Monday, 14 June 2010

4 Days In...

So what does everyone think of the tournament so far? I've actually been a bit disappointed with the quality of football on display up to now, with the exception of Germany & Messi. We've yet to have a really good game as yet, with teams looking nervous and a lack of attacking intent.

Is it the pressure of the tournament and the importance of not losing the first game? Are they having problems dealing with the new Adidas ball? Who knows, but I'm sure things will improve as teams find themselves in "must-win" scenarios in the next round of group games.

As for England v USA, I won't go over the Green error as it's been done to death, but I'd say a 1-1 draw was OK...far from the disaster the English press are making out. The first half was even but England dominated much of the 2nd half, with the USA defending superbly and almost grabbing a winner on the counter-attack. A fair result and judging by the Slovenia v Algeria game, both sides should go through, but both will be desperate to end as group winners so as to avoid Germany.

Finally, how are you getting on in World Cup Fantasy Football? I've found myself with very little time spend to spend on my team as I'm watching so much, while also playing the Metro game with work colleagues and the Sky game with some mates. However, in the Official game I'm sitting around 200th in the blog league with 42 points... Casillas, Maicon, Villa & Fabiano (captain) to go. I had planned on subbing out Glen Johnson (3 points) for Zambrotta but missed the window, and now have to decide whether to sub Hamsik in for Lampard (also 3 points) - I probably will as he faces New Zealand tomorrow.

Now to see what the Italians have vs Paraguay...



Anonymous said...

how much is beer on the stadium? :)

gman26 said...

I thought I subbed out Van Bommel for Vidic(3 points) but it didn't take. I must have not confirmed the substitution correctly. Or did the sub not work because I changed formation(Mid for D)?? Anyone know? That's ok as van Bommel didn't have a huge game, although probably more than 3 points.

I'm at 60 points with Maicon, Fabiano(C) and Chiellini left, good enough for 63rd in the league. Lahm was the nice surprise because he had 13 points(not sure why). For those of you looking to get on Ozil, I had him but he only came up with 6 points which included an assist. Where the F was Sneijder today? He was invisible for large parts of the game. Big disappointment. And Romero was a nice steal for me with 9 points. He wasn't too expensive.

Doctor Teeth said...

Agreed with you on overall level of play, AM, with the exception of Germany (technically elite, as usual), the Netherlands (HELLO Eljero Elia...not long before this winger is playing for Chelsea) and Messi. Some great games lined up over the next tw days so hopefully things will pick up a bit.

As for the fantasy league, sitting on 50 points with only five players' points in the book for sure...subbed out Sneidjer for Lampard (+2 points) and Zambrotta for Glen Johnson (TBD). Messi as captain worked well. Lahm was a great (popular?) pick. Will trade RVP's modest haul today for Fabiano (already subbed out Forlan for Villa). May sub Hamsik for Gourcuff.

I have to say, the amount of statistical information on the game site is IN-CRED-IBLE. Snoop around a bit...phenomenal charts, graphs, HD color pictures, etc. If YFF could add some of these bells and whistles it would be out of this world.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Yes Holland and Germany seem expectedly strong so far! currently sitting 7th however I subbed out Forlan and Lampard for Zambrotta and Chiellini so lost 7 points...I also have made some schoolboy errors in forgetting to sub in Milijas yesterday, lost 7 points there too! .....As I type my two Italians are losing points for conceding a goal!!! hopefully Xavi and Villa will give me the points I need to stay close to the top of the league! I also am considering dropping Schweinsteiger for David Suazo of Honduras, what do you think, is his 5 points (Schwein) worth keeping???

Anonymous said...

Here's the decision I'm sweating right now for McFantasy:

Yonghyung 9pts.
Chiellini 2pts (2nd half just started, Clean sheet gone)
Lahm 13 pts
Van Der Wiel 9pts

I will most likely sub out Chiellini and sub in one of the two: Maicon vs PRK, or Pique vs SUI--BUT WHICH ONE?

I really will not throw the dice and sub out one of my 9pt defenders in addition to Chiellini to get both Pique and Maicon in.


bean said...

i agree with the level of play, but it's just the first match, always a bit cagey.. i think thing will kick up a notch the next games.

I also forgot to bring in zambrotta last night before the matches today, but not too worried since italy lost their clean sheet..

@JJOKBOB - i would have said Maicon instead of Pique because he's a full back, but I don't think that applies as much in this fantasy game. It seems central defenders can rack up the points as well as attacking full backs.

bean said...

although this great analysis from FFS indicates full backs are your best bet:

bean said...

I also just realized that for defenders/goalkeepers it takes two goals conceded to get -1 points, so if they only concede one goal, no points are deducted (but they lose their clean sheet, so it's 4 or 6 points lost)

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

fortunately Zambrotta doesnt need a CS to rack up some points!

Anonymous said...

@JJOKBOB - Can't you sub Maicon in for Chiellini since he plays 6/15 and then decide if you want to take out your lowest point defender for Pique on 6/16? Also you can change formation on your substitutes, so if you have an underperforming MF or FW you can sub them out for a 5 DF formation... Just have to make sure it is 5-4-1 or 5-3-2.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I certainly love the World Cup, but it seems my interest is further enhanced by the FIFA fantasy game....for round 1, I have only 3 more legitimate players yet to play. I have subbed out Lamps for Xavi and Forlan for David Villa, but I am unsure whether to sub out Chiellini for the untested but pacy and electric striker, David Suazo, formerly of Internazionale Milan. Do you think Suazo can make an impact against a rising Chile squad????

