Thursday, 29 July 2010


Good ol' Yahoo, why did we ever doubt you? :)

Due to a data error, the initial player salaries for this game were drastically incorrect. This problem has been corrected, and in the spirit of fair play, all teams filled in prior to the fix have been cleared out. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. the 2010/2011 season is good to go - big thanks to Yahoo for sorting it so quickly!

Expect the details for the first few Blog League to begin appearing on the blog and the facebook group throughout the day...



Anonymous said...

send AM group ID# and password please..

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

news travels fast!
my wk 1 team so far:

Verm Hughes Givet
Kuyt Dunn Rosicky Delap Ferguson
Gabby Tevez

Anonymous said...

I have set up my team as Team Name(AM), let us give the S11 folks a run for their money this year.

My team is

JT Evra Cahill Givet
CYLee Bowyer Nzog
Bent Javier Chamakh

No big guns

Am, will modify it to the final team we all vote for

Could you put a voting pattern to select team for week

Kendo said...

stick with that team AM! ;)

Kendo said...

Doin my own head in with this already

C. Kirkland
J. Terry R. Dunne M. Figueroa
Yaya Touré J. Cole F. Lampard S. Petrov
J. Hernández N. Anelka Jovanovic

Rumours of Petrov going to the pool?

Anonymous said...

Team name: All Hail the Gunners (AM Blog)

I know Nik won't like it much, but still :)

Team so far:

Terry Boateng Evra
Nani Silva MPetrov Essien Malouda
Chamakh Agbonlahor

What's worrying me right now is the question about whether Nani, Silva and Chamakh will start in their teams' first 11. Only with Nani it's a really big risk, but still. I'm also not that sure I want Essien in my team.



cfcboss said...

fantasy-wise, i wouldn't pick up essien, under 11 pricey, usually if he scores, then get's points, otherwise not recommended.
got a question for you, as i see your a gunner, koscielny gonna play in first eleven? i currently picked up at 5 something, if so great pick.

finally yahoo's fantasy is working, wohoo!

Anonymous said...

About Koscielny - it depends. I've been hearing rumors about Mertesacker coming to Arsenal, so if he joins before the start of the season there should be a problem of who's starting, but for now the only 3 centre-backs in the squad are Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou, and the latter isn't quite fit yet so the first two should start. I'm waiting to see how really good he is before I pick him, especially when the first game is away against Liverpool, and I still have my doubts on him. But if you want to bet on him, his squad stature shouldn't be a problem for now.


kwyjibo said...

My prelim team which will likely change before the start(only 0.06 left):

Bale Bassong Carr
Malouda Masche Lucas JCole
Tevez Chicharito Bent

ToffeeDave said...

so many new faces this season, hopefully we get some more great input from everyone!

Doctor Teeth said...

....and they're OFF!!

Very psyched, lads!! Time to get back down to business as we embark on what hopes to be another great YFF season.

It's always fun this time of year to take a look at the newly promoted sides to try and find that diamond-in-the-rough that few managers have heard of (unless you're like me and actually follow the Championship). Geez, it seems like just yesterday that I was trumpeting the skills of Michael Kightly and Sylvain Ebanks-Blake.

In any event, keep on eye on the following players this year (all currently priced in the 5s):

Graham Dorrans (MF - WBA)
Scottish international that led the Baggies in goals and assists last year...young, attack-minded, box-to-box MF that the Hammers tried to snatch up earlier this year. Takes set-pieces for the team. Can display petulance from time to time (10 YCs last season) but shows a lot of promise.

Chris Adam (MF - Blackpool)
Another Scotsman and a product of the Rangers youth system. Record signing for the Tangerines and captain of the squad. Like Dorran, led his team in goals and assists last season (and, like Dorran again, a bit of a hothead with 13 YCs). Rumored transfer target of Everton. Great technician that is always looking to shoot. Takes set pieces and PKs for the team.

