Thursday, 3 February 2011

Week 26 - Player Picks

The player picks are slimmed down this week as the hectic scheduling of the Premier League is really starting to affect how quickly I need to put my blog posts together. Week 25 was only concluded last night, but we have Week 26 to think about already - the deadline is less than 48 hours away!

A quick word on the gameweek just passed - it was another really positive one for my fantasy team. 137 points has moved me up to a season high of 104th position overall, but it could've been even better. I traded out the benched Arshavin to Brunt minutes before deadline and I was about to pull the trigger on Dzeko > Bentley before deciding against it. That would've provided an additional 16 points, but I'm sure we all have plenty of those "if only" moments every weekend, so I should stop moaning! :)

Now for Week 26, I'm only going to list out the fixtures & the players - no analysis - because I simply don't have the time, but I'll ensure I find an hour or so tomorrow to post my regular Friday update post containing all the important team & injury news that you need to know.



ARSENAL @ Newcastle
EVERTON v Blackpool
SPURS v Bolton
CHELSEA v Liverpool

West Ham v Birmingham
Stoke v Sunderland
Wigan v Blackburn



Heitinga* (depends on Jagielka)

Van Der Vaart

Van Persie
Carew (1.97)

That's it!

My own team currently looks like this:

Howard, S.Caldwell, Kelly, Kolarov, Adam, Van Der Vaart, Lampard, Nani, Keane, Van Persie, Rooney

I'm fairly satisfied with it. Despite Tevez being my top pick this week I just couldn't find the funds to bring him in to my team without dropping Nani, which I wasn't prepared to do. I brought Keane in on the barndoor but there's still a chance he gets switched back to Dzeko given City's fixture. I'd need to find around £1m to make that trade, so that would require Martin Kelly to be downgraded to Collins of Stoke but other than that it could stay as is.

I'll leave it there for another week (well, until tomorrow's update!). Please let me know how you did in Week 25 & how your team is shaping up for Week 26.


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Reptilia said...


Reptilia said...

View my team and compare with yours

Fidan said...

Nice team, Nik!!!
But if it matters a bit, I dropped Nani for Tevez and I don't have Rooney either!

138.5 pts for me (125 overall)


P.s. And FIRST???!!! :P

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hey quick question. Does anyone know how long Squillaci is suspended for and will he be back for Arsenals week 27 double? Because Im going to want to have an arsenal dman that week and dont want to lose my Koscielny discount just for week 26.

Much thanks,

Anonymous said...


Jon said...

@ roli

Squillaci was only banned for 1 game (according to BBC website on Tue night) and so should be available for the Newcastle game this weekend.

currently on

Hart; Kola, Kelly, Kos, Luiz; Adam, Bentley, Lampard; RvP, Dzeko, Rooney

with more than 6 left in the bank!! Just don't know what to do with my money this weekend, though might be tempted by Cahill ...

Absolutely Fabregas
Week 25 - 136.5
Total points - 2130.0
Current position - 3,362 (+996)

Anonymous said...

will sturridge get the start after his late winner midweek? i got him on bd so he's be a bargain at 2.89 and an ok match up against spurs

SLASH said...

Great week for me - 143.5 pts . . . AM, I read that you decided to drop Bale, is he out of your team for the rest of the season and why?
Other than that, I consider Rob Green a good pick and will probably stay with him this GW. Opinions?

Assistant Manager said...

Bale was superb for me all season, but he was dropped last week because of his back injury. He got a zero in Wk 24, a zero in Wk 25 & Spurs don't have a game in Wk 28. He had to go.

Anonymous said...

Well, the past two weeks have been a disaster. After the Saturday matches in Week 23 I had been at 157th, my highest position this season, and highest ever as well. But it was all down hill from there, and after a very small jump upwards last night I'm now at 460th.
It's obvious where I went wrong - not having Reina, Berbatov or Torres on Week 24, and not having Tevez or Rooney this week. The funny thing is I DID have Rooney during his terrible double-week, but dropped him for Gerrard this week. And, on top of all of my other mistakes, I've decided to drop RvP after his brace at West-Ham. I got his 33 points from then, but lost out on his 43 in the last couple of week, and I won't be able to afford him for the rest of the season, I assume. I thought he'll continue to be rotated with Chamakh and Bendtner, though I didn't expect this kind of form keeping him in the starting line up no matter what.
So now it's a matter of getting up and start working up the rankings again. Right now it seems to me like my luck is over and like it's more likely that I'll drop rather than go up. But I can't let that disbelief ruin my fantasy season, can I?

