Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Round 1 Draws To A Close

A quick reminder that after the first 2 fixtures of the day (the final round 1 group games: Honduras v Chile and Spain v Switzerland) we will enter Round 2 of World Cup Fantasy Football for the South Africa v Uruguay game.

The deadline for Round 2 is 15 minutes prior to kick off this evening, and you can make your changes/free transfer/additional transfers by clicking the R.2 tab above your team page.

I've had a very disappointing start, so unless David Villa scores a couple today I'm looking at around 75 points for Round 1, which will leaves me well down the table. I can't see how things will get better as I'm going to be at Glastonbury Festival next week - no access to the internet for 5 days means no blog updates and no substitutions!

How are you getting on?



Anon said...

Kinda blur here, need some suggestion who to swap or transfer..

Lahm Zambrotta Johnson
Lampard Schweinsteiger Sniejder DiMaria
RVP Messi Villa

Maicon/Assou Ekotto/Belhadj/Smith
Ribery/Hamsik/CLapman/Yun Nam
Luis Fabianbo/Welcome

Thinking to drop DiMaria or Lampard but too many player to think ! Thanks

Bad start for me for Round 1 as just now i fully understand about this game.. damn !

I should captain Maicon instead of fABIANO !

Bojan said...

Glastonbury Festival is much better option then shity WC and bad FF game...

Just wanted to write this so i can say "i told you so to Jim White"...

if England starts a knock out rounds in 4-5-1(man utd formation) and with this starting 11 England will play in the final of this World Cup...


Johnson Dawson(Carragher) Terry ACole


Lennon Gerrard Lampard JCole


Bojan said...

just read the article... so it is just "i told youi so" post and not "i told you so to Jim White"... ;-)

CFCBOSS said...

i've also had an bad start, looking 70+, have 49 points, villa as captain & casillas to go, expecting something good.

Miecio said...

I'm very disapointed.
17th (6 down) place in AM league and 13,310 in global ranking (8k down)
down thanks to villa and ramos (i should have stayed with Lahm as captain..)

gman26 said...

@anon I captained Fabiano too and not Maicon. I think Fabiano will be all right. He had 3-4 defenders surrounding him at any time. The big mistake I did was subbing in Suazo(didn't play) for Fabiano, losing those six points, so I only have 81 going into the second round.

But I think Muslera will get me off to a good start against SA tonight.

I transferred Suazo out for a Korean striker. Can't remember his name. Question is who to captain? Messi? Maicon? Sniejder? Glen Johnson?

CFCBOSS said...

i'd recommend to go for messi, he plays first and when doesn't score big time then just change him for someone else.

Doctor Teeth said...

Great day for me...selected Forlan as my captain for the Second Round and lucked out with his brace (but no Attacking Bonus??). Currently sitting in 7th place overall in the AM Blog league. Transferred out Villa for Ronaldo...banking on a huge game from him against North Korea.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I agree Doc! where's the attacking bonus for that third goal!?! I effing wish I would have made him my Captain too!!
Oh well I'm hoping for a big day from Leo Messi as my Captain! if not than I will make Evra my captain!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

...but they play on the same day so I can't!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Really, really upset...just had a revelation...I think we have all screwed ourselves this round!

Cristiano Ronaldo will get a hat-trick against North Korea!

I'm really upset that I used my free-transfer to get rid of Lamps for Kaka instead of Ronaldo!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I think its hilarious that i pick the two players for Spain that will touch the ball the most and they have the most trouble with it; Xavi and Villa! 7 pts!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

did you know that Diego Forlan's father was coach or Uruguay? and that his beautiful sister is in a wheel chair after a 1992 car accident!?!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Forlan's an Uruguay! Diego's father was a player and his grandfather coach!

Ian Sanderson said...

Went from 1st to 2nd to 17th!!! in the AM blog; finished the first round on 97points.
Have the S Korean goal-scorer so should move back up the table today.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

4th place until tommorow!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Sanderson said...

OK, up to 7th with Cashley, Lahm, Lampard, Dempsey and Podolski(cap) playing tomorrow.

mehicoradio said...

way down at 82 :/, and in a tiredness made a mistake to not put Forlan as captain (was my only player playing that day) so didn't get more points :(. Got 7 playing tomorrow so hoping at least a couple have big days.

Maxer said...


vidic, lahm, a.cole, beldhaj & yebda play for me today.. and messi got me 14 for captain yesterday.. so should i pick someone else for captain today and lose 7points? or just leave it be?.. tempted to captain lahm btw.. pls any suggestions?..


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

also forgot to make Forlan my capt. but its ok you can get away with a few mistakes i feel and still be competitive

Anonymous said...

you can be competitive Admiral until......Higuin!!!!! Seems to me that 8/9 points is a solid performance 12+ is very good but if you get a "Defoe" performance and he's your captain its a massive boost.

Thankfully he was the only "big" player I had last night and was my captain - 38 points later and Im in the top 100 of the whole thing.

Might not last the round but I estimate that 15 of those points will be bonus relative to other captain points this round...

until..... Roooney!!!! (or is that just wishful thinking...;o)


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Ian Sanderson said...

@ Maxer. I would gamble on changing captain. A clean sheet for Lahm should see him outscoring Messi, plus if he doesn't have you anyone else as back up as it's still early in the round.

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