Saturday, 1 May 2010

Week 33 - My Team


Bale  Collins  Zabaleta  Smalling

A.Johnson  Modric  Dempsey  Etherington

Tevez  Defoe

Collins on the bench for Stoke for no apparent reason...not a good start. Let me know your team!



greginho said...

i have
bale, smalling, salgado
johnson, dempsey, etherington, bentley
tevez, defoe, bellamy

i went with the players that would be the best fantasy producers per team. without zamora, dempsey gets slotted forward, he should be a better pick than duff. bentley is the only scorer in the middle for tottenham, defoe and tevez were nobrainers, but bellamy was, excitedly picked thinking that adebayer would be on the bench, when he is not out there getting in everyones way, the team can score some goals. unfortunately, adebayor is starting

Birty said...

full price bale, zabaletta, huuuuuth
a-jo, delap, arteta, greening
fuller, defoe, nevland

couldn't bring myself to put a 1 million GK in. Here's hoping everton vs stoke ends 17-16 with Huth and Arteta scoring all 33.

Anonymous said...

mine is

bale, smalling, zabaleta
johnson, dempsey, etherington, modric
Tevez, Defoe, Fuller

all double gamers. so far all my players are playing today. so hopefully some good points today. already a goal by tevez, 2 assist by johnson. Hopefully i get the no. 1 spot in my private league after this week.


Hinrik said...

Toure Bale M.Richards
Huddlestone Utaka A.Johnson Modric
Tevez Defoe Pavlichenko

M.Richards on the bench. I knew it was a risk.

Ban said...

Bale Zabaleta Baird
AJ Watson Arteta Etherington
Tevez Nevland Pavlyuchenko

Bellamy Goal in last minutes!
Stay for Arteta for next week vs Portsmouth, but Portsmouth is strong! Hope my decision is right!
Good luck everyone

-Smile is simple, Ban-

Anonymous said...

after all i said about Fulop in the week and his hopeless saves ratio, i ended up switching from Gomes to the dodgepot. regretting it big style after conceding a shocker so early. so far, got away with it, but spurs should be rubbing their hands for the midweek game.
mind you , i've also got defoe & pav, and they were hopeless today- not a single SOT from either of them.


Kellz said...

Yea Bad Start, Collins for me too, and Stoke with the CS. We better see him versus Fulham because I feel another 0-0. Fulop still produced well above his value though :D and Bale is just unstoppable.

Bale, Collins, Panstil
Dempsey, Modric, Eth, AJ
Tevez, Fuller, Defoe

ToffeeDave said...

I was so closing to copying your team player for player AM. This is what I ended up with (FULL PRICE BALE)

Bale Jagielka Baird Hangeland
Arteta Johnson Etherington
Drogba Ade Fuller
I just couldnt see alot of goals this week, and so I figured defenders would be scoring very well and it seems to have been the case, save for a weak goal by Fulop alot of defenders should be 10+ this week.

Dave said...

Another blinder from Bale and another donkey performance from Defoe. MEth and Modric were also pretty anonymous. At least they have another game to make up for it...

Anonymous said...

wow! ended the first saturday with 83.5 points. other than defoe and modric, everyone else that played today did pretty well.

still got 13 more players to go. hoping for maybe 200.


K-Nation said...

111 4 now....
1 more fulham player 2morrow n then all 11 player hopefully will play the second match

modric n defoe have another chance to gain some points on the nex match

Ian Sanderson said...

Bale Baird Jagielka
Arteta Dempsey Etherington Johnson
Tuncay Tévez Defoe

CFCBOSS said...

currently on 97 points, biggest scorers were bale, tevez, bellamy, begovic. midfield got me only 15 points etherington, modric, lennon, aj :S
but 97 is very dicent, climbed up 40 places, how about you guys?

Anonymous said...

scored 116 with all players double gamers, moved to the top of my private league and jumped 2500 odd places overall.

Kwyjibo said...

103.5 so far with 9 DGs.

Bale Zab Mancienne
Maxi Modric Eth AJ
Tevez Bellamy Fuller

Still reluctant to give up Maxi (4.78) since I got him so cheap, especially since I had to go full price on Bale. Maxi has 34.5 pts in the last 2 games and 60 in the last 5. He has been my best filler of the season, easily, even if he doesn't do well the last two matches.

Anonymous said...

amazing bale~feel so unright didnt get him by the 2.++

The K said...

Bale-gend Konchesky Mancienne
Malouda AJohnson Gera Dempsey Whitehead
Tevez Defoe

currently 51. fulham save me please ;(

Anonymous said...

My team -

M. Fülöp

P. Jagielka - Bale - C. Smalling
F. Malouda - AJ - Arteta - Modric - Kompany
J. Defoe - Bellamy

Bellamy saved me !


Anonymous said...

It all started off pretty well yesterday. Firstly, I didn't drop even a bit following Brum's game, which was pretty surprising as I thought many would have Brum players home to Burnley.
Then, I had 2 goals - Bellamy, and Huddlestone. I really thought about dropping him for Lawrence, and glad I didn't. On the other hand, I also thought about dropping him for BAE, who got only 2.5 points less with the assist, and could be past Huddlestone after the second game. Nevertheless, I'm pleased with that choice.
Etherington, Modric and Defoe were all very disappointing, and you can also add Lennon to that as he didn't start and got only 2 points. But I'm not as much disappointed about Lennon as I am about the others, becuase he got the same points as the other I would have taken instead of him (Bentley), and I also believe he'll start against Man City after he was half-rested.
Tevez seemed a bit off, so I'm glad I didn't pick him, and Bellamy looked (and scored) much better. Zabaleta and Johnson were proved as solid picks as well (9.5 points for Zaba, the guy Neal called a 'crap two-gamer', without a CS).
Bale. Just fun to say that.

BD team:

Bale Terry Ferdinand
AJohnson Lennon Valencia JCole
Carew Berbatov Pavlyuchenko

I don't like it much, especially JCole and Pavly that I could drop easily. I'm not so sure about Berbatov and Lennon as well, but I'm more worried about their squad status (starting or benched) than about their form.



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