield club have already turned down a bid from Chelsea - thought to be about £35m-40m - for the 26-year-old.

"He's under a long-term contract. We expect him to honour the commitment he made to Liverpool and its fans when he signed the agreement," said the Reds.

Earlier, Liverpool announced they had agreed a deal to sign Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez from Ajax for £22.8m.

But Suarez's arrival at Anfield did not stop Torres from asking to leave Liverpool on Friday evening.

"Fernando Torres has submitted a written transfer request, which has been rejected by Liverpool," added the Reds statement.

This is about as bad as it gets for Liverpool. Just as they show signs of turning things around, and just after the great news that Luis Suarez has been snapped up to partner Torres, this bombshell is dropped after Chelsea made their interest in the Spaniard clear.

Many will have little sympathy - the Reds have just done exactly the same thing to Blackpool which led to Charlie Adam's transfer request - but having experienced something similar as a Spurs fan (Berbatov & Keane leaving in the same summer after having their heads turned by Man United & Liverpool in 2008) I do know how they will be feeling & it's not nice at all.

There's still a chance that he could stay (look what happened with Rooney & Tevez after their requests earlier his season), but the I guess the big difference here is he is reacting to specific interest from another club rather than simply looking to force a pay-rise. Everyone knows he'd been unhappy for a while, and my gut tells me that this is the end of the his time at Anfield if Chelsea can stump up another £10m or so in the next 48 hours.

What say you Liverpool fans? Do you still have faith that he can be persuaded to stay - at least until the end of the season? Do you actually want to keep a player who wants to join one of your club's major rivals, or should the board cash in? After all, there's a ready-made replacement coming in...



Anonymous said...

As and Arsenal fan I would not like to see Torres striking for Chelsea. That being said, as a football fan I would love to see Torres at the top of his form again. He has the potential to be the best striker in the world, but that's all being wasted at Anfield. I think Liverpool would be smart to take a huge offer from Chelsea and rebuild this summer.

I have Torres on my team right now and I'm considering dropping him in light of this news.
I doubt he will put on a fantastic performance to prove anything to the Liverpool fans if he remains with them.

Kellz said...

Torres isn't going anywhere, atleast in this transfer window. Dalgliesh will get the best out of him until the summer and if Chelsea still want to table a bid of 50mil or higher then I think he can go.

Its very very hard for me to admit as a die hard Liverpool supporter that this may be a positive move. But if we can get 40-50mil to improve the squad, it could be our best chance to regain out top 4 dominance.

King Kenny understands no one player is above the club, hopefully he will help Torres see he needs to finish out the current season, allowing Suarez to hopefully adjust. However Dalgliesh probably understands that Torres is a huge name that can attract talent, so hopefully we sell him only after the squad has been bolstered.

NESV has made it clear we have funds

I hope this turns out for the best

Fidan said...


To be honest, just a couple of weeks ago I said to many of my friends "it would be best for Torres AND Liverpool if he leaves SOON". But, reading these latest news is sickening.

He was best striker in Premier league since he came around, not even a slightest doubt about that (he still is). But, seeing his game this year, his body-language...wasn't hard to say he has lost his sharpness, motivation...PASSION about football...!!!

I agree with Kellz on Torres moving on summer, but I'd rather not see him in any other PL jersey, that would be salt in the wound...!!! No way he leaves now. I know he has not a single moral obligation towards anyone related to the Club (directors, manager...FANS). I'd fully understand his departure, but I just have a strong feeling he won't do it this month. And having Kenny talk to him now, I think he will DEFINITELY stay...until summer...!!!

I just hope his partnership with Suarez can fire Liverpool up the table...!!!

Fingers crossed

YNWA, Nando...Thanks for the sweet memories

Philip said...

Hmmm Has been a great player for the club but we have been here before. Owen and my hero Fowler left at the right time. Good luck maybe part ex Drogba.

Anonymous said...

Torres is not a team player so be off with him...selfish rubbish.

Jelly said...

It's bitter but honestly, if Chelsea offer again with 50mil, it will be hard to refuse.

With that sum of money, Liverpool can spend elsewhere to built the squad. Yes, he is(was) arguably the best striker in the world, he probably was, but not wanting to play for Liverpool anymore, make me feel disgusting.

But we are building the squad now. And why he wanna go to Chels? because he think Chels can win league this season? nah I don't think so, even if with him wearing the blue jersey (I hate that). He's not going to be eligible playing for CL, will he?

Show some faith and respect us fans at least stay until next summer.
Come on Stevie G do something.

Anonymous said...

West Brom sign Vela! Big News for FF!

Anonymous said...

Jelly, actually he WILL be able to play in the Champions league if he moves to Chelsea..

Anonymous said...

He was never the best striker in the world. How many goals has he scored?

Anonymous said...

as a liverpool fan al wish torres to stay,but he cannot do well to his club when he wants to leave

Keido said...

As sad as I'd be to see Torres go, I can't help but to think of the wide variety of internationals we can get to reboot our young core.

