Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Yahoo 2010/2011 Season Is Here

So Yahoo Fantasy Football has finally returned for the new season, and we should be delighted...but at the moment, I'm not. The player prices are well and truly screwed, with players like Rob Green and David Bentley priced at 43.31 & 40.35, Malouda & Lampard under 9.00, while Edwin Van Der Sar & Jermaine Defoe are priced are just 1.00!!!

It appears we find ourselves in a warped pre-season barndoor situation, able to grab unbelievable bargains at will. However, as I wrote on my Facebook group just now, I'm guessing (praying) the prices are just an initial launch bug (it's only been up for 30 mins after all), and hopefully they'll sort it out...but you have to question why the game was launched when it isn't ready?

Lets be honest, if people are lucky enough to be online now and are able to fill their teams up with players at £1m & then their prices shoot up in the next few days then it makes the entire game pointless for everyone. Even if they don't change the prices and everyone is free to grab the bargains, the current curve of player valuation is ridiculous & doesn't make for a realistic competition.

If things were to stay as they are, I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in saying I'd almost certainly stop playing the game. However, I'm confident Yahoo will have it in hand and that all the prices will be adjusted shortly for all players, even if they are already owned (not sure how that would work though - "master reset"?) so we can all start the season with a clean slate.

Blog League details will be up tomorrow once the situation is a bit clearer!


p.s. Bale is still a defender...woohoo! :)


Anonymous said...


I can't help myself!! Bale for 5.35!!! Feeling guilty about it, but already saved changes.

Hopefully they'll sort it out, but in the mean time, I'm gonna spread the word to the rest of my league. Maybe that'll ease my guilt...

Buy buy buy


btw, looking forward to the new season keep up the great work AM!

Anonymous said...


E. Van der Sar
Man Utd
Sell at 1.00
(market price 1.00)

A. Cole
Sell at 5.35
(market price 5.35)
G. Johnson
Sell at 15.74
(market price 15.74)
J. Boateng
Man City
Sell at 5.35
(market price 5.35)

S. Gerrard
Sell at 3.93
(market price 3.93)
D. Silva
Man City
Sell at 5.82
(market price 5.82)
F. Lampard
Sell at 8.85
(market price 8.85)
Adam Johnson
Man City
Sell at 1.00
(market price 1.00)
F. Malouda
Sell at 5.82
(market price 5.82)

J. Defoe
Sell at 1.00
(market price 1.00)
W. Rooney
Man Utd
Sell at 17.71
(market price 17.71)

And all with 28 points to spare. Love it or loath it - if you're gonna play(and let's be honest, the vast majority won't walk away 'in disgust') you just can't turn it down.

If Yahoo doesn't adjust the points system then the skill will be in choosing players outside of the Hollywood names who will get the points when the big hitters fail to perform.

Not ruined, just different.

Anonymous said...

nice post AM..really appreciate dat :)
btw,did u already produce the league(group)

Skip said...

Van d Sar

and i still have 7 left!!!!! LOL

but drogba is 26.. boo! : (

bean said...

typical Yahoo insanity

Ian Sanderson said...

Hmmm sorted an unbelievable team for 42 units, but I sincerely hope it's voided and we all have to start from scratch.
Such an unfair advantage would completely take the fun out of the game.
Typical of Yahoo, they really have outdone themselves this time.

macgill said...

What we could do, when(if) the prices do change to where they should be, and people for some reason are able to hold on to the players that they had already picked up, in this blog we could ask everyone to not buy players at these ridiculous prices and start fresh. This would not help us in the overall standings as everyone else would have crazy discounts but it would make the game enjoyable within the blog groups. Of course this would have to rely on some sort of honor system (you could kick out any team that doesn't have a blank squad on a certain date).

Hopefully none of this will have to happen.

Mike B said...

That's a nice idea macgill! I would be up for that.

bean said...

it should be pretty easy to spot players who have taken advantage, just look at their squad after GW1 and you'll be able to see their prices... I would hope that when/if Yahoo fixes/finishes their updates it will wipe everyone clean. But I could see that taking another week, or them waiting until just before the first match to get all the new transfers in.

I know the game is free and all, and Yahoo is in financial trouble, but if you're going to have a game, do it right.. I hope this won't be an indication of how this year for YFF will be.

Naning said...

I highly doubt they will keep prices as they are at the moment. So I won't even bother.

