Tuesday, 8 June 2010

World Cup FF - Provisional Squad


Maicon  G.Johnson  Lahm

Schweinsteiger  Sneider  Lampard   Ribery

  Messi  Fabiano(C)  Villa

GKs - Mucha, Escober (filler)
DFs - Zambrotta, Assou-Ekotto, Belhadj, Smith (filler)
MFs - Cahill, Hamsik, Clapham (filler), Yun Nam (filler)
FWs - C.Ronaldo, Welcome (filler)

This is what I'm looking at on my team/squad pages at the moment - I think it's ok (5 fillers, 18 as genuine options) but it's probably not my final squad (RvP may come in). Anyway, I honestly don't think we'll know exactly how we should be picking teams until after the first round of games are completed & we can analyse the scoring.

I'll admit the rules are quite complicated, but I've finally got my head round them & I think it makes for a pretty interesting game. I'd say it's the most complex of all the Fantasy World Cup games I've seen, which is probably suitable for us here on the blog as Yahoo FF is the most complex Premier League game!

As far as I can tell these are the rules we need to know for the 1st round starting on Friday

- You must pick 23 players for your squad
- You can only choose 2 players from any country
- Only 11 players out of your 23-man squad can score points for you in a round
- You therefore pick a starting 11 and choose a captain
- Your captain scores double points
- Once the round commences, you have a choice: You can either take a 'hands off' approach and wait for automatic substitutions to happen at the end of the round, or you can get more involved and make some substitutions as the round progresses.
- If you'd like to get involved then you can make substitutions from your bench each day.
- You can replace any player that wasn't sent off with one from your bench who is yet to play.
- You can change your captain, providing he wasn’t sent off, with someone whose team is yet to play.
- On a matchday, the substitution window will close 15 minutes before the first kick-off.
- An unlimited number of substitutions can be made but only 11 players with one captain can score points each round.
- You might use a substitution to replace a player who didn't play OR if you're disappointed by a player's score in that round and want to take a gamble that a player on your bench will score higher.
- If you remove a player who has scored points for your team, these points will be lost. The player cannot be brought back into your team until the next round.
- It is not possible to make substitutions after matches on the last day of the round.
- If a substitution or captain change is made then no automatic substitutions will take place on your team that round.
- If you don't think you'll have time to make any substitutions, don't worry. Once the data for all the matches in the round has been determined as final, automatic substitutions will be made providing no substitutions or captain changes have been made.
- If any of your players play no part in the round, the computer will try to substitute the inactive player with the highest priority replacement from the same position who did play.
- If your captain does not play then the bonus will be lost, another player will not take over the captaincy in their place.

You score points as follows:
Playing 1-30 minutes = 1 point
Playing 31-60 minutes = 2
Playing 61+ minutes = 3
Goal = 5
For each goal assist =  3
Goalkeeper clean sheet * =  6
Defender clean sheet * = 4
Midfielder clean sheet * = 1
For every 2 saves - Goalkeeper = 1
For every save - Outfield player =  1
For every penalty save = 5
For every penalty miss = -2
Foul causing a penalty = -1
For every 2 goals conceded by your goalkeeper or defenders = -1
Own goal =  -2
Yellow card =  -1
Red card (includes any yellow card points) ** = -3
*A clean sheet is defined as conceding 0 goals and playing 61+ minutes.
**If a player receives a red card, he will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team.

