Thursday, 30 June 2011

Clichy Close To Man City Move

A number of UK media outlets are reporting Gael Clichy is set to leave Arsenal in the next few days, with the left-back close to sealing a move to Manchester City. It is understood that the French defender will complete a move to Eastlands once he passes a medical and agrees personal terms.

This would be a fine signing for City. Three seasons ago Clichy was considered one of the best left backs in the Premier League, so if he can recapture that form (and at just 25 years old he has every chance) then they could be grabbing themselves a bargain. £7m is the price, reduced significantly due to the one year remaining on his contract.

Any deal will surely see 2010/11 fantasy favourite Aleksandar Kolarov moving on along with Wayne "yeah I'm still here" Bridge and leave Arsenal with options regarding a replacement. Do they give young Kieron Gibbs his chance or do they actually spend some money? A big decision in a summer of even bigger decisions for Arsene Wenger & Co.

Update: City are reportedly in for Nasri too according to Sky Sports this evening...



AdmiraLord Nelson said...

This would be great news for Arsenal fans if only he was leaving England! Many Arsenal supporters believe that Gael isn't quite the same player he was from 2007 to 2009, but he is only 25...I thought that Wenger had made it abundantly clear that he would not let his players go to rival teams in England!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Admira - I like Clichy but he hasn't been a stud for the past few seasons but young guy. New environment he could thrive. I agree this is not a great idea for Arsene Weiner.

When does villa get some love?

greginho said...

so city keep picking off arsenal defenders. they better watch it, they will start giving up a lot of unneccessary goals.

Chaos said...

Is anyone surprised that it very much looks like that Arsenals first signing of the summer is going to be Gervhinio, a forward.

I just dont understand where Wenger is coming from these days.

chrism said...

I echo chaos. WTF is Wenger doing? For that matter, WTF is Man City doing. Fab to Barca. Where he won't fit in with the tic-tac midgets, they are already perfect why screw with it. Nasri, the Gunner's best player until RVP returned , to City, for how much? If Jordan Henderson went for £20 million, Nasri has to be worth £30-35. How about City throwing in Adam Johnson as part of the Nasri deal for a £10 million discount. Hell, throw Kolarov in as part of the Clichy deal. The Gunners might come out ahead with 2 equal players and £30 million. Maybe there could be method to Wengers madness

greginho said...

well cahill and samba are supposedely in the works for wenger. sakho wants to stay one more year then he will join. let us hope that city has given up on leighton baines so that arsenal can sign him. imagine a really good left back that can actually cross the ball, pass it well and score some goals. clichy never was part of the offense.

Anonymous said...

Dont see nothing wrong with Arsenal getting a forward, cos after RVP got fit the other forwards couldnt get in the team cos they werent good enough.

greginho said...

chamakh got tired and lost form. but his quality is there. i do not thing he was a bad signing. walcott and nasri had there best play and production with him because he brings the team into the offense more than van persie. van persie is so deadly that he tries to shoot on many plays that chamakh would have held the ball for a teammate. with both chamakh and van persie starting if wenger goes to a 4-4-2, then arenal would have 2 or more people in the box for all of sagna, walcott, nasri and wilsheres crosses. chamakh is deadly in the air, something the great van persie is not.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

love that last comment Greg.

Mussel said...

I liked Chamakh and would like to have seen him tried later in the season with RVP.
Arsene needs new defenders and of course a GK.
Someone to play with Verm and a good left back for Gibbs to compete with.
Given for GK?
How about ...
Sagna Verm Cahill Gibbs/Baines
Wilshire Ramsay Nasri
RVP Cham Arshavin

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