Kolarov Bridge Walker
VDV Nani Silva Lampard
Dzeko Rooney Obinna

Nani, Kolarov, VDV, Rooney and Lampard will certainly stay as long term discounts on very good players. Bridge will also stay as he proves to be a quite decent fantasy player for West Ham, but Walker could go. I have a good feeling about West Ham this week, and they're facing Brum who were awful until last night. Of course, their draw vs ManCity scares me a bit, but I think I'll keep Green at GK as I don't like any other option (Everton tends to concede against weak oppositions, and Blackpool tend to score what ever the match-ups is, so I don't like Howard as well).
Silva and Dzeko are my way of getting on the ManCity bandwagon this week. I didn't want to BD Tevez as it would've ruin my entire team, and I don't like any other player of them besides these two. They're cheap and talented, but their fantasy scores so far have been poor. I wanted to keep Silva so I didn't drop him for Bentley last night, which I'm kind of regretting right now, but it's too late. I still have more than 2mil left, so I'll have to think about Walker, Silva and Dzeko.
Obinna is obvious. I picked him up for just above 10mil after 5 goals in 2 matches. He's playing at home against Brum, and Grant would never put him on the bench in this kind of form. The Hammers have some good fixtures coming, so if I'd found a hot potatoe here, I would have to keep it.



Anonymous said...

With 2mil to spare, I would go with Hoilett instead of Silva. I've picked Silva numerous times with very little to show for.

Will Houllier play Walker again or switch back to Cuellar?

Nik, I'm also struggling to decide between Keane and Dzeko. I got Keane on BD, but Dzeko has to show his quality soon right?

Week 25:
120.5 pts

Week 26:



Anonymous said...

cahill will play?

manutd said...

what you guys think about Brad Friedel in place of howard??fulham players scores only 9 goals in 12 games!!and villa is in the form in last few games

Superfly Jim said...

114.5pts, 635 overall standings.

How about this for a team :-)

Kelly/Heitinga/G Caldwell
Van Persie/Rooney/Tevez

I feel pretty happy with this team but anyone got any suggestions for improvements ???

markygoods said...

Hot Spurs
Latest points: 149.50
Total points: 2,283.50
Overall rank: 309
Highest position for me all season, only one decision to make,
Nani,Fabs & Dzeko
Rooney,Tevez & Billy
what do you think?

Staffer said...

Greetings AM-ers!

Pretty decent week for me with 114.5 and currently on 404th place. Team name: DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog].

I'm currently on:

Berbatov,Van Persie,Dzeko

Actually it is the same as last week and I don't think I'll change anyone except Rafael if team news show that he will miss the Wolves game.
@Superfly Jim - may be too many Liverpool players @ Chelsea but I also have two of them so it's up to you.
@manutd - I wouldn't bet on Friedel cause Fulham are playing pretty well recently and I don't think Villa will keep a clean sheet. I would stick to Howard.
@AM - I don't think I'm eligible enough to give you any advises but I would stay clear from Lampard this week cause I believe he is going to play out of position with Torres starting and Anelka behind him and Drogba. This will probably move Lampard on the right side but I don't think he is anywhere near his top form and playing out of position will materialize in fantasy points reduction IMO. And this might help you to go with your top pick - Tevez.

Anyway...wish you all fantastic scores and thank you for the great effort AM. My world would be different and much more boring if I hadn't come across your blog.

To all Man United fans - the 30th is coming along...BELIEVE

Anonymous said...

Keep reina and kelly? Ive got a discount of +- 4 on both of them.

king kroney said...

104.5 pts. 14,892 overall standings.
1st in the wisco hooligans group.

superfly jim, your team is impressive, however i like everton at home against blackpool, so i'd go with howard next week, then the cheap west brom goalie for the doubler the week after.

this week i'm lookin' at...


bale coleman ?spector?
13.34 5.74 6.15

adam VdV nani arshavin
5.43 5.51 18.4 12.06

tevez dzeko keane
15.61 6.23 5.42

i was really hopeing they would put michael bradley at a defender so i could have him instead of spector, does anyone think bradley will start and do will there, how about fantasy wise?

my team would look a little different, but in our league no one can pick up any player that was played the previous week. keeps from people copying other people's picks. thats also why i am keeping bale and arshavin(dont want anyone like dwyer to pick him up for the doubler next week!)

anyhoot, if anyone knows of that perfect defender under 6.77 let me know...

kwyjibo said...