Attacking bonus
For every 2 balls delivered into the penalty area * = 1
For every 5 balls given away players** = -1
* Ball entry into attacking penalty area whilst maintaining possession: Player making run, Player passing, Player receiving, Cross.
** Total lost balls - sum of wrong passes (except wrong clearances) and losing possession tackles suffered

Defending bonus
For recovering a ball* = 1
For every 3 fouls committed** = -1
* The sum of gaining possession tackles and clearances completed
** A foul where a free kick is awarded

-You can use the Transfers page to change your squad for the next round. The number of free transfers which can be made are as follows:

Round 1         Unlimited     (2 players per team)
Round 2         1 transfer     (2 players per team)
Round 3         1 transfer     (2 players per team)
Round of 16  Unlimited     (4 players per team)
Qtr Finals       4 transfers    (6 players per team)
Semi-finals     4 transfers   (8 players per team)
Final/Playoff   4 transfers    (8 players per team)

- Additional transfers will deduct 3 points per transfer. In overall and classic leagues, these points are deducted from your total. In head-to-head and World Cup Mode matches these points are deducted from your match score in the next round.
- If you do not use all your free transfers, the remaining free transfers roll over to the next round. These are cumulative throughout the tournament, and will span over the unlimited free transfer period between the group and knockout stages.
- Invariably at the end of the group stages, some of the lower value players will be eliminated from the competition. To account for this in the knockout stages your team budget will be increased by 5 units before the Round of 16, with a further 5 units before the Semi-finals.
Player values

- After the start of McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy, player values can rise or fall based on how many times a player is being bought or sold in the transfer market. Factors determining price changes include:

    * How many managers have the player in their team
    * Is (or has) the player been injured or suspended
    * How much the player's value has already changed this round

-Player values will change at 00:00 South African Time, and any change will be 0.1 units. Player values will continue to change throughout the McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy, however players who have been eliminated will not change in value.
-There is no sell-on fee or budget cap. Selling players at a greater price than you paid is a valid strategy for increasing your available budget.

I hope this helps some of you who have been confused, it's quite an awesome game when you read through it all but I didn't have a clue until I read through everything last night!

I'm a touch annoyed as I'm unlikely to have time to make any substitutions, so I may leave my team and take advantage of the 'automatic subs' in Round 1. However, I will spend plenty of time arranging my bench to ensure the correct players are subbed in. I'll also be spending plenty of time planning my transfers between each round.

You can still join the blog league!

The website: http://en.mcdonalds.fantasy.fifa.com/M/home.mc
The code to join the Blog League: 107956-25552

That's it for now...



chrism said...

Yea! Finally! I am psyched. After a month of footie withdrawal, my TIVO disc is cleared, ESPN in broadcasting nearly every game in the US in high def, and I am left wondering only where will I find the time to watch so many games.

A couple of points. The vagueness of the sub rules has me going all in on my starting 11. But, I only have one NZ player at 1.0 and a North Korean at 2. The rest of the team I feel can actually contribute.

I am picking Netherlands as the winning team. Robben's injury created a couple of second thoughts but I am still going that way. RVP is my captain and my pick to win the golden boot. He was out most of the year, he is fit and fresh, as contrasted to vastly overworked and injured players, i.e Rooney and Torres My second starter from the Dutch is Sneijder, who I just put in instead of Kaka because of some noise about his injury woes.

My team is:

I am excited about the team. I feel that Malouda was Chelsea's best player down the stretch. Ozil, without Ballack to slow down the German midfield will shine, Donovan, and I am an American and a very slightly biased, is in the form of his life and assisting on nearly every US goal.

I also feel I have some mojo on the bench. Chungyong Lee of South Korea and Bolton has been hot. Hernandez of Mexico and about to be ManU is ready to break out, Pienaar may shine for the home crowds, and Zigic of Serbia is 6"8" and is more of a Peter Crouch than Crouch.

So this could be fun. I hope I come out of the blocks as hot as I did in the EPL league, being #1 in the world for a couple of weeks was such a f*cking ego jolt I still haven't got over it. (That's the last time I mention it, I promise).

And AM. With over 400 teams in your private league, and the quality of the comments here, and the hardcore folks that have stayed, this is indeed the best psycho footie site in the world.


Chrism velvet underground all stars

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

There sure is alot of dough to work with in this game!

My squad as of now(3-4-3):

Julio Cesar
Zambrotta Chiellini Evra
Lampard Xavi Schweinsteiger Dempsey
Messi Forlan Villa

Howard Lloris
Belhadj Mensah Salcido(F) Mulligan(F)
Park Milijas Bonet(F) Brown(F)
Blanco Suazo

Alex (Darlo) said...

