Monday, 17 May 2010

Fantasy World Cup Feedback

Real quickie guys - I've been searching around & the many of the World Cup Fantasy games I was planning on using (e.g. Sky Sports, Metro) are for the UK & Ireland only. You can lie about your nationality when registering, but that would mean you wouldn't be eligible for any prizes. Seeing as over 50% of our readers are from outside the UK it doesn't make sense to use one of these games.

There are no signs of a Yahoo World Cup game so I'm thinking that our best option could be to go with the official FIFA game From looking at the rules it appears you pick a squad of 23, the scoring systems seems decent (though obviously not as good as Yahoo's) & as it's the official game it's sure to be managed/updated efficiently.

Before I make the leap & start setting up leagues I'd like to get feedback from readers - what do you think? Do you reckon this is the one we go with? Have you seen a better game (remember for a game to be considered it needs to be open to everyone, not just UK/Ireland etc).

I'll wait for responses over the next 48 hours & make a decision on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...


Seems fine for a planet-wide game. (Even if the points are not very generous!)
I'm good with this one - and open to other propositions if you have any - it's just for fun anyway (just we're all so darned competitive!)


trevor said...


We can start our own league

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Would suggest the following world cup fantasy game:


Assistant Manager said...

Thanks guys - my concern with is it's simplicity. You can only play 4-3-3, you can only have 1 player from each country at first, and you only score points for clean sheet, goal & assist, which I thought was a bit basic.

However, if the overall consensus is that game then I'll have a rethink.

p.s. Trevor - We would be able to set up private leagues in the official one too.

Miecio said...

i really like this mcdonalds game
i wanna win this kia car :] lets play :d

Matt M said...

Yahoo are doing a competetion!!!

Check it out for AM and see what you think.

If it's any good it'll be ideal because everyone should have yahoo accounts and be able to play

Matt M said...

Actually on reflection this might not be quite what we're looking for. My bad! I should have read it a bit more carefully. It still might be worth playing but we'll all want more than that.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Yahoo WCFF, and it looks dreadful. You predict the scores and results of the games rather than a squad.
Thanks, but no thanks Yahoo

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Matt - yeah it's a shame it's only a prediction competition, but once we get the main game chosen I may look in to running that too.

Anonymous said...

that's a game score prediction game, not our typical 'fantasy football'.

Rob said...

Can we not contact Yahoo - they usually do a fantay game for major tournaments?

Matt M said...

Yeah we definately want a proper fanatsy football game but a predicition game shouldn't be too time consuming so I'd certainly participate in it as well as the game we choose.

I've had a look at both the mentioned games and I agree with AM's call. The mcdonalds game looks to have a bit more depth to it and gives you a bit more freedom such as unlimited transfers after the group stages. There's also more variety in the ways you can score points.

Caleb said...

Hi AM,

I actually do not have any preference on why fantasy we should play. However, seems you've already picked it, I will go for it. I've just read the Mc rules, it seems that are some good and bad things (imo):

1. Deadline are 15 minutes before the first match starts. So at that point, the starting 11 has been announced so we can avoid benched player for the first match.

2. We know when the BD closed! It said all player's value will be changed at 00:00 South African Time (23:00 UK Time, 00:00 Central Europe Time, 06:00 Hong Kong Time, 18:00 US ET, others, please calculate yourself).

3. When players value increase, we can sell it at the increased value. ie. We might have more than the total budget to spend if we spot the good player.

4. There are 7 formation available, more than YFF.

5. Due to the 12 excess players (pick 23, 11 in formation), a "substitution" rule is there. It seems complicated as you may change it DURING the match, and it will affect your score!

1. Transfer are limited, or with a cost. No good for YFF player who used to change 11 players every week, lol.

2. We need to choose 23 players with $150, seems not enough money if the most expensive players' value is high (say $10).

3. The 23 players MUST be 3 GK, 7 DF, 8 MF, 5 ST, no other choice. However, you will have 7 formations to choose from for the starting 11 (see 4 in "Good" section).

Matt M said...

Yeah we definately want a proper fanatsy football game but a predicition game shouldn't be too time consuming so I'd certainly participate in it as well as the game we choose.

I've had a look at both the mentioned games and I agree with AM's call. The mcdonalds game looks to have a bit more depth to it and gives you a bit more freedom such as unlimited transfers after the group stages. There's also more variety in the ways you can score points.

Caleb said...