40 million pounds is a hefty sum. NESV and Commoli both want to invest in young talent - and I can hardly agree more. 40 million can overhaul any squad. To consider what 40 million means: The "necessary" purchases of a winger, left back, centre back, and a second striker would all be satisfied. Liverpool can easily consider themselves contenders in the Lukaku / Hazard race that is heating up and maybe go for Cavani or Rossi. For wings, Jovetic or Elia are now real possibilities. In defense, they can look at Davide Santon, Fabio Coentrao or Ally Cissoko.

Suarez does not deserve to come in and operate as the lone striker. But if it's 50 mil and a second striker doesn't seem that far away, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

OK, Torres is a great striker. But if he's not happy at the club, he won't play well either. L'pool must accept the bid. Suarez is a great player and they can buy another one. I don't know, Forlan maybe?

How does your father feel Nik? He's a Liverpool fan, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about the possibility of pool's 4-3-3 strongest formation after the departure of suarez with reina / johnson carra agger kelly / lucas(poulsen) meireles gerrard / kuyt torres suarez.. One thing lacking in this team is a good defensive midfielder! I also see that joe cole will be a wasted talent here.. when I heard this news I thought this would be a good chance for pool to balance their squad.. Letting torres go with 40bio, put suarez as target man, buy a damn good defensive midfielder (and left back if possible) and put cole wide in front, will be a ideal imho.. For 40-50bio, think pool should let him go..


Assistant Manager said...

Yes my Dad is a 'Pool fan, we spoke about it this morning. He thinks that if Torres wants to leave then he should be sold as there's no point keeping an unhappy player - imagine the sulk if he's not allowed to leave? We know what his body language gets like when he's unhappy as we've seen it before, it doesn't help the team (just like Berbatov at Spurs - he started having a negative impact on squad morale) so he thinks they should cash in.

Anonymous said...

liverpool never allow unhappy players to stay - fuck off torres u moaning bastard - hope u break a leg lad

Bojan said...

Liverpool needs so sell Torres... i really don't care about Torres or Liverpool... take 50M € and buy 2-3 great players...

Anonymous said...

as a "die hard" Liverpool fan, maybe Kellz should learn to spell Dalglish's name.

kellz said...

ROFL. Well played Mr. Annonymous. YES you are right miss spelling names does mean I don't truely have passion for a club. You must be an ennglish teacher sent from above to show me the way :) oh thank you so

Anonymous said...

hot news - i have just heard from a reliable friend inside anfield that el nino is STAYING - 16.40 sat - u heard it 1st here lads ok !!! - CRIBMAD

Anonymous said...

Best striker in the world? are you delusional? Torres lacks competitive spirit. Maybe among the top 25 based on past performance only.

Also, he has a contract to fulfill--- he should be punished for his moaning and slow play on the field. I have seen complete lapses and lack of energy in his going after the ball if it isn't served up on a tee to him. He is truly not giving it 100%. By comparison Rooney is running his butt off. Who gives a hoot if he is not "happy" at his job, how many of you are happy at your job- probably less than half.

I love when the LFC says he has an obligation to the club "and the fans", that is BS-- as soon as Chelsea offers the magic number-- Liverpool FC will ditch the fans in two seconds. This is what the business of sports has become.

capiTeno said...

it hasn't worked for torres @ liverpool cause the players that benitez bought after him all turned out to be crap.
i hope he stays in the prem league cause part of a dying breed of goal scoring strikers that only see the goal, they're selfish and so polarise opinion, just look in the papers, one week he's sh1te next he's a genuis

Pop Thy Collar said...

If I ran Liverpool then I would sell him if Chelsea offered £50m, make do until the end of the season with the squad I had, and then use the cash from Torres and others to rebuild a young keen squad with HUNGER.

There's no point in keeping a chap who is unhappy, who can't really be arsed, and who is paid over £100k per week.

Demand £50m, then sell.

Anonymous said...

"I do know how they will be feeling & it's not nice at all."

you sure you KNOW how liverpool fans think? brilliant. cos as a liverpool fan, i'm glad to see torres off to ANY club in this world for 50m(if it is true). Just to think that he will get injuries again and again, makes it logical for him to depart. It's a kewell issue. however i do wish we could do a swap+cash of kalou+50m. 'why kalou not anelka or sturridge' anelka is coming 32, meaning we will need to replace him real soon. sturridge- ummm, you've seen his number of goals scored. nuff said. as for kalou, good age 25, epl experienced, either footer(pri right), decent goals/games (6/19). even if we're to sell him later, it'll fetch us 6~8m. good impact sub. moreover, a glance at chelsea squad will tell you that a kalou departure will hurt them more as DD and NA are edging ever closer to retirement, and with an overworked torres(internationals, games after games), chelsea will need to splash more cash, they will DEFINITELY not meet the UEFA financial fair play regulation(FFPR).(what torres reportedly will be awarded a salary of 200k pounds per week? lol ) and they're yet to find a defender...blah blah blah, they just going to spend alot and Torres, good luck to you, when you see chelsea barred from european games, you know you made a mistake. we should go for benzema(20m or less since he's NEVER in that MOANinho's plan) and not carroll(atm since he's injured and it isn't clear how long he'll be out.


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