This looks quite interesting but I made a concious decision not to join as I am off for a lot of the world cup and intend to watch every game and don't want the stress/pressure etc of fantasy football, still recovering from the premier season lol

Good luck everyone

PJR said...


As always, excellent thoughts. One thought I had:

Would it make sense (assuming you have the free time for subs) to have your starting 11 be chronologically the first players to play at each position?

For example, I could start Milijas at MF on 6/13 and if he has an unbelievable game, keep my original 1st teamer (Snjeider who plays 6/14) benched.

If Milijas has an OK or bad game, just put Snjeider in like I originally intended. No harm done but you can't do a retroactive sub if you start Snjeider and he has a bad game.

I think that's OK the way I am reading the rules. May be a nice way to hedge bets a bit.

One more thing. This other FF website (sorry AM) has a run through of free kick takers/PKers etc for each team. Some nice filler options for those spots at the end of the bench.


bean said...

Thanks for the rundown AM.

Gomes (Mucha,Escober)
Lahm, Zambrotta, Bastos (Gallas,Torosidis,Belhadj,Reid)
Schwiensteiger, Xavi, Sneijder(Captain), DiMaria (Gourcuff,Hamsik,Milijas,Ziani)
Messi, DavidVilla, RVP (Webo,Novakovic)

glad the deadline is two days away, i could tinker with this for years!

Anonymous said...

Based on AM and others I feel like I have to have more fillers.

I have 2 fillers at the moment but it seems like I should just go for more fillers to get more grade A stars.


Fidan said...

Nice post AM...!!!

@Alex - Make it...almost two. I was really considering to stay away from the WC Fantasy Footy but then again that fantasy-psycho inside wouldn't let me (not) do it...!!!

Here is my quite final team:


Lahm Maicon Belhadj

Pienaar Sneijder Lampard Hamsik

Messi(c) Ronaldo Robinho

I have two fillers as GK-subs and 2-3-2 very good subs in each other pst (DF, MF, FW) respectively...!!!

And AM - make that two of us, about to follow the "hands off" approach. I've agreed with my private league friends not to use the subs rule(s), since it is time consuming and we intend to watch a LOT of matches (a lot = a smooth version of ALL)...!!!


inyonk said...

Good Posting AM
and My team,

Lahm, Jara, rolando
Schwiensteiger, van der vart,lampard, makoun
Fabiano (C), Sestak, Vela


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@ inyonk; love the van der vaart pick!

Jon said...

@ chrism - Clichy shouldn't be there. Evra is a sure starter for France, given that he has just been made captain. If i were you i would give his place in your squad to someone else ...

Anonymous said...

lham,bastos,vidal (smith,boka,taiwo,belhadj)
lampard,kaka,ribery,sneijder (clapham,silva,barnetta,boateng)
messi,villa,rooney C (ronaldo,welcome)

chrism said...

@Jon thanks, just made the switch.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of asking the obvious, how do you change to the 3-4-3 in the MacDonald's game? I'm stuck with 4-4-2. It mentions that there are other formation options but doesn't say how you switch them?
Thanks, K.

Ian Sanderson said...

@ anon - click and drag players into your line up, formation will change automatically.

My entire starting 11 plays on Friday/Saturday; any that perform stay, the others are subbed out.

I couldn't think of a team name, then I saw it "your team name may be up to 20 characters"

Team name:- Up To 20 Characters

Anonymous said...

still blur how our subs will involve

Bojan said...

"Probable lineup against Nigeria
Jun 7. In the first game of Group B, against Nigeria on Saturday 12 at 11 am, Argentina would line up: Romero; Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze; Jonás Gutiérrez, Mascherano, Verón, Di María; Higuaín, Messi, Tévez."

Kellz said...

I am still a bit confused on the Substitution Rule.

