Friday, 7 January 2011

The Blog Cup - 5th Round Results

I've finally got round to calculating the 5th Round Blog Cup results from all the way back in Week 20, and I can reveal that the cut-off to qualify for the Quarter Finals was...

...52 points

By far the lowest of the competition, but it was a tough week with many people struggling to find time to update their teams over the holidays. Disappointingly I've been knocked out with a measly 41.5, but the Blog Team survived despite the fact I hadn't actually changed it from the previous week!

Well done to all those who qualified - the quarter finals in Week 24 will see the remaining 101 teams cut down to 50!

We don't have any Premier League games this weekend as it's the 3rd Round of The FA Cup, but I'll be back next week to review Week 22 and provide a full Player Picks post for Week 23.

My Week 22 is not going well...I'm on 56 points with Reina, Skrtel, Adam, Phillips, Gerrard & Torres to go. There's still a chance of 100 points, but it's a slim chance. How are you getting on? 

Did you make it through?


Rank  Team  Total
1 Twiglets 112
2 Sgt.BA Baracus 104.5
3 New York Cosmos [AM.Blog] 98.5
4 Crabs 97.5
5 WALOR 95.5
6 PowerBola 95.5
7 Poop Ship Destroyer* 95
8 go YETI 95
9 Lengkee Wanderers [AM.Blog] 94.5
10 AlbertWeskerFC 93.5
11 Real Soni 92
12 tHe UnDerDogs 92
13 Jeroxxxxxx 90.5
14 Poppy tiGeers 90
15 Glory United (Dennis W.) 89.5
16 Showboat Superstars ** 88.5
17 Ultimate FC 88
18 mikeshi [AM.Blog] 86.5
19 Justified 85.5
20 Electric Mayhem FC 85.5
21 SpartanReds.[AM Blog] 85
22 White Boys-Croatia[AM.Blog] 85
23 Spurs 84.5
24 CMC FC 84.5
25 Fighting the Drop 83
26 Pride Of North London 83
27 Mramor United 81
29 Fantastical Soccerball 80.5
30 Fc Felixinho 80
31 CaptAwesome[AM.Blog] 80
32 Vancouver Whitecaps [] 79.5
33 FC Triplete 77.5
34 Axel's Eleven 76
35 Real Sikopath 76
36 SchinderleFC [AM Blog] 76
37 Captains Casuals 75
38 Athens United Assassins 75
39 ---------- 74.5
40 Chiken Nuggets [AM.Blog] 74.5
41 Chapacan FC 74.5
42 Numero Uno 74
43 Jaxy's All Stars[AM.Blog] 74
44 ***Chizy's Rascals 73.5
45 SOTTY Peanuts [AM.Blog] 72.5
46 Black Organization 72.5
47 pk all stars 72.5
48 Vajnorska 71.5
49 iceman [AM.Blog] 70.5
50 Dr.Shyteds 70
51 came to drop bombs [AM.Blog] 69.5
52 AresnalSLK 69
53 PBS Lions [AM.Blog] 69
54 itik 68
55 Eric 68
56 Peculiar Purple Pieman 68
57 Bumbles 67.5
58 Knockoutkingz 66.5
59 Me'n Popoy !!! 66.5
60 The Orphans 66
61 Fantomerik 66
62 This Group Leader 66
63 AArshavin [AM.Blog] 66
64 Big Banana Bruises 64.5
65 Matang Gerdu FC @Malaysia 64
66 Kak rOkiAH FutBol KElaB 63.5
67 Central Flyover FC 63.5
68 MU4ever 63
69 Home United 62.5
70 Goal Hogs 62.5
71 Syaitan Merah V4.0 62.5
72 Shohoku[AM.Blog] 62
73 bolanos cf 62
74 Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] 61
75 jeringgg... 61
76 Bish Bash Dosh 60.5
77 NUFC BenWang [AM.Blog] 58.5
78 S 58
79 The Loons 58
80 Cabaroota queens oh ha cantona 57.5