Got 107.5, which isn't too bad...but didn't move up a whole lot, which means that probably a lot of people did well this week, and 107.5 is just average.

I'm upset over Hart's performance lately. He was fantastic for several weeks, and now only 7.5 points total the last three weeks combined. I'll give him another shot against WBA, I suppose...


I'm not sure about Suárez...8.44 and against Chelsea...but, what the heck. Not sure who else to put in there.

Anonymous said...

@Superfly Jim- I doubt if anyone can improve that team.

Anonymous said...

Does it make any sense to keep Reina this week at $5.18 vs. swapping to Howard?

Anonymous said...

are all transfers uploaded and is there an overview of players worth picking ?

Anonymous said...

Kolarov, Kelly, Bridge;
Adam, VdV, Mereiles, Cesc;
RvP, Berba, Suarez;

Hart is Hart. He has the most clean sheets this season so I'll stick with him, even though the recent bad run of scoring. I will have to take into consideration Ne Jong's injury. If he's out, the Man City defense will be tested more than usual. Could be a good thing because Hart might be forced to make more saves. But also one will have to remember that the chances of clean sheets are greatly reduced.

In defense, right now it's between Kelly and Luiz. I think i'll keep Kelly for the weekend and if Luiz plays well i'll get him in the bd. I hold Kelly at under 6 so it should be a straight swap. Holding Kolarov at 4.44 and he tends to cover his value and then some at this price so I'm holding him for the rest of the season. I wish he'd take less yellows though.

In midfield, I'm have Adam and VdV from match day 1 at their original prices and I think they're staying for the rest of the season now. So I have only two spots to play around with. This week I have Mereiles and Cesc. Pretty confident about Mereiles in the long term too, especially when Caroll comes back. I think he is taking over set pieces but also a lot of traffic goes through this guy now, not just Gerrard. As for Cesc, well I'm not entire sure about him. With Nasri out, defenses will focus on containing him so we'll see how it plays out. It wasn't too good in the last match, but I'm ready to give him another shot. He'll be gone though if he doesn't turn up the points in favor of Bentley.

In attack I don't even know why I have Berba. I like consistent scorers and Berba is so streaky. Yeah, he might get the odd 50+ point week, but I lost the Blog Cup cutoff because he didn't score at all. I'm keeping Suarez for the Chelsea game because I think the Blues defense is not fast enough (Terry) for this guy. I have Van Persie at just over 12 and his recent run of form suggest he will stay for a while.

Anonymous said...

Kolorov Luiz MWilson
VDV Nani Adam Lampard
RVP Rooney Suarez

Have Sturridge on the BD at 2.89 so he may make the team instead of Suarez which would allow me to upgrade MWilson.

I have Reina at discount but I'm dropping him.

Anytime I've picked Rooney or Berbs this season they have sucked for me so I'm hoping to break that cycle. Taking a punt on Suarez and Luiz but have to do something a bit different.

Kendo said...

Coleman Vidic skrtel
Adam downing nzog Vdv
Rvp dzeko keane

Bd keane and nzog Good discounts feelin lucky this week had a bad start to season experimenting but gaining ground I dropped bale too will his price drop before he is fit again?

Anonymous said...

HELP: g. cahill evra sagna clichy huth hangeland kelly ivanovic ?????

Here is my squad: szczesny g.caldwell coleman ???
adam silva palacios(filler) nasri ( 8million) barbatov rooney RVP

Anonymous said...

Nasri is out I believe
Palacios is an unlikely starter
Berbs & Rooney together is not, I feel, a good mix - either one or the other - they never bpth have lots of points!

Where do you find Luiz as a pick - when I enter Luiz I get Nani & Boa Morte !?


Anonymous said...

type in david luiz, or just sort by chelsea defenders.


Anonymous said...

thinkin of:-

Kompany walker bardsley
VDV Nani Adam fabregas bentley
keane dzeko

comments please also considering players like... a cheapo def/ bridge/luiz/ downing /albrighton/cahill/bilyaldinov/parker /defoe/ torres/suarez

Kellz said...

Kolarov, Coleman, Bridge,
Adam, VDV, Lampard, Bentley,
RvP, Tevez, Defoe

I actually quite like the looks of this, FK taking defenders + Coleman in midfield, solid midfield of FK takers and a hunch pick of Defoe to do some business at home to a struggling Bolton side. Reina @5mil is going to stay, sure I might take a negative, but after his recent performances under Dalglish, I'll stubbornly show my faith.

