Sunday, 17 October 2010

Week 8 - Saturday

Just a quick post on yesterday's action, which saw Man Utd (and Van Der Sar) throw away a 2 goal lead to draw with an increasingly impressive West Brom side, Arsenal scrape past Birmingham thanks to a dodgy penalty, Chelsea held by Villa, a great win for Spurs, a late one for Bolton, a predictable 1-1 draw between the league's bottom two teams and an entertaining 2-2 draw between unpredictable Newcastle & Wigan.

I'm sitting on 72.5 points and up in to the Top 700 after a decent showing from Bale, Nasri, Nani & Chamakh. The keeper curse continued with -3 for Krul (I'm relieved it wasn't worse!), while Van Der Vaart, Berbatov & Malouda disappointed. Adam & Boateng are left today and I'm hoping to get above 85 if possible - that should be enough for The Blog Cup 3rd Round as it's been a relatively low scoring week so far.

I missed the barndoor (would've grabbed N'Zogbia if I could've) but have had a play around and I'm looking at something like this at the moment:

Carson, Jacobsen, Boateng, Bale, Adam, Pennant, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Di Santo, Obinna, Drogba

Obviously Drogba @ 24 is limiting what I can do, but I have to have him vs Wolves. It's nowhere near finished, Di Santo is weak and will be upgraded, but I fancy Pennant to at least return his value against a United team struggling away from home. I like Obinna at home, Jacobsen is coming in for Salcido to free up an extra 1.5mill, while Boateng, Adam, VDV & Nani all stay.

I'll admit for the first time this season I am considering taking the Kirkland zero to allow me to strengthen some areas (UPDATE: Thanks to Alex for pointing out Al-Habsi is on loan from Bolton so can't play vs his parent club...Kirkland will play); I still have Malouda @ 13 and wouldn't mind keeping him if I can while Bosingwa is tempting me. Bale grabbed another double figure score this week (although they've adjusted him from 12 down to 10 points) so I'm probably going to continue with him - he may be expensive but he provides guaranteed points every week and there's not many players you can count on for that.

That's it for now as I'm off to the sofa to watch the Merseyside derby! Please let me know how you're doing so far...who came in on the barndoor?



L'Orange Noir said...

I'm on 68.5 points so far, with Coleman and Adam to go. I'm out of the blog cup anyway, but am now sat at 1,014 overall, a personal best for me.
The Drogba thing really threw my selection - I ended up with Berbatov who I just don't like as a fantasy player. Would've been better having Chamakh and leaving 6 mil in the bank!

Alex Darlo said...

Am pretty sure Captain Kirkland will not be a zero next week (probably minus) as Wigan play Bolton and Al Habsi will not be allowed to play against his 'parent' club.

Ban said...

60.5 points for me with Adam, Boateng and Hart for me.. Hope I can break 90 points for this week, just only way is City must get a CS for me!

I think most of us having Boateng and hope to get a CS on him^^

On BD: I have no idea on yesterday, just miss out to get back Bale, so will go with him at 16 next week, LOL

How do u guys did?

Assistant Manager said...

Excellent point Alex, it hadn't even crossed my mind, cheers mate.

Birty said...

Hennessey or Fullop will be your best bets for 0 next week. Personally I'm going back to Foster. I think I'm going to alternate between Foster, Jussi and Sorenson depending on match ups. Of course for 1.whatever Kirkland isn't a bad bet - Wigan are improving and at home.

I missed Nani on the BD but managed to shoehorn him in. The FloMal discount is negligable but a home game against Wolves - gotta keep him unless he's rested.

Foster, Bale, Alcatraz, Williamson, Adam, VdV, Brunt, FloMal, Nani, Gyan and Odemwingie

greginho said...

65 points, while the -2 from bale dropped out of the top 500 to 567th. i have robinson and adam to play so i am hoping for 75 points for the week and to stay around the 500 rankings.

disappointed with o'shea, a late scratch, and elmander's .5. switching barton to chamakh, despite everyone on this blog advising against it, was nice.

next week i switched from robinson to foster. i too think i will rotate between foster and robinson or someone else. i switched from o'shea to ferreira and have plenty of money to go up from arshavin to cesc. even though he is at city, i see him getting the one penalty goal in the 1-1 tie.