81 Barcelona Drugs Baron 56.5
82 Taf Tacklers 56.5
83 William United 56.5
84 FC Awesome 55
85 Ozonic Liquid 55
86 Bull 54.5
87 Dynamo Chicken Kiev 54
88 ?? 54
89 Read [] 54
90 Tai Tam Tigers 53.5
91 Last Minute FC***[AM.Blog] 53.5
92 Hammer Attack 53.5
93 Shanghai Skyline FC 53.5
94 special one 53
95 PK United 53
96 AM Blog Team [AM.Blog] 52.5
97 World Cup WornOuts 52.5
98 Transformers 52.5
99 Philadelphia Backwash 52.5
100 VirusRedsNet [AM.Blog] 52
101 A new king is born ~ RAJAGOBAL 52
102 Flying Squirrels FC 51.5
103 AC KeLLz [AM.Blog] 51.5
104 Steve Bob FC **** 51
105 Bing Bing Ding 50
106 Upper 90 [AM.Blog] 49.5
107 Papaya.FC 49
108 County Leo FC 47.5
109 FC Skwarek 47
111 Team Kakashi[AM.Blog] 46.5
112 Zuko's Madness 46
113 Telor Lentik [AM.Blog] 46
114 All Hail the Gunners [AM.Blog] 46
115 CR9 The Real Star 45.5
116 dinamo 1[AM.Blog] 45.5
117 xero [AM.Blog] 45
118 TuHaU FC [AM.Blog] 44.5
119 nhs 44.5
120 MU4ever 44.5
121 LocalKing [AM.Blog] 44
122 Don't Look Back In Anger 44
123 Craptain Utd 43
124 wicked 43
125 FlyingHamster United FC 42.5
126 bawbag ya bam 42.5
127 blah blah [AM.Blog] 42.5
128 Can $$$ Buy Success? [AM.Blog] 42
129 Maestro Harriers 42
130 One Lonely Bolton Supporter 42
131 AM FC [AM.Blog] 41.5
132 BananaBeerFoot II 41.5
133 Infidel Van Munafix [AM.Blog] 41.5
134 DownSouth [AM.Blog] 41.5
136 Swirlton Greenies 41
137 Sunway Derk 41
138 classic 40.5
139 DeviL's Kicker [AM.Blog] 40
140 DC United 39.5
141 Volvo 4 Life 39
142 Hatrick Heroes 39
143 MEYO 39
144 YP Bokker├Ąders 38.5
145 ZooMo FTW [AM.Blog] 38
146 beercrackers fc 38
147 chelseamatt 37.5
148 megamix [AM.Blog] 37
150 (S11) Kavedas 36
151 Winning Scrubs 35.5
152 Flowers By Irene 34.5
153 Dunga's and Drogba's 34
154 holiday_in_pdg_pasir FC 33.5
155 Sunsuron FC 33.5
156 Gunners #1 33
157 FirstEleven 33
158 The Bison 33
159 Kikk ManRed 33
160 Negative Blitzkrieg™ [AM.Blog] 32.5
161 PremiereStars 32.5
162 13aRcLay13oy™ 32
163 Paradise Bhoys 32
164 The Saints are back!! 32
165 The United 31.5
166 Jared's English Saints 31.5
167 chuggington [am] 31
168 RED D3VIL's OOI [AM.Blog] 30.5
169 Drastically Incorrect 30
170 Mighty Red Army 30
171 Victorious Secret 29.5
172 Sparta FC 29
173 Chimpster's Champs 28.5
174 J's XI 28
175 the legends 28
176 Resurgam Argyle 27.5
177 Frilbees Furies (AM Blog) 23.5
178 No Name FC 23.5
179 Drog's Ballacks 23.5
180 No Luck FC 23.5
181 Meatball 22
182 TT United 22
183 Dead Star [AM.Blog] 21
184 Los Once Guevones [AM.Blog] 20.5
185 Grange Young Team 20.5
186 MPFC [AM.Blog] 19.5
187 Absolutely Fabregas 19.5
188 Jim Team III 19
189 Toronto Voyageurs FC [AM.Blog] 19
190 JiMMy_CrAcKeR 19
191 Legendary up the lorry 19
193 Marching On Together [AM.Blog] 18
194 Sotong.f.c 17.5
195 Realronaldo[AM.Blog] 17.5
196 Blazers F.C 14.5
197 NS United 5 [AM.Blog] 11
198 Dead Leg United [AM.Blog] 9
199 The Dreamteam (AM blog) 7
200 ZoZo 6.5
201 The Mighty Tevez [AM.Blog] 0


Anonymous said...