Anonymous said...

With a few new cheap forward choices this week (at last)


CARR BHAM 5.69 * A
JIRANEK BHAM 5.69 ** A ?

DIAME WIG 5.32 * H


Good luck for this week-end with your fillers, fellers.


Anonymous said...

My tema will be like that: I just may change D.Luiz from Chelsea :)

J. Reina

A. Kolarov
Gary Caldwell
David Luiz

R. Van der Vaart
Man Utd
C. Adam
C. N'Zogbia

V. van Persie
F. Torres
R. Keane

Thanks for your comment!


Anonymous said...

defoe & downing


fabregas & bentley

Anonymous said...

Downing & bentley.

What about Walker or Bridge?

Anonymous said...

Walcott or Arshavin? Walcott is set to start according to link on FFS and he scored two last time against Newcastle at Newcastle in the Carling Cup.

Any thoughts? or spend 13.66 elsewhere?


gman26 said...

I'm sure some of you can explain the various intricacies of YFF pricing but I can't fathom Lampard's current value. On the first two pages of the Player Search, he along with RVP have the biggest disparity between Market Price and Avg Points - 10. At least RVP was valued at 9 at one point and he's avg 10 points. Lampard never seems to go below 15. He's only 6% owned. Confused.

Anonymous said...

Am at a vital moment in inter-company league and I cannot afford another slip-up. Is there any reason any of the below (apart from Carson)may not play...I really need any help please

Agger / Kelly / Carr
VdV /Adam / Meireles / D.Silva
vPersie / Rooney / Tévez

many thanks


Anonymous said...

Gary Caldwell, doubt with broken cheekbone.
from Arizona

Anonymous said...

SPut-- try to do something with Carr and Carson, Carr always starts as Captain but is a "yellow card" hard player.

Also this week, risky with two Liverpool Defenders against Chelsea. I would spend the extra money by cashing in one for improving Carson and/or Carr. Remember you need to get ready for a Double game week anyway.

Anonymous said...

Frustrated with Fulham--Stockdale is doing incredible (bought him at 5.85 and now he's at 12.34)... do I really have to sell him????

Anonymous said...

@gman is the same thing for Drogba, messi, Ronaldo, david villa. I'm sure you can figure that out? The way i see it they have always scored big and consistently in previous seasons. I mean Messi is 45 and Ronaldo 42..

Assistant Manager said...

gman - Lampard has been in the top 5 points scorers in YFF every season for 6 years, so a couple of decent weeks will see his value sky rocket as it suggests he could get back to that form and he has to be priced accordingly. None of us know how the Yahoo pricing algorithm works, but I do know that ownership has very little impact on value.

As for Stockdale, Schwarzer is back so Stockdale loses his place. So yes, you really do need to sell him :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Arizona, appreciate the reply but only 0.39 in the bank and with Carson costing only 1, can't afford the leap unless I lose my strike force but RVP, Rooney & Tevez...come on who wouldn't want that trio upfront ???
Am nervous about my LFC boys against Chelski but as a Liverpool fan and have recently become a bit more optimistic !!!!

Thanks again and great blog AM, keep it up !!!

Be lucky all YNWA / Sput

Anonymous said...


I have Rooney at 14.71. Torres is priced at, funny enough, 14.71. Which one would you take? The fact that they're identical will make it that much worse if I pick wrong ^_^


FLScott said...

@DB - Take em both - you know Torres simply has to kill against Pool on Sunday.... what did he call it??? Destiny.. :)

Dave said...

Richardson or Bentley?

TARHEELS said...

Hey, Jon (from 3:31 p.m.):
Are you sure you have 2130 points and rank at 3362?
I have 2135.50 points and rank at 2233...

aaron said...

Suarez has already been updated into the team. Think he could do well in against chelsea?

Anonymous said...

Keep checking on Gary Caldwell's status as he might be sidelined with a fractured cheekbone he picked up during the West Brom game:,19528,11661_6718089,00.html

NYC Steve

Josh said...

How about this for a team :-)

W. Szczesny
Kolarov/Koscielny/Bardsley/David Luiz

I feel pretty happy with this team but i'm confusing to take adam or VDV and Richardson or J.Henderson??

kiD said...

hi, rate my team please :0





very happy with my team and it gears up nicely for the following week, considering to drop nani tevez and suarez then for odemwingie adams and defoe and perhaps switch reina to foster ..thoughts plz!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody talking about Luis Suarez? Guys, that lad was amazing last week. Under Kenny D. I'm pretty sure he can find his feet, surely. Or he just good as super subs? AM? No comment?

