Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Never Manage Alone is LIVE

That's right - after months of work www.nevermanagealone.com is finally live over on SBNation!

If you're wondering what I'm talking about then please read my post from back in August explaining the collaboration: http://yahoofantasyfootballuk.blogspot.com/2011/08/week-1-update.html

My Week 8 Player Picks will be up here and on the new site within the next 48 hours but the full transition will probably take a couple of week as we find our feet over on SBNation ... please don't forget Week 8 is Round 2 of The Blog Cup :)



Bitsketchy said...

Excellent news Nik, will the others be happy with you allowing the "stats" idea? Think it could be really beneficial?

Out of interest, and this could pit the cat amongst the pigeons, who predicts best out of you all? :-)

chris merrow said...


At first look the site seems confusing. There are a lot of pop up ads, and links to other sites, I ended up signing up for SB Nation, whatever the hell that is. I understand that the links and the hits on the links will be the revenue stream which is cool for all.

It seems that the primary content, will be easily accessible.

The problem is there doesn't seem to be a chat room link. Which you might have said will be kept as part of this site. For me, the chat room is essential, its the backbone of the sense of community the AM Blog has created, along with the separate AM groups and the AM Chatroom regular group. It would be a shame to totally lose a distinct identity within the new larger format.


Assistant Manager said...

Bitsketchy - Cheers! Yeah they'll be room for all the new ideas that have started kicking off here. The whole idea is we'll be able to share the work load and therefore explore more areas of the game in more depth.

Chris - SBNation is the network we are now linked to, so think "Blogger" but a network that specialises in Sports Blogs. It will give us much more exposure and was the only option for me personally as I can no longer keep up with this site on my own.

As for the chatroom, people on here specifically asked for the AM Room NOT to be added to the new site as they wanted to keep it exclusively where it is. This site won't be taken down, it won't be updated either but it will remain here with a redirect post to NMA and the AM Chatroom still embedded.

If we incorporate Chatroll in to NMA there will be a new room (i.e. "The NMA Chat Room").

Assistant Manager said...

Another great feature ... have a look to see what "Fanshots" and "Fanposts" could become on the new blog by looking at an established SBNation blog: http://www.ninersnation.com/ (see top menu bar or to the left and right of if you scroll down)

It basically allows you (the readers) to contribute your own stories/links/threads and have people comment on them; it is a whole new way of growing a community and getting people involved. It's going to add interactivity that would never be possible here.

In fact, I've just posted up the first Fanshot on www.nevermanagealone.com regarding Aguero just to as an example. I think it'll work well, people can ask their own questions about specific dilemas and get specific replies to their threads.

Eldwin said...

Awesome! More stuff to read from other people too! But anything really as long as this blog and the chat stays! :P

Anonymous said...

I checked out the website and signed up as "J0J0". I like it so far. And I like the fact that this will stay because having the chatroll on match days is fun.
I don't mind the ads at all. What annoys me so far is that sometimes the site seems to hang when I try to load articles.

Anonymous said...

It appears I have my work cut out for me with this new sight. As some may know I am very much computer challenged.

Not sure I have done anything right up to this point but I may (not) be posting there as Ken M. as that has already been taken? I (believe) I signed in as K.M. If I am able to figure it out I will post a few as K.M. Formally Ken M (AM-BLOG)
Not sure how the new Ken M. and the old Ken M will work but I am sure it will all be fine.

Very confused...but that is normal.

May also have to take some time away..hopefully not, but a few things on me have stopped working and it looks like I will be having parts of me removed. Nothing serious but I was hoping to leave this world with everything I came in with. Oh well..age is a wonderful adventure.

Good luck to everyone in Blog week #2

Eldwin said...

Sorry to hear Ken. Hope everything goes well and that you'd have a speedy recovery! :)

greginho said...

guys since i just got back from brasil i am going to go back to my old team name


so those of you who remember me from the jeremy and neal blog, my name is back.

does anyone know how to change the posting name here on this blog

Anonymous said...

@Ken M: All the best old man. Hope things work out alright in the end.

Assistant Manager said...

Ken, hope you're ok mate, drop me an email if you want a bit of a catch up

Irons said...

Get well soon Ken!

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