Monday, 3 October 2011

Aguero Boost For Man City

Manchester Evening News - Aguero boost for Man City
"Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has revealed positive news over the groin injury he sustained against Blackburn on Saturday.

The Blues forward limped off in the first half, and with Carlos Tevez suspended by the club pending an investigation into his actions last week in the Champions League, City's striking options began to look a touch thin.

But Aguero tweeted on Monday that he had linked up with the Argentina squad and will be monitored there. Argentina face Chile on Friday in Buenos Aires before taking on Venezuela on Porto La Cruz on Tuesday."
I'm delighted at this news as I very nearly dropped him to barndoor a replacement, as I feared it could be a long term injury. I'd be surprised if he was actually risked by Argentina but the break should give him time to fully recover ready for Villa at home in Week 8.

As for my Week 7, I was obviously really happy with the derby win for Spurs, but there was no improvement on the fantasy football front. I managed just 65 points which leaves me stuck at 10,000th overall and not really making any progress at the moment. I also missed Saturday's barndoor but did some work on Sunday and it has left me with the following saved on my team page...

DDG, Boyata, Gibbs, Bosingwa, SWP, Silva, Lampard, Nasri, Adebayor, Sturridge, Aguero

I still have 11.89  left in the bank so it won't be my final team, but in all honestly I wouldn't be devastated it it was!

I expect I'll look to bring Van Persie in for either Sturridge or Adebayor by downgrading either Lampard or Nasri. I'll probably hang on to Boyata @2.33 and Gibbs seems good value @4.4 if he keeps Santos out, but Bosingwa is a bit of a concern. David Luiz looked good against Bolton and AVB is a big fan of Ivanovic's height, so there's a chance Bos drops to the bench. Richards or Luiz himself could come in for me instead, but that's something to worry about next week though. DDG definitely stays after his rest this week, as will SWP at home to Blackburn, Silva & Aguero.

As mentioned earlier we now have a gap for international fixtures before Week 8 (starting Saturday 15th October), which will be Round 2 of The Blog Cup! I probably won't be posting too much this week but I'll be back with Player Picks and Team/Injury News posts next week.

I'll leave it there for now, but please let me know how you're getting on? What did you do on the barndoor? Any early ideas for Week 8?



Anonymous said...

Thanks AM for all the great work you do!

I've had a horrible last 3 weeks and dropped down from in the top 1500 to 5200. Mostly becuse random people haven't started. Hope it turns around.

Pi*xar said...

I have exactly the same team as you do, except I have VDV instead of Nasri, and I'm also thinking about getting Van Persie and Taarabt next week and dropping VDV and Sturridge

RiDeR said...

i've just BD boyata & ramsey, but didnt confirm about picking up boyata, afraid that D.Wheater replacing him

Eldwin said...

Hi Nik I had a great week again finishing with 93! All thanks to your Anderson suggestion getting me 18.5!!! :) I've BDed Nasri and Di Santos. Might change him later though but have a feeling he might rip Bolton apart if their form continues to worsen. Didn't bother Sturridge as I think Moyes is really good with man-marking although I might consider the fact that Rodwell is out. (which btw was a ridiculous red card)

As for my ranking I was 57kish two weeks ago now I'm just outside 27k. Finally having a good turn in luck and closing in the gap within my group. If this continues I'll be in good shape. :) Thanks to your tips and all the regulars on chat too! :)

Soccer Player said...

Thanks for your update, Nik!

Week 7 was the disastrous week for me as I only managed to get 52 points. Overall ranking dropped to 1743. Hope I will make amend in week 8.

My current team:

Boyata, Bosingwa, Mertesacker
SWP, Silva, Taarabt, Ramsey
Aguero, Rooney, RVP

Anonymous said...

Again..I appear to be confused. Happens a lot lately.

Should we be posting here or should we be posting under the Scout link? I see some of the posters from last season over there and I am wondering if the "desire" is, to have us all move to only one sight? I do read & enjoy both sights as well as others but I feel like I am going to wake up one day and everyone will be gone. Then I would have to post and then copy my own team....

Anonymous said...

90 points last week to move up to about 57k
Bd team
Gibbs Woodgate N.Shorey
Nasri Silva V.Moses Obertan
VanPersie K2 Suarez

Really don't like picking Chelsea players against Everton, so i droppes Luiz Bosingwa and Lampard
Thinking of switching to this team as i consider Gabbidon a very poor defender and Ferdinand only slightly better. Between Yak and Hoilett i see a couple of goals

Gibbs Woodgate N.Shorey
Silva V.Moses Hoolahlan Hoilett
VanPersie Suarez K2

Anonymous said...

I understand it is very early to be posting teams but these are my thoughts for the following week:

My team:

I understand picking defenders/goal is risky for road teams but I do feel this is a good match up for Swansea with strong possibilities for a clean sheet.

Other then assessing injuries or rotation (Gibbs) I like it.

greginho said...

i started the week well with nasri doing well for me, but then i finished with 5 zeroes from dzeko, aguero, mertesacker, de gea and ashley young. 52 points total. i am a little pissed at my team and might make some radical changes. i missed both barndoors.

Assistant Manager said...

Ken - I'm confused at your confusion ... what is the "Scout link" mate?

Musteng said...

i will stick to my week 7 team for 1 more week.
i believe i can score good points if all started

Boyata - gibbs - brown
silva - VDV - BFAY - SWP
aguero - Rooney - k2

Eldwin said...

Looks like Rodwell will be playing after winning the red card appeal. I'm guessing he'll stick to Sturridge like a magnet lol. I'm really impressed with Rodwell's man-marking ability thus far. He really should be a basketball player! :P

Anonymous said...

Preliminary Week 8 team

De Gea
Mertesacker/ Boyata/ Luiz
Silva/ Van der Vaart/ Wright-Phillips/ Watson
Suarez/ Adebayor/ Sturridge

Got a feeling that Bolton will concede a penalty hence Watson, hopefully it isn't Boyata who is the one to concede it!

Anonymous said...


Sorry, there really is no need to respond further. I have just erased a long description of what I was attempting to say and I couldn't even figure it out. I was referring to fantasyfootballscout. Just seems like postings are low this year and I see familiar posters on other links and I thought "a move" was underway?

I agree with all who are currently thinking that it's this type of postings that have no place here.

Sorry everyone...

Assistant Manager said...

No worries Ken - FantasyFootballScout is a totally separate entity that focuses on the Official Premier League game, and it is excellent, but nothing to do with me. Our move to the new NeverManageAlone site is due soon (but how long have I been saying that for!?)

Cheers mate, Nik

ahmadkhairulnizar said...

@Nik..just hoping all the player that we BD not injured during their international match.. if they was injured..what we need here is the news about how long they will be side lined.. i think u agree with me, Nik.. =)

kendo said...

People seem to be overlooking Ashley Williams, top listed defender still now @ 9.66 however, maybe worth the investment v Norwich?

Sandy said...

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Nobanno said...

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