Saturday, 1 October 2011

Week 7 - My Team

 De Gea

Boyata    Bosingwa    Brown

SWP   Ramires   Silva   Nani   

Adebayor   Aguero   Rooney

I've made a big investment in Man Utd this week with Nani & Rooney and I don't feel I've had to sacrifice too much to do so. I'd like to have had a better defender than Boyata, but he should get plenty of chances to win tackles/block shots, so I'd expect him to at least return his value again. I'm feeling a big win for Chelsea and Ramires seems to be getting forward a lot recently so once his value dropped to 8ish this morning I decided to stick with him, while Bosingwa is held at 7 so it made sense to keep him for the Bolton game. DDG, Brown, SWP, Silva, Adebayor & Aguero are all held a discount and should have decent weeks. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

Please let me know what you ended up with; and good luck!


p.s. I'm getting increasingly pissed off with Chatroll falling over every Saturday; does anyone know of any decent alternatives that can integrate with Blogger?


joo said...

Hey Nik.

Brown Riise Evans
SWP Ramires Nani Silva
Adebayor Chicharito Aguero

DDG at 10.xx...

Saul said...

I know what you mean about chatroll. I was gonna post something but figured you'd already known about it.

My team:

I know, I know all three forwards wont start. But I expect either one of Chicharito or Rooney to be subbed out for Welbeck after United is leading with a comfortable scoreline. Good luck all!

Saul said...

I decided to take a punt at Fabio just in case he starts, but it's all a chance so I wont mind taking the zero.

AntonyGP said...

We're very similar this week Nik, though I couldn't pull the trigger on Ramires, I'm just not convinced by him even after a brace so I've gone Cabaye on a decent match-up. Young instead of Nani due to a lack of funds.. Not a bad "plan B" though!

De Gea
Bosingwa, Boyata, Brown
Silva, Wright-Phillips, Young, Cabaye
Aguero, Adebayor, Rooney

Miku$Army said...

My team:
williams brown richards
delph SWP young silva
aguero K2 Rooney

Would love to have VDV but :c

Tùng Đầu Gấu said...

My team:
Rangel Riise Jones
Ramires Dempsey Silva Sessegnon
and triple A: Aguero Adebayor Agbonlahor

Anonymous said...

De Gea
Bosingwa. Rangel. Mertesacker
Silva. Young Wright-Phillips Nasri
Chooch Aguero Agbonlahor

Good luck to all!

Raconteur said...

Not that happy with my team this week, but i've been happy with my team every week so far and done terribly, so hopefully this works in reverse and I do well.

Nik, can't argue with Rooney & Nani in the same team when they're at home against a newly promoted team. I couldn't stretch to Rooney, so went for Hernandez & Nani and got in a good back line.

Only got Bosingwa from Chelsea, wish I had more, but ran out of space.

Sonic Rover said...

Bosingwa Rangel Warnock
Silva SWP Ramires Anderson
Agüero Rooney Adebayor

I like your strike force, Nik. :)

I've gone with a high-rent defense, which I don't normally do. Hopefully it pays off. My picks have been poor this season except for week 3, so I might as well try something different.

Good luck everyone.

mrtwig said...

Could have changed Enrique Richards Taarabt to Gibbs Boyata VdV but will stick with it for now

For the first time ever 2 weeks in a row same team for me. I don't care about discounts but it just seems reasonable

Donut Stealer
Enrique Richards Brown
Young Silva SWP Taarabt
Aguero Rooney Adebayor

Nik we share 7 so I am hoping that your luck so far improves...

Twitter rumours Dzeko not starting but nothing confirmed anywhere...

No news I can find on Rooney Chicha

Data Head said...

Nik -

In response to your postscript, a free service you might want to try is chatango here. Blog Superliga Fantasy Yahoo uses it, and it is not uncommon to see well over 100 people chatting at the same time. You could also try Cbox, but you have to pay if you want premium features. Good luck!

mrtwig said...

Balls I was worried about Rooney not starting but Fergie leaves Young out completely and Richards on bench!
Stupid stupid game, unless Rooney gets 4 in which case it's a great game...

mrtwig said...

AND the donut snatcher DDG is dropped!