Anonymous said...

50pts with Coleman Samba and Adam to go. Next week in goal i'll have Hart or Kirkland.

Wk9 atm
Ivanovic Boateng Coleman
VdV Nani Adam Reo-Coker
Drogba Di-Santo

greginho said...

it will be sweet to be able to pick rooney for my fantasy la liga team. he will cost only 8.00 when he leaves for the much greener and nicer jose mourinho's team.
will rooney like being the 11th best player on that team?

Saul said...

greginho - not necessarily, some players either maintain or go up in price when they go to la liga. Look at C.Ron...he started @ something likke 26.xx

Kellz said...

I am so sick of Liverpool's play I want to PUKE!

Anonymous said...

is j.boat injured?
looks like he's been substituted because of injury.

Anonymous said...

hmm i think captain kirk for next week
maybe not a bad idea after all.home game tho

Anonymous said...

Was that 2 goals for Tevez? The second took a slight deflection.

Tevez or Bent for wk9?
I know its early but Bent allows me to upgrade Reo-Coker.


greginho said...

why bent? EBI.
odimwingie is back

joshtottenham said...

wow, blackpool robbed. Good goal for disallowed, two bad goals against allowed. Adam was immense, ran the game. Silva with a decent cameo appearance, assist and a goal.

Anonymous said...

@greginho- i have Brunt and really thinking if its safe to have to Brum players.


Anonymous said...

will odemwingie be bank GW9?

Yanou said...

Week 9

Bale Kompany Coleman Alcaraz
AJ VDV Nani C.Adam
Odem Obinna

meyo said...

why assist not be given to coleman? only got 6.50 point due to CS..

greginho said...

they said that coleman's pass touched a defender

Saul said...
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Saul said...

Not a bad week for me considering average was about 80 points.(I got 79.50 pts.) I only lost 14 places and still ranked in the top 500(357 overall rank to be exact)

My team for week 9 atm...


I may switch Tevez/Malouda for Drogba/Holden. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

is there someone here think of lampard?? vs wolves he can create some spark..any opinion guys??

Anonymous said...

Did pretty well this week with 92 points.
6th in AM blog league 6
210 on the overall rank
28 on fans of Liv
and 1st on my private league

Hope to maintain the points to be above average. How is everyone doing?

Team for next week as for now is

Green (can't believe i'm having him for 3 consecutive weeks, maybe its time?)
Skrtel/Salcido(might kick him out)/Coleman (where's my assist? T_T)
The Drogs/Obinna/Tevez (might swap him out)

How about yours? I have no BD plan for Sunderland and Bburn game though.


Guy said...

Well Sunday couldn't have gone much worse for me. After moving up 450 places on Saturday, I lose 500 on Sunday. I only had Boateng yesterday so it was quite likely but I didn't enjoy seeing Tevez, Adam and Silva doing so well. It seems that City's formation yesterday left a lot of space for Adam in the midfield - why, when up to now they've been stifling the opposition there?
Saturday's change of Tevez, Adam, Salcido and Fabianski to Berbatov, Anelka, Boateng and Krul was pretty disastrous- 34 points lost there. Only myself to blame though - having thought I'd avoid Krul all week, I let myself be swayed because he looked so popular. I thought having two potential big-scoring forwards would be better than one and I thought Adam would be stifled.
So 76 points only and goodbye to the Blog cup.
One thought - why no CS for Boateng? He was subbed at just after 75 min with City still not having conceded. I thought that the CS rule applied only for the period of time people were on the pitch? No sour grapes either, but BBC text says that Ferreira was subbed at 74:53 minutes - he still got a CS though (not too unreasonably, although rules is rules)!
Maybe some more Yahoo adjustments will come later in the week just to totally annoy AM with the Blog Cup results! Probably just the Coleman assist though since I didn't have him.

meyo said...

to Guy:
CS is given if the team is not conceded a goal after full time.
though during boateng playing time he was not conceded any goal, but after full time city conceded 2 goals.. so no CS for any city defender/keeper..

Anonymous said...

Chelsea XI for week 9:

Terry Ivan Bosingwa
Ramires Malouda Essien Mikel (Reo-coke)
Kalou Drogs

(Malouda only at discount)
99.75 points tot.
See some points there?!

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