ToffeeDave said...
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Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff. Yahoo were delayed in opening up for the new season, so I expected them to have sorted all problems out. Oh well, hope sorted soon as AM says.

I see that the scoring has changed a little, if I remember correctly, maybe AM can confirm which categories if he has access to the points allocated last season?

Looking forward to another season reading the AM blog!

Phil, South Africa

Dave said...

Reminds of about 5 years ago when YFF allowed you to cash in any budget increase on a player, so if he went up in value and you sold him, you would keep the profit too. In about 2 weeks everyone's team value was 3-400 and you could afford every single player you wanted LOL. Players pricing went up qute a bit across the board (I recall Jay-Jay Okocha being in the 40s after a good week) but it hardly mattered. Interesting to see what happens...

I would not be totally shocked if my some fluke some locked-in player values were kept. Also a few years ago, Josemi (the junk defender at Pool at the time) was 1.00. Many people grabbed him as a filler. He was sold in January and even deleted from the game, but whoever had him at the time was able to keep him. Yes, slightly different scenario, but my way of saying that Yahoo cock-ups are not surprising LOL. Good luck out there bargain hunters!

ToffeeDave said...

Dunne, Bale, Baines
Lampard, Gerrard, Malouda, Valencia
Torres, Van Persie, Defoe

53.89 left guys, what to do???

ToffeeDave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ToffeeDave said...

I think if these prices dont get fixed we should all have to take a screenshot of our player prices and go by honor system that we havent used a cheated bargain for a player, so at least these stay fun.

Birty said...

Dunne, Bale, Baines
Milner, Arteta, Duff, Lampard
Aggy, Rooney, Defoe

and 23 mill left over.

I hope Yahoo wipe everyone's team though and sort the prices out. But its interesting to see what people's fantasy fantasy football teams are ;)

Kavedas said...

OMG ................
Im totally upset .. waiting too much and now this !!!
I hope YFF restart their game , Gerrard @3 Defoe@1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon said...

My first big decision VDS @ 1, or Reina @ 2.71

can anyone help?!?!

I reckon all that Yahoo can do to level the playing field is to take the game away completely, fix the bug, then start it up again.

Or maybe this is just their way of getting our attention!!

Kavedas said...

I'm thinking about quitting the game if they didnt fix it , why did they play with the prices ..!! and now there are many teams have bargins at silly prices , so even if prices get fixed its still ruined ..

Mike B said...

Best thing to do is make up a quick team now, and then you will see if the prices get updated for everyone or not.

If not, adios YFF!

billthegrunt said...

I'm not at all happy about this either, AM. But why not take advantage of this "Early Bird Special" while the gettings good?

Bale / A. Cole / Vermaelen
Fabregas / Gerrard / Lampard / Dempsey
Defoe / Rooney / Drogba

Now, what to do with the 4.21 I have left over?

Seriously though, this is going to take a lot of fun out the game, and ruin it from the start for a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see that there is any point playing with this set-up. They must void the game and start over. FYI: I have signed up to La Liga fantasy game on Yahoo! and they have made the same balls up there. Can anyone confirm that they started the Serie A game and then removed it? If so, then there may be hope . . .

Mike B said...

@ Anon - They took down the old Serie A and Ligue 1 a few days ago, and it's never come back up.

I think the Spanish game is always really expensive, so nothing has changed there.

cfcboss said...

i really hope this bug get's fixed, currently everyone can have a dream-team and still have like 50m in bank.

Kellz said...

This is a joke right? A total joke, and just like the monkies at Yahoo to pull something like this. It looks fun now grabbing such great prices on players, but this will destroy ANY fun involved with the game.

Unfortunately the only solution will be to close the entire game AGAIN, and have everyone re-sign up for YFF. I doubt they will be able to take away discounts after you already saved them on your team.

I will still play my joke team, but it will probably get old by week 5. I am very discouraged, NOT the start any of us wanted.

Assistant Manager said...

I've been playing around I have basically created a total dream team with almost 20m left to spend, which I think we can all agree is just silly!

This mistake is a game killer as far as I'm concerned, and many of my friends who have been in my private league for 7 years have decided they won't be playing the game this year unless it's resolved.

Anonymous said...

no-one's gonna want my filler picks now!

YFF - get a grip. Are they paid for this?

Hope they wipe the slate clean


Anonymous said...