Opppps, I press the "Post Comment" button too soon, missing one "Bad":

4. We have a limitation on players picking from each team. In the first round, we can only pick 2 players per country (ie. You HAVE to pick players from AT LEAST 12 countries for the group stage as you need to pick 23 players). I used to pick 11 players from a team for DG in YFF, not happy at all! Luckily, the numbers of player can be pick in each team will increase while the tournament go ahead in future rounds.

Assistant Manager said...

Fantastic feedback Caleb, this is exactly the sort of things I was hoping to get. I can see pros & cons from the McDonald's game, I just wish Yahoo would make a game!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at doin the sky one at work and private league - but in all fairness I think the
would be best all round for everyone around the world!


Caleb said...

Thanks AM, I am really looking forward for the World Cup Fantasy! Seems this one is QUITE close to YFF as they even award points for successful crosses (not in the same name).

I really like the "substitution" rule of this game as you can even drag out the players that you picked but scored low. ATM, the name of Defoe came up on my mind.... And the second one is Arshavin............ luckily i will not see the latter in the World Cup!

Ian Sanderson said...

The problem with the fantasyfifaworldcup game that has been mentioned is we'll all end up with very similar teams, picking 11 players 1 per country.
At least with the official fifa (macdonalds) game with a squad of 23 there's much more to think about.

Rob said...

Hi guys,

Yahoo have always done ones for previous European cups etc but they are however always late and show up about two weeks before the start of the tournament. I have emailed a contact within Yahoo to get hold of the go live date.

Kellz said...

@AM: I am already signed up for that fantasy game, its looks really well laid out and seems to be something we can depend on for a good competition. I am already in a league with people from one of my YFF groups.

If anyone is interested in joining that league I will contact the commish. and give you all the password!

Secret Squirrel said...

Guys, check out the Metro version, the points scoring seems to be alot more detailed then most which are just basic, goal, assist ,clean sheet etc.

Secret Squirrel said...

Ok my bad for not reading the blog properly! lol

chrism said...

hey guys.

Thanks to Caleb for the good analysis. I tried to register for the metro game just for the hell of it, seeing if I could get around its brits only restriction, and I couldn't get it done. Maybe someone else has hacked it. The Mac game seems the only option. But I didn't see where there was a private group option, and if I missed it, a limitation on the # of teams that can be in a private group. Dunno. We need something though. I am going through intense footie withdrawal. And I can't wait to see the USA kick England's ass the first game. Just kidding. Score England 4-0. USA has no strikers. See I have started the trash talking already.

chrism velvet underground allstars

Kellz said...

@Chris M: hey so when you register for the McDonald's Fantasy WC it will give you the option of hitting the "Games" Tab at the top.

-Click "Games" Tab
-Click WC Fantasy
-It will then instruct you your team cannot be selected until June 4th but will opt you to Click "Manage Private Leagues"
-Click "Manage Leagues" then input the private league password in the box provided.

At least this is what I did to get into a private league

Heres the NAL Private League Password:30353-7098

Fidan said...

Cheers Kellz, I'm in...!!! ;)

greginho said...

i have done the official one for years and it is the similar to all of the soccernet fantasy games and the champions league games. it changes what is important. goals, assists and clean sheets are the most important.

Anonymous said...

From a Chicago morning news show. Saacceer

mz said...

i,m already in Mcdonald on.e

Assistant Manager said...

It's looking more likely to be the McDonald's one - I'll wait till I get home from work & if we have no more suggestions then I'll create a private league tonight & start sending out invites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Am,
what about this game:
anyone checked it out?
Emmanuel from australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel & AM

skysports fantasy sa has:

- no budget for buying players
- 11 players only but 30 poss transfers
- simplified points system (basic)
- only 2 players per nation

Doesn't seem very exciting imo


madguy said...

Already made myself an account on the official, McDonands one :D Gonne be playing that

Caleb said...

Thanks AM! I've just created an account in the McGame and I can't wait for your private league information!

Anonymous said...

AM,Send me an invitation to play in your league in the competition of your choice.

Matt M said...

I've also created account for the McDonalds game and I'm just waiting for some groups to join.

JAAPL2803 said...

code: 150727-35609

WZY said...

Hi Nik and every world cup fans here,

I have a new website which just get launched where we have our own fantasy game for World Cup. Sign up is free but we give away prizes like PSP regardless of the nationality.

Please visit for more information. Wish to have participants all over the planet. See you guys there..


sample said...
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Anonymous said...

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Jurrien said...

Sorry guys but when I click on the McD website.. it asks me for a username and password. Any of you have that same problem?

Amit said...

Play free online football game

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