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

...on another quick note, I am very tempted to use my free transfer on CRonaldo! Thoughts?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

no need to answer, I decided to use my free transfer on dropping Lampard for Kaka!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Whoops, I thought the free transfers were for the round of play, not the next round!?! I dont understand the free transfer concept, because it is not letting me put in Kaka for Schweinsteiger, it still has Lamps in there.

Ian Sanderson said...

Subs are for the current round, transfers for the next round.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I get it now!

gman26 said...

Anyone know if Silva will be starting for Spain tomorrow? I might sub him in for Sneijder(5 points). Thanks to Kolo Toure for 7 points. Much better than the disappointing Vidic.

Portugal look really bad.

Birty said...

7th place in the blog league - something must be wrong.

got kaka and maicon to play in the next game and then fabregas tomorrow to replace ribery's 4 points tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I did your suggestion!

Hinrik said...

The Metro-game is the most enjoyable fantasy game I have played so far. A shame that it is not open for the world, but I sneaked bakcdoors.

gman26 said...

Should have captained Maicon, not Fabiano.

CFCBOSS said...

hi, i got a question, i had captain fabiano, i want to sub captain armband for villa, who play's tomorrow, so i only get 3 points for fabiano and villa is going to get double points?

Anonymous said...

@CFCBOSS - yes you can change the Captain's armband to Villa and get double points but you will only get the 3 points for Fabiano.

Has anyone heard of an update on Wilson Palacios for Honduras? I currently have Pienaar and his measly 3 points in, was thinking of subbing him out for Palacios if he's going to play since I think he's a good candidate to get defensive bonuses against an attacking side like Chile. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks,

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I should have picked Maicon and Elano, instead of Kaka And Julio Cesar!

Rukkie said...

Palacios is apparently 100% ready.

Fabiano is full of fail. Thinking of swap him out now for Poldoski or Messi.

82 with Villa to play. I only got one goal this round -_- all the heavy hitter missed.

Maxer said...

now.. decision for the last remaining match..

1.should i bring in Figueroa for either a.cole(5) or zambrotta(5)?.. or just leave it as it is..

2.should i bring in villa to replace 3 points ronaldo or 6 points captain fabiano?..

i'm sitting at 74 points (with 2points lost after i subbed d.maria(5) to nakamura(0) then to filler bertos(3).. anyway, any transfer suggestion for 2nd round?..


Rukkie said...

obviously you should replace either one ronaldo or fabiano and cap Villa as well if he is your only player left.

Cant help you with Figueroa since 5 is not that bad score given i got bunch of 4. So take risk or not, up to you. 5 is good for no CS defender.

The transfer in this game is tricky. If you only want to use free transfer, it will be a direct swap from one type/price player to another. Example FW for FW with same price. Its tough unless you wanna spend -3 to do another transfer to swap for different position.

SK said...

@Maxer - definitely replace fabiano with captain villa, and if you can, change formation and replace ronaldo with Figueroa. Anyone playing most of the game who doesn't do anything stupid (YC), is about guaranteed to get at least 3 pts.

@Rukkie - just thought the same thing. should I waste 3 pts to swap fabiano out? center forwards do not seem to score well if they don't assist or score, since they rarely deliver or receive the ball into the box. Robinho? Messi? Poldoski?

- SK

Maxer said...

@SK.. yeah, i totally forgot that u can change formation during substitution too.. i will drop ronaldo(3) for figueroa.. cs is unlikely for honduras, but hopefully he'll make up ronaldo's 3 points by staying on the pitch for 61minutes.. :).. villa already replaces fabiano as captain btw..

quick note to evryone.. round 2 starts today too.. :)


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Suazo or Suazo?

That's the question I found myself asking some nine or ten days ago...both are playing against each other in tommorrow's difficult Group H match...Honestly this match determines the outcome of the Group IMO....Switzerland are the weakest link of this Group. Chile is hot on a long unbeaten streak! Honduras has the experience in attack!
Which one of these Suazos will come up big?

CFCBOSS said...

i don't think swiss are a weak team in the group, i think with spain they'll go through. fantasywise, things haven't gone my way so far, hoping villa to produce, to be honest, i'd like if torres wouldn't play, better chance for villa to score.
im curious what's happening with uruguay vs south africa, cause the game is played today and the fixture in fantasy is going to round 2, what's up with that?

Anon said...

Kinda blur here, need some suggestion who to swap or transfer..

Lahm Zambrotta Johnson
Lampard Schweinsteiger Sniejder DiMaria
RVP Messi Villa

Maicon/Assou Ekotto/Belhadj/Smith
Ribery/Hamsik/CLapman/Yun Nam
Luis Fabianbo/Welcome

Thinking to drop DiMaria or Lampard but too many player to think ! Thanks

Rukkie said...

I think for this game if you dont do manual sub you will be in huge disadvantage, by this i mean fielding a team with 11 players who plays first and sub in the rest in time line order. It is really not that hard to do since we have a huge sub window from midnight till afternoon and you dont really have to think much ( unlike barndoor) since youalways pick the low score and add in favorable fixture players on the bench. And you dont even have to do this everyday. For example I only sub gourcuff( played on first day) out 2 days after his match since I stil had other unplayed spots in the team then.

By subbing/fielding in chronorically order, it reduces the risk greatly and allow you to see performance and point of most of your team ( especially when you want to sub, i.e when your starting 11 playing badly)

I didnt realize the transfer deadline is today, guess i will stick with same line up this time around.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Swiss definitely are not that strong! They finished dead last in their Euro 2008 Group! only beating Portugal 2-0 after the Potugese had already qualified for the knockout round!

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