1st, right now 85point , chance of 130, gerrard torres cole skrtel agger adam

DeviLxDeviL said...

Sad, out of Blog Cup with 40 pts.. haha.

Well 79 pts with 7 to go.. Damn -9 from Reina, what happened to Liverpool? Sigh.

Miec said...

such a crazy week
still i cant believe that 52 pts was enough to get through (only 100 of 200 teams go to the next round!!)

imp_moo said...

I wanna member for this chart, team name(blue devils), what i am doing?

kwyjibo said...

Already out of the blog cup in round 4...

84 points this week so far, with 7 'potential' DGers. I say 'potential', because I still have a bad feeling some of the players are going to get rested after the FA cup. We'll see. Still hope for a 100+ week. Skrtel-Evatt-Phillips-Adam-Gerrard-Torres. Surely I can get a measly 16+ points from them?!

Got Nani on the BD @17 before he jumped to 22, but now he's back to 19...that's some crazy scoring, yahoo!

I still have no idea what to do for next week, with all those 'pool players, most of them will have to go. Already dropped Gerrard and Evatt to fit in Nani.

Cap said...

World Cup WornOuts made it through to the next round of the BLOG CUP...just. I am a Private League member (EPL Madness) but I would like to acknowledge that I couldn't have got this far without the AM Blog.

Anonymous said...

Zabaleta's red card has been overturned, no suspension for him. Set to continue in place of Kolarov?

Brendan said...

i have 75 already with Reina, Skrtel, Adam and Torres to go. I took Van Persie and K Nolan, both of whom paid off - 32.5 between the 2

Anonymous said...

At 99.5 with G Johnson, Gerrard, C Adam and Torres to go. 59.5 of my point came from Hart, Coleman and VdV, so I am hoping to get close to 130 for the week.

On a side note I dropped Balotelli and picked up Best. ANy thoughts from Newcastle supporters if Best gets a few starts along side Carroll?


Alan Pardew said...


I'd imagine that Best will get the odd game here and there but as things stand Shola and Andy will still be first choice strikers. IF they're both fit by the 16th then I'm sure they will both start vs Scumderland. If you're not aware, Ameobi has an incredible record against them as he is a Geordie who loves showing the Mackems who's boss and Andy missed out in the 5-1 mauling so will be hungry to score too.

Having said that, I did BD Best just in case one of Carroll and Ameobi isn't fit because surely he's third choice now- Lovenkrands is ineffectual and Ranger is still young (and turns up late for training).

If you got Best in, I'd keep him there until we get some solid injury news. Remember, there's no need to make any rash decisions as there's still over a week to go before the deadline.

Anonymous said...

You're dropping Balotelli at 4.75, i'm picking him @9.70. I believe he'll start against wolves and with Dzeko's deal been delayed by work permit Mario could be the real deal.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail says with the youngster struggling with knee injury, it is understood that City’s medical staff are considering whether to advise a small ‘clean-up’ operation or merely a period of rest.

Balotelli has already had one procedure to repair ligament damage in his right knee this season and Mancini had been hoping to give the Italy striker a run of games following a hat-trick against Aston Villa last week.

However, the 20-year-old has not played since and a decision on whether to operate will be taken today. Surgery would only rule out Balotelli for about a fortnight but could see him miss games against Wolves, Aston Villa and Birmingham.

FYI on Mario

Stato said...

Made it through in 57th place.
Saw results on holiday in Egypt and thought I would be out with poor results for some of my team.
Have lost ground over Xmas and New Year and out of top 500 but I'm back now and looking forward to Week 23 to get back on track.