Andy Carrol (F - Newcastle)
Although less of an unknown due to problems off the pitch (can you imagine him and Joey Barton on the same team?) and since he did play in the Prem a bit when the Magpies were sent down, this guy is lethal up front. Peter Crouch physique with great aerial abilities. Tied for the team lead in goals last year.

Unfortunately, 2/3 of the promoted sides have very difficult opening day matches (and the Tangerines play on the road) so these selecting these players from the start may not be prudent...still, keep them in mind when searching for that sleeper MF pick priced below 6!


Assistant Manager said...

DT - your email brought back wonderful memories of Jordi Gomez :)

Great to see so many new people posting already!...I'll be putting up the details for Blog League 1 tonight, so make sure you keep checking back. I'll be able to create the first 3 Blog Leagues on main Yahoo ID, then I'll probably be creating another 5 on my 2nd ID. That will leave us with 8 leagues, which would mean around 800 teams for the cup competitions!


Sauce said...

Great stuff guys.

The last 24 hours have been long!

When I woke up this morning and saw that the site had closed again, it felt like last night's bargains had all been a dream!!! Crazy stuff.

Great to see they have sorted it out good and proper. Just can't wait till the start of the season.

Personal prediction? Largest % single player uptake for Gareth Bale.

ToffeeDave said...

DT and AM remember how we started the Gomez and my personal favorite Milijas crazes last year? I love how this grew from a select group of say 10 people to hundreds in a matter of one year. My personal picks for having a huge year this time around go to Victor Moses and Charlie Adam. Moses is a striker labeled as a mid, and Adam is THE player of the promoted sides in fantasy terms. I think me doing my betting blog will help me and hopefully people on here alot in terms of fantasy as I have begun to devote alot of time analyzing outcomes so here's hoping for that blog cup victory and a new hot pink Everton kit!

ToffeeDave said...

Oh and Blackpool are this year's Derby

Nick said...

thank god it's back on again. my life has meaning again.

Mike B said...


I take it all back ;)

cfcboss said...

hey everyone, time to pick up either hilario/turnbull, i know they aren't really good, but chelsea plays against west brom at bridge, i can see a clean sheet. i expect to see hilario in goal at 5.98, pick of the week 1 in my opinion.

ToffeeDave said...

cfc I think Fulop is a much better option. Chelsea will dominate and Hilario might be lucky to get 12 points with a cs because he wont get any shots. Fulop might not be guaranteed a CS, but he will def get at least 4-5 shots so I'd go with him over Hilario, though I wont pick either it seems.

Anonymous said...

who is doing set-pieces for birmingham and arsenal???

Anonymous said...

@ Toffee Dave

Isnt Fulop going to Ipswich?


cfcboss said...

interesting thoughts toffeedave, but when hilario keeps clean sheet, then it's 10 points guaranteed, so it's worthy for a 5.98.

just checked, fulop is ~3 something as is kirkland, have to give some credit for you.

Anonymous said...

On the keepers debate, my favourite is Jussi from Bolton. My guess is that the two weeks Hughes will have to get a grip over his Fulham job won't be enough and it will take a couple of league games for him to get a team that is ready to compete. Fulham have lost some players and have brought none, so I'm not sure how good they'll look @Bolton on the opening day, so my guess right now is an easy CS for Jussi.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Yahoo! for sorting it out, prices look great and I'm loving Bale as a defender again(even at 13.xx) he's worth every penny. On to my team with changes to be made...


As many have pointed out, C. Adams is the #1 promoted player to expect a good year from and so he's in from the beginning. I'm not sure about so many City players since i don't know if they will start so will have to keep an eye out. Like I said above I'm loving Bale as a "D" and the other "D", Drogba, is a must have...unless he's out. F.Campbell ended last year on a good run and I expect him to do it again this year. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

@Anon - Bowyer and Fabregas are doing set pieces respectively for their club.

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