Lets say for example, I have Villa, Fabiano, and Messi as my 3 forwards with Rooney and RvP as subs. Rooney will play on the 12th against USA and Villia will play on the 16th. So if Rooney does well, will I get his points if I sub him into my lineup even after hes played? And if this is true then I am under the impression the 11 you have in your lineup at the end of the round count as your points?

Castillas (Sorenson, Escober)
Bastos, Evra, A. Cole (Zambrotta, Brecko, Garcia, Nam Chol)
Di MAria, Sneijder, Schweinteiger, Gourcuff (Milijas, Guardado, Clapham, Yun Nam)
Messi, Fabiano, Villa (Rooney or CRon, RvP)


macgill said...

You can't sub someone in after they have gotten points. You can only sub them out with someone who's team has not played yet.

Hope that helps clarify a little.

bean said...

My understanding is that you can only bring in a player who has yet to play. The sub window starts at 0:00 S.Africa time and closes 15 min before the matches start that day. from the rules:

"At the start of each day (00:00 South African time) during the round, a substitution window opens. In this window you can:
Replace any player that wasn't sent off with one from your bench who is yet to play.
Change your captain, providing he wasn’t sent off, with someone whose team is yet to play.
On a matchday, the substitution window will close 15 minutes before the first kick-off."

the "who is yet to play" part that won't allow you to bring Rooney in after he has played.. That's my understanding at least.. It basically only works if one of your starters flops and you want to take the risk to bring in someone who hasn't played yet to see if he betters your starter..

only 1 day left to tinker!

Bojan said...

round 1:
G - mucha - sub:casillas
D - /belhadj,bastos,g johnson/ subs:zambrotta,chiellini
M - schwainsteiger,ozil,di maria,hamshik/
subs:sneihder, m gonzales
F - fabiano,rooney,messi
subs:villa,van persie

round 2:

GK - casillas
D - chiellini,zambrotta,johnson
M - sneijder,di maria,schwainstiger + 1 transfer
F - messi,rooney,persie - villa and fabiano as support...

round 3:

GK - casillas
D - johnson,chiellini,zambrotta
M - sneijder,di maria,schwainstiger + transfer
F - messi,rooney,villa - persie and fabiano as subs

SK said...

@Bojan - Why spend 48.0 on just 5 FWDs when you can only get points from 3 of them? I think it's better to just keep 3 of them and get 2 other cheaper, but solid FWDs costing 5-8 each. You can then make your DF and MF more in depth.

My Team:
Lahm Vidic Evra
Dempsey Sneijder(C) Lampard Gourcuff
J Hernandez Rooney Forlan

Casillas Canales(filler)
Maicon Zambrotta J.Palacios(filler) Smith(filler)
Xavi Simao Cahill Brockie(filler)
RvP Novakovic

Anyone not marked filler will play. I'm deciding on Captain though.

- SK

SK said...

What I annoying is the 1 free transfer limit before Rounds 2&3. Since I'm left with 0, there's no way I can get Messi or Fabiano after the first round without selling Rooney or going over the free transfer limit. Wish there was 2 free transfers so I can balance my budget.

- SK

Assistant Manager said...

Ok, althought I was confused at first, subs aren't that tough to understand once you read it all...

You pick 11 players out of your 23, only 11 players score points. BUT, if one of your 1st 11 doesn't get a game (e.g. unused sub) you can manually replace him with another player from your bench before his team plays.

You can also bring a sub (whose team hasn't played) in for a player who has played but goes off injured early & scores 0 or 1 to give yourself a chances of scoring more.

And finally, you can bring a a sub (whose team hasn't played) in for a player who has already played and scored ok points, but you're slightly disappointed & think a player on you bench may score more. But that's a gamble!

The key thing is you can't sub someone in after they have gotten points. You can only sub them out with someone who's team has not played yet.
AND if you remove a player who has scored points for your team, these points will be lost. The player cannot be brought back into your team until the next round.

simples :)

Also, loving PJR & Ian's idea to pick players chronologically and change things as you go (almost like an "alternative barndoor" :) - that's pretty darn clever, I wish I had the time to manage my team like as I'm pretty sure that's the way to do well, but I think I'm gonna go automatic subs due to lack of time spare time.