Can't wait for the match between Wolves & Bbn on the 22nd of May :(

Kavedas said...

I hope we will see good news from you AM , I really want to play YFF this year , they had to fix it ASAP . I think the best way to do is to close it now and re open it again when they got the prices done .... Funny that we waited it to open and now I will wait for it to close ... Madness

Skippy11 said...


Dont worry your bargain picks are still wanted.. Just the names are all different. :)

Anonymous said...

Typical of Yahoo, they are a bunch of jokers who don't take their FF seriously. I have been exclusively playing this FF for the last 2 years but I will go elsewhere this year if this isn't fixed. This is the straw that broke the camels back regarding Yahoo's laziness and apathy.

-cj shields

Anonymous said...

After all of the excitment around the pricing I have only just noticed that Week 1 only has 1 match. Wolves v Blackburn is the only one listed

greginho said...

Mine is
Vermealen, Bale, Vidic
Walcott, Lampard, Dempsey, Malouda
Van Persie, Defoe, Rodallega
with 47.65 to spare.

Mark said...

Regarding the La Liga Mike B said, the best players are always expensive. Messi is pushing 40 units if I recall and C-Ron is not far behind. I think Messi was around that at the end of last season though.

You can put together a team without splurging for the bigger (more expensive names) or find cheap fillers to go with "budget hogs". You just have to spend wisely. Makes it fun and challenging if you are up to it.

I'd like to get a league going here for the other games.

chrism said...

Hey guys: Its 5:23 pm EST, near midnight in London and Yahoo has just locked out player selection.

We will all have an ethical issue if they don't negate the saved picks at ridiculous prices many of us managed to get in.

We shall see

Richy said...

Yay, got to call my team "Liverpool" for the 5th year running! someone burst my bubble and tell me that team names arent unique?

Thomas said...

stop moaning people!!!! I would guess all on this blog have, for the past few weeks checked the yahoo site every couple of hours to see if the league had started. So yahoo have a few start up glitches, get in quick and avail of the bargains as sir Alex did, thank yahoo for a fantastic free game and look forward to another great year

Madraog said...

To buy or not to buy that is the question

Kavedas said...

@Thomas .......
((thank yahoo for a fantastic free game and look forward to another great year))
Do you think its fantastic now !!! and the game killer mistake just a glitch ... Bullshit
And YFF made it free but they should be some benefit for them in some way , im sure about that . i guess many will quit if it stays the same .

STC3 said...

The values are already changing at 12.48am UK time. Not by much, but RVP and Torres have gone from 8.10 to 8.17. Similar small increases for other players.

Anonymous said...

Since there are still many days to kickoff I think there's going to be a hard reset for everyone's team and player prices.

Maybe all the emails ppl sent pushed them to open YFF prematurely. Just to stop all the complainin'


Anonymous said...

Torres & Drogba (both,groin injury) will miss how many game?


Anonymous said...

ha ha

ToffeeDave said...

Everyone the prices of players are dependant in part by what teams have each player. The wild prices I think is mainly due to yahoo having to add/re introduce players and their prices are crazy because of it. It just needs a few days or so to fix(see Tuncay last year). With so many people adding players top their team, some player prices have already started to rise again. I hope they wipe and then put up the site again cause this is crazy

William said...

that's my team


Samba Dunne Distin

AJohnson JCole Dempsey Valencia

Defoe Crouch McFadden

Team Value: 11
Available Funds: 89

how's this squad? :)

Anonymous said...

The board of directors of Yahoo fantasy football, have just been fired. Larry, Moe, and Curley, are now out of work again. ha ha

Kavedas said...

I have send an email to Yahoo customer care , i hope they will read it :(

Kavedas said...

Who is Larry, Moe, and Curley ?

Anonymous said...

just manage to set 2 players...
then Yahoo stop...

system halt again!!!!oh i just miss the opportunity..


Kavedas said...

Good news , YFF just closed the game , i hope it fix when they open it again

Anonymous said...

yahoo took action by closing the website...i hope yahoo not close it forever :)

William said...

re-open!! but the bargains...still remain....

Anonymous said...

Yahoo reopen the site

But if someone buy $1 for all payer

they still have it for only $1.

Will Yahoo correct it?

Anonymous said...

yahoo should reset the price not to adjust it...i'm not happy eventhough i bought most of the players below $5 because this is unfair to those who missed the bargains...

bean said...

if you sell your whole squad (even with bizarre discounts) you still end up with 100.