Anonymous said...

What about Torres?

Anonymous said...

Torres will get 15++ point this week.

Anonymous said...

why many of managers dont have he injured?

Anonymous said...

One confused man this week

Kolarov coleman Walker
Nani VdV Cahill CGardnet
VanPersie Rooney Dzeko

Please any news on Cahill?o

Anonymous said...

I made this lil change,ok?

Kolarov Coleman Luiz
Nani VdV Cahill Nolan
VanPersie Dzeko Rooneyi

Anonymous said...

i dont know why but i hv bad feelings about kelly
Should i keep him or switch him w/ walker?

Also i missed all bds...end up w/ anderson for one of my MFs..
Will he start though? Fletcher was bleeding in the last game but that's nothing
I'm guessing carrick+fletcher will start... Or any chance of scholes playing?

Or makoun maybe???????


Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Scored 119 points with this team

Kolarov Kelly Caldwell
VDV Adam Nani Meireles
RVP Dzeko Elmander

For week 26, I'm thinking of this

Kolarov Coleman Bridge
VDV Adam Nani Bentley
RVP Dzeko Keane

I still hold Rooney@14 and Kelly@5.9 behind the scenes. Thinking of dropping them since I'll have to drop them next week for DGmers next week anyway.


fredu said...

Cech, Bosingwa, Luiz, Terry, Cole, Ramires, Essien, Lampard, Malouda, Drogba, Torres

I'm not saying that will be the starting line up, but what a ridiculous line up it is.

bloody chelsea....

I am Gareth Keenan said...

Anyone keen on any of the new additions that creeped through the transfer window?

It seems that everyone has jumped on the Luiz bandwagon although I'm concerned about 1. whether he will go straight into the starting XI, 2. whether Chelsea will keep a clean sheet against the Kop at home, and 3. does he actually get forward??

fredu said...

well he scored 6 goals in 120 games for Benfica, so he's not exactly prolific.

I reckon they'll chuck him in, don't think they'll keep a clean sheet though.

Can't argue on the barndoor though - a Chelsea defender under 6 vs. Fulham sounds good to me...

i think Torres is a decent bet to score vs Pool, though I've got no chance of affording him with Nani, Rooney, Tevez andd Van P all needing my attention...

Anonymous said...

could well be my final team :

Kompany walker bardsley
VDV Nani Adam fabregas bentley
keane dzeko

is there any thing i need to change??

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm which teams play double week in Week 27, I'm little confused

Tuesday February 15 - Day 18
15 Feb, 19:45 Birmingham City v Newcastle United St. Andrew's, Birmingham

Sunday February 20 - Day 18
20 Feb, 12:00 West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers The Hawthorns, West Bromwich

Tuesday February 22 - Day 18
22 Feb, 19:45 Arsenal v Stoke City Emirates Stadium, London

22 Feb, 20:00 Blackpool v Tottenham Hotspur Bloomfield Road, Blackpool

Assistant Manager said...

We won't know exactly what Yahoo have planned for the Week 27 double until after deadline this week, but I wouldn't be surprised to see all of the games listed above thrown in to an extended Week 27 spanning Feb 12th to Feb 22nd.

Will said...

Does anyone know why Spector did not play in midweek? He was not even on the bench. I barndoored him at 3.71 as he is listed as a defender but plays in midfield. I like keeping him against Birmingham but i am not sure if he will start.

Will said...

And keep an eye on Suarez. He was brilliant for Ajax and before that for Groningen. He scores no matter in what team he is. Also in the world cup playing for Uruguay. Barndoor?

Anonymous said...

Everyone has mentioned david is bosingwa gonna sit out?

Anonymous said...

albrighton or cahill

Anonymous said...

any team news from around the grounds ..... except the late fitness test on adams calf knock??


Anonymous said...

What would you pick: Rooney and Dzeko OR Torres and Keane? I can take either pairing with my funds and am torn.

Anonymous said...

kolarov(4.43) luiz coleman
vdv(6.13) nani(18.40) arshavin c.gardner
dzeko rvp(13.90) suarez

How about this team? Gardner plays well
but no one above has him. Is he a good pick or not?

dondappsa said...

collins/nzog/dzeko or coleman/nzog/carew or coleman/bridge/dzeko please help!

Anonymous said...

will torres play again liverpools?

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