Am I right in thinking that week 24 will be another double gamer week?

Currently have:
Robbo, Skrtel, Paintsil
Gerrard, VDV, Nani, Lamps, Adam
Benjani, Super Mario

Looking to ship out Lamps and Reina.
Any thoughts, anybody??

Synch said...

Would you look at that, missed out by half a point! Oh well, top of the losers!

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiiiice, qualified in 3rd place. Blog Cup is the only competition I'm focusing on as I'm too far back now to make it to the top 500.

Kellz said...

Synch you tied with me for top fo the losers lol :D Good work mate

Anonymous said...

I'm having a great week at this point despite Balotelli and Kolarov both out of the lineup. Sitting on 121.5 with Cothcart, Adam and Torres left. Big weeks from Hart, Coleman, Nani, VDV, Van Persie and Adam (so far). The points this week have pushed me to a career best 247th place overall.

Brought in Koscielny on the barn door. Will decide how to proceed with Adam, Torres and Balotelli after this weekend. Balotelli depends on injury news and Dzeko resolution. Torres and Adam probably depend on how they perform this weekend, and the corresponding price fluctuation.

So far for the following week, I'm sitting on this, with 4.66 available still:
Coleman, Kolarov, Koscielny
Nani, VDV, Lampard, Adam
Van Persie, Torres, Balotelli

I've considered going from Balotelli/Torres to Brunt/Bent. Make that type of choice this time next week.

Cech's Mates

Anonymous said...

Only chose 4 DG. 75 points with adam, varney, skrtel and torres to go. Special mention to Hart, who got me another double digit score. Since I bought him at 9.71 three weeks ago, he hasn't conceded a goal! Absoute bargain at that price.

My condurum is whether to drop Bale at 15. With so many double gameweeks coming up, I am leaning towards dropping him but am scared he will return to haunt me. I dropped him once already this season at 12, bought him back at 15 a few games later. I won't want to have to bring him back in this time.

Anyway there is still a week to ponder over it and hopefully make a good decision.


Anonymous said...

Ready for next week : )

Zabaleta Jara Pantsil
VDV Adam Malouda Bentley
RVP Kalou Zigic

Good luck to all


Kellz said...

Anonymous said...

Long boring fantasy week ahead.

BFAR said...

my team (Papaya FC) crashed out at 107th place...7 place outside the TOP 100 that qualified... just 3 points behind 52 points!! just 3 points..


Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!my team is the last team to go through to the quarter final...i would like to say thank you very much to VirusRedsNet[AM.Blog...u r my saviour...thanks dude :)

BFAR, not 100 but 101 teams qualified :P

Anonymous said...

The premier league is like WWE, everything is fixed.

Anonymous said...

Gerrard got red carded, but will still score more than Torres the way he's playing.

cujimmy said...

wheres the host lately ? methinks hes too busy getting his leg over nowadays and doesnt give a fook about this site

Anonymous said...

Or you could use your brain and read the Friday post above, where he said:

"We don't have any Premier League games this weekend as it's the 3rd Round of The FA Cup, but I'll be back next week to review Week 22 and provide a full Player Picks post for Week 23"

Anonymous said...

Tim Cahill (Everton, Australia)
Park Ji-Sung (Manchester United, South Korea)
Mark Schwarzer (Fulham, Australia)
Lee Chung-Yong (Bolton Wanderers, South Korea)
Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers, Australia)
David Carney (Blackpool, Australia)

Main players who have gone to the Asia Cup & so wont play in january premiership games
Hadn't seen it posted here so thought I'd do it

Anonymous said...

12.21: It's now official. Beckham's move to Spurs is off and he will instead spend a month training with the club.


Martin said...

Thanks Pauly, I had just put Cahill in my team and couldn't work out why he didn't play the last game!

Anonymous said...

Gerrard will miss the blackpool game...sweeett

Anonymous said...

I heard Gerrard doesnt miss the game because this was rescheduled and he misses the Chelsea match instead?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

made it through to nxt round. phewww...

Last Minute FC

Anonymous said...

I want Dzeko!

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