3 down 8 to go...

Anonymous said...

Mancini said Dzeko was going to start and i believe he picks the team. I couldn't afford Nani or Rooney but dropped Young and Richards luckily

Matron-D said...

@ mrtwig Richards is not even on the i have Young and De Gea too...This sux

kwyjibo said...

Mmmmmmm...Forbidden Donut

I honestly don't get these people. £70,000 per week, and can't pay for a doughnut. First Bramble and now this...Tevez doesn't look so bad anymore.

@capiTeno - time to add DDG to your 'honest' team?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arrrgh! De Gea benched!!!

Skip said...

DDG BENCHED AND Richards not even on roster today.. FML!!


NjeP said...

Young was not even on roster, Aguero injured before he can actually do anything..GREATT!!
A complete nightmare for today!!I BDed balloteli, nasri and agbonlahor..I'm hoping a better tomorrow T_T

kendo said...

Bd'd qpr players! Young Ddg and aguero agghhh

At least I had Anderson

Relyin on k2 modric and mata now :(

Anonymous said...

What a disaster ... De Gea benched, Young not even on the squad, Aguero hurt early. Fortunately I had Nasri, Silva & Agbon so may still salvage this week.

SWP, Rangel and Bosingwa still to play.

Anonymous said...

Woodgate Brown Bosingwa
VdV SilVa Ramires Ramsey
Adebayor Balotelli Hernandez

Thought of who to drop for Mario all day, ended up dropping Agbonlahor

Anonymous said...

Mertesacker too. Hope he gets his big head on a few.

Rick said...

Complete disater. DDG Dzeko Aguero and Young a big fat ZERO. The only saving grace is that I bet many players had the same as above. This team rotation is a killer, so I am seriously thinking of dropping all Man C and man U players with the exception of Rooney. The at least the players that I pick will get a game.

Anonymous said...

Only 30 pts with K2, SWP, Boyata & Bosingwa to go!!
Zeros from DDG, AY & Kun wasn't that hurt since most of us had them, but the last minute decision to drop Ando & Gabby is epic disaster.

Musteng said...

30 points with k2,SWP,boyata,vdv,gibbs to go.
hope gibbs will play and vdv to save my week

Anonymous said...

34 pts. on Saturday with VDV, Adebayor, Ramires, Bosingwa to go.

But it did not matter as I just achieved my lowest numbers of the season. Missed a good opportunity to move back to the top of my private league.

Now the real managing begins as resting players, rotating players for cup, Europe and league has now become a reality this season.

Final for the week: 59.5

I have really fallen off over the last few weeks

W1(95.5) W2(83.5) W3(127.0) W4(97.5) W5(84) W6(74.5) W7(59.5)

Need to get back on track before I fall to far behind to catch up.

David S said...

Did not watch Tottenham-Arsenal game but note that VDV was replaced in the 65th minute.

Anyone know if he was injured, or was it just a strategic substitution?

Anonymous said...

It was injury, he was shaking his legs some minutes before he was taken off. He could be ok in 2 weeks but i'm dropping him regardless.

Anonymous said...

58.50 Points this week.

up....1,519 places??

Is this possible?

Also, I know I should know this by now but when it says your overall (position) is 13,080, which is mine....I am not sure how to "rate" that. More curious then anything as I am am not a player (yet) who should concern himself with this. How do you know just how many players there are? 13,080 out of...?
What is considered a good bench mark?
Example: is 10,000 considered an average player?

I think I can figure out top 1,000 are the elite or would that be the top 500?

I really cannot tell you exactly why I want to know this , but I see the numbers all the time and I guess I just want too know how I fit in?

Getting 58.50 points and moving (up?)
Guess I am not alone on my poor week...

RiDeR said...

only 50.5 point.. 4 player got zero point..what a waste

Musteng said...

@Ken M
My team scored 66.5 this week. move up from 1539 to 1345.
I believe most of the top 10,000 manager fully loaded with Manchester (city/united) player at first few matches. And now they are starting to drop points due to player rotation.
just my guess only

kendo said...
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kendo said...

Good news?

Nobanno said...

That was a good week also for me. I played well that week. go ahead with free fantasy football

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