William said...

i hope Yahoo can delete all data then reopen...or it's not a fair game...

rwlwhite said...

This is ridiculous. I got there in time for the bargains, and yahoo then updated the prices letting me keep my discount. I picked the following:

Baines, Terry, Bale
Lampard, Fabregas, Gerrard, Cahill
Rooney, Torres, Tevez

My team (including price rises) is now worth 162.36 and i still have 9.12 left in the bank!

ToffeeDave said...

Well prices are fixed, now we all just have to hope for the honor system to work its way into the teams dropping unfair discounts

Anonymous said...

what is the best line up for with the current updated price? anyone sharing their ideas...

verm, boateng,da silva,
lampard, walcot, dempsey,silva, joecole
tevez, kalinic


Caleb said...

I did not get Bale, but what's the price before the update?

I got A Cole, Terry, Bairns and Dunne as defender for cheap...... but I am not really happy with Yahoo, although I got the early bird cheat..........

Kellz said...

My team still has all of its bargains, Like I said, Yahoo can't change discounted players.

They need to close the entire game again and restart or people will keep the discounts.

Not going to be a fun year at all...

Caleb said...

Agree with Kellz, Yahoo should restarted the whole game. Although I got Gerrard and Lampard for cheap.

Naning said...

Well. I didn't pick any players last night. Meaning I'm starting with the correct prices. I won't be able to fight for top 5000, but at least I will have a fun year. The players who kept their bargains will have more or less 11 season keepers. Have fun guys ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the crazy prices and chose not to build a team then, so I waited. Now I'm waiting for the massive reset that SHOULD arrive, but for now this is the team I have in mind:

Terry Boateng Evra
Nani MPetrov Silva Malouda Essien
Chamakh Agbonlahor

I should swap Essien and Chamakh, I guess, and Boateng came in only because he's SO cheap and playing for a big team. I'm still not sure about the squad statures of Silva and Chamakh (will they start?) so I'm pretty worried about it. Essien is just a big bet.


Assistant Manager said...

So Yahoo have completed step 1 of "the fix" - all the prices have been corrected. Yet those who picked up the discounts yesterday still hold top players for peanuts...hopefully step 2 will involve the resetting of all squads so everyone starts from scratch again.

bean said...

sold all my discount players. i think it's stupid to keep the glitch discounts if yahoo doesn't remedy it, everybody will be able to look at your squad after GW1 after you brag about how many points you got. just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

either yahoo do step 2 or we create team 2 with the current price to get back the fun ;)

madguy said...

well they better fix this or i'm not playing..

Kavedas said...

50% good news , its totally unfair for those who didnt get discount players !! i have Given/A.Cole/Baines/Gerrard/Lampard/Defoe all at discount , ALL cost me 15 units , so i have 85 units for 5 players each week ... hehehe easy season :P
I hope AM is right and there will be 2nd step from YFF to fix their price bug and reset All teams ........
By the way AM , do you know that they will fix it or just hope ??

Kendo said...

missed the early bird as Ive only signed up again today surely yahoo will reset the players values to give - values for teams and everyone will have to adjust accordingly, it can't be that difficult to sort out the muck up


Anonymous said...

Let yahoo not fix it, as i have 90 million left for two players

Anonymous said...

It's fixed

Anonymous said...

Yay all fixed.


Anonymous said...

I'd like the fixtures to be added now though!

Kavedas said...


Thank you YFF
and the fun just started

Anonymous said...

finally...thanks yahoo

Harout said...

My friends and I will be quitting the game if they do not fix it.

Caleb said...

Yeah it's all fixed now! It's time to stock up good buy for week 1 now!

Kendo said...


Dunne Cuéllar Terry

Yaya Touré J. Cole C. N'Zogbia S. Gerrard

J. Hernández N. Anelka M. Boselli (Wigan)

Trying to go for match ups this season rather than hold on to players itseems those who performed well last season did but its easy to muck up too

Any errors on my initial line up??????


Maxer said...

great, the game is fixed.. anyway, after the price fix.. i calculated my team value and i exceeded around $9mil.. :p..

anyway, i'm trying the new boys Chamakh, silva & c.adam (of blackpool) with probably weimann (Astonvilla) in.. anything interesting with your team?..


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