Assistant Manager said...

SK - I don't think the transfer limit is annoying, it makes it a challenge to make sure your 1st round squad can cover you for the first 3 rounds, barring 1 change per round /or planning to leave extra cash /or paying for extra transfers. We can already pick pretty strong squads with the budget, without that rule I'd say it would be a tough too easy(IMO)

Kellz said...

@AM and Everyone: That sounds great thanks for clearing that up. I was just going to say that it would seem starting all 11 of your players that begin on the 11th or 12th as the best idea, then sub out the ones that perform poorly for your unused subs. Also stated by other on here. Guess thats my tactic now! Good luck.

Md said...

i got a question,
can we change the formation during gametime-round 1. example before start 11 june game, we use 3:4:3 formation but after see that result and i decide to change to 4:4:2 on 12 june, can or not?


Md said...






Srategy: to change base on time. Use gamble stragey as well.

Anonymous said...

We can put a lot of effort in picking teams but who knows what'll happen especially with that new ball that everyone's complaining about. It has a mind of its own...



Anonymous said...

i'm confused :(( So i should play players who has earlier match right? And when I dont satisfy with any of them, I could replace them with players in subs which have later match (even when the players who have played earlier already received points)?

Please help me AM and guys...


Ian Sanderson said...

@Md - yes you can

@Cuy - that's right

Bojan said...

@SK why not spent money on players that will score goals? i bet that al least 3 of this guys will score in each round and i will have them... and i can use all 5 in all 3 rounds... they will pay of... i will probably sell one to squezze Ronaldo in after 1st round...

bigest question for me is - 3 points for making transfer? - is it big expense or not... If we get 50 points in one round 3 points could be big, but if we score 100 maybe one or two transfers could be good choice...

Bojan said...

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has named his side to face France in their World Cup Group A match on Friday.

Uruguay: Fernando Muslera, Diego Lugano, Diego Godin, Mauricio Victorino, Diego Perez, Alvaro Pereira, Egidio Arevalo Rios, Ignacio Gonzalez, Maximiliano Pereira, Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

Check out this World Cup Calender which shows every game by team, stadium or date!


I had tickets to Brazil v Portugal and recently got them to Netherlands v Japan, so really loooking forward to these Durban games :-)

The atmosphere in South Africa really is something, many people will get annoyed by the loud vuvuzelas but they are part and parcel of our local football. Bafana Bafana might manage to get at least one win which would be good enough to make most South Africans happy!

Enjoy it all from wherever you are watching.

Phil, South Africa

Anonymous said...

JOIN NOW........



Anonymous said...


Join the league
pass : worldcup (without space)


Anonymous said...

correction......group id 8 / pass - worldcup


Anonymous said...

Need a little help....out of the following list of players that is my team...forget the fillers, is there anyone that is currently injured, or a not 100% sure starter ? Your help is greatly appreciated:





Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


mehicoradio said...

Here is my current team so far, I plan to go for the more active route (except on the 12th, be away most of the day :/), thus some of the guys being on the bench right now:

Belhadji, Vidic, A. Cole
Ribery, Gourcuff, Ozil, Cahill
Messi, Forlan, RvP

GK: Enyeama, Howard
DEF: Bastos, Figueroa (filler), Eboue, Zambrotta
MID: Di Maria, Hamsik, Sneijder, Milijas
FOR: Barrios, Buddle

hoping it goes well, not sure if I picked the best players overall but meh xD

madguy said...

I see many ppl have Fabiano but not Kaka, is he better pick ?

Ian Sanderson said...

@ anon re Ribery/Kaka.

I'm presuming you have Kaka on the subs bench; 1 hour before kick off simply click on Kaka and drop him onto the player you wish him to replace.

Anonymous said...

JOIN NOW........


Group ID : 8
pass : worldcup (without space)


Maxer said...

my team is saved and ready to go.. trying the automatic substitution this first games and see how it goes..

maicon, a.cole, lahm, zambrotta
jisung, sneijder, di maria
ronaldo, messi, fabiano

mucha, escober
beldhaj, vidic, figueroa
s.nakamura, bertos, yebda, pienaar, davids
villa, rvp

*pls note that the sub's arrangement plays vital role if u're using auto substitution.. the top will be prioritize to enter the field first than the bottom players..

anyway, good luck all..


Ian Sanderson said...

For a bit of fun here's my World Cup predictions.

Group A: Mexica, South Africa
Group B: Argentina, Nigeria
Group C: England, USA
Group D: Germany, Serbia
Group E: Netherlands, Cameroon
Group F: Italy, Slovakia
Group G: Brazil, Portugal
Group H: Spain, Switzerland

Argentina beat South Africa
Mexico beat Nigeria
Germany beat USA
England beat Serbia
Italy beat Cameroon
Netherlands beat Slovakia
Spain beat Portugal
Brazil beat Switzerland

England beat Nigeria
Germany beat Argentina
Netherlands beat Brazil
Spain beat Italy

England beat Netherlands
Spain beat Germany

England win the World Cup

Ahhhh to dream.

Anonymous said...

who is bastos? from which country?


Miecio said...

bastos - brazilian, playing for lyon
he ussually plays on left side (for brazil - backed wing player; for lyon - mainly left offensive midfielder)

DeviLxDeviL said...

Well, too bad i dont have much time to analyze the players. Here is my current squad:


Glen Johnson, Maicon, Lahm

Arnold schwarzenegger, Sneijder, Lampard, DiMaria

RVP, Villa, Fabiano (C)

I havent read the rules lol haha.

Goodluck !

DeviLxDeviL said...

It would be wonderful if someone with greater knowledge about world football make a list of good cheaper/filler players !

Cameron said...

This game I think is about hedging bets. Teams in groups A, B and C are the keys. Currently, my starting XI is:

Ivanovic Kolarov Terry
Pienaar Xavi Lampard Di Maria
Mphela Messi(c)

Julio Cesar
Zambrotta Cannavaro Hyok Boyens
Kaka Schweinsteiger Sneijder Kyong Il
Van Persie Welcome

But you see, I have hedged bets all over the place.

If Tzorvas doesn't keep a clean sheet, I have Cesar to bring in. If the Serbians don't keep a clean sheet, I can bring in the Italians who will definitely not concede more than 1. If Pienaar, Lampard or Di Maria play well, they stay. If not, I can replace them with Kaka, Schweinsteiger and Sneijder. Similarly upfront, if Mphela scores, he stays. If not, Van Persie comes in.

Ian Sanderson said...

Well, there's 4 of my players getting subbed out tomorrow.

Crazylegs said...

To Ian Sanderson

Love it mate...

Had to laugh when I saw that!

Maxer said...

after last night.. just realise gk and df get more points easily than mf and fw even if they score goal.. :p


Anonymous said...

"If any of your players play no part in the round, the computer will try to substitute the inactive player with the highest priority replacement from the same position who did play. " (substitution rules)

What does priority depend on? The place of players on bench? or sort down from players with highest point???

Could someone explain it for me, pls?


Kellz said...

@Calucifer: good question. To my knowledge it is the substitute at the top of your list which is given first priority. Please correct me if I am wrong.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

cannot wait any longer until USA V. England

Anonymous said...

@kellz: I try to make my 1st choice to the top of my list but when I press the Comfirm change, it remains the same. ==>> that makes me confused.


david peter said...

Can someone please explain the automatic sub rule better? it applies only if no manual subs or captain change is made and make the highest scoring sub; i know. But is that change applicable only if someone of your first XI has not played at all? What if he has played but performed poorly, does computer will sub him also with someone better on bench?

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