Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Week 31 - Update

Just a quick post to bridge the gap between my Weekend Review & tomorrow's Player Picks post - and we'll start by looking at Monday night's game between Liverpool & West Ham.

It was a pretty run of the mill 3-0 victory for the Reds as West Ham showed a worrying lack of fight for a team that are deep in a relegation battle. Goals from Yossi, Ngog & a Rob Green own goal sealed it, but it could've been more (especially had Torres been available). I grabbed Ngog but missed Maxi - I really have been slack on the barndooring this week & just hope it doesn't prove costly.

That's been the only Premiership game since my last post, but of course we have the week ending match between Hull & Aston Villa tonight, with both sides likely to name unchanged teams from the weekend - good news for most of us as the double game gamble looks like it's set to pay off.

Some things to note about this weekend - Drogba could be missing which makes Anelka a real possibility for Chelsea, while Liverpool & Fulham have ridiculous trips across Europe which could leave their players exhausted. I'll go in to more details tomorrow.

Quick word on the Champions League semi-final between Inter & Barca last night. I must admit I was very impressed with the way Inter went about things & at 3-1 they now have a genuine chance. Saying that, I'll still be having a flutter on Barca to make it through to the final at enhanced odds - I could see a 3-1 reverse in 90 minutes, with the Spaniards sealing it in extra time.

That'll do until tomorrow - good luck if you have players tonight (you should have) & keep checking back for my Week 32 Player Picks post tomorrow. Remember it's the Semi Final of The Blog Cup, with the following 10 teams cut down to 2 for Week 34's Final....

Supermassive FC
Steve Bob FC
TuHaU FC - LaNd BeLoW tHe WiNd
F.C. NulNul
Lions Gate
Electric Mayhem FC

...the prize of a replica shirt awaits the winner! Please comment below if you are one of the 10 teams. I know SteveBob is Andy, Electric Mayhem is DoctorTeeth but would be good to connect some of the other teams to blog readers.



Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Looking at the week ahead, i guess these are the best picks

Matty Taylor, Wilshere, Lee, cahill, Ricketts, Klasnic and Jussi from Bolton against Portsmouth.

Against the run, i would suggest West ham as well, as Wigan will revert to type i.e. beat a big four team and then slump to a defeat.

Parker, Cole, Da Costa and Ilan.

My team is going to be

Da Costa Ricketts Cahill
Parker MTaylor Wilshere lee
Klasnic Ilan Cole

Of course, i worry if it is too big a gamble to take West Ham and Bolton.

Any thoughts would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

SL, you only have that team if it's a double week for Bolton and West Ham. Just too risky for me. There are other good matchups to be had, in my opinion.


Macgill said...

I am Real16

Doctor Teeth said...

I have to admit, I selfishly am holding out for a 2-2 draw this afternoon (no CS for Friedel!)...but a goal and 14 blocked shots for Cuellar.

So maybe the Special One really is special after all...super impressive win, even if half the Barca players had dead legs from their road trip.

Is there a bigger moron in footie than Mario Balotelli?

Anonymous said...

Hey AM I'm one of those names you listed "Lions Gate". Having problems choosing my team and it's because I'm nervious about the competition. My team at the moment is...


Can't decide between Tevez or Lampard, he seems to step to the plate when Drogba's absent. Tevez is also another player who steps to the plate, which makes this decision very difficult.

Can you help me AM/blog buddies, this week is extremely crucial to my hopes of being in the semi-finals of the Blog Cup. Thanks all,


Anonymous said...

Is Henderson (Sunderland) a good pick? He has been scoring well lately and faces Hull. I switched Carew to Anelka, and dropped Bullard to afford him, so I have an empty space. I can also go for Ballack, but I can't be sure that he'll start, and if he doesn't score or assist he doesn't bring any points. And I don't want to count really on 4 Chelsea players (Anelka, Malouda and Ivanovic too) unless there's no other good option.

Bale Ivanovic Jagielka
Malouda Milner Arteta Ballack
Bendtner CCole Anelka



Bojan said...


Jose is Special one and Balotelli is an giant idiot... I would like to see a club that will play 20plus M euros to have that moron in his team... Maybe Milan imo

Anonymous said...

Seems like this may be a perfect week for a defencive line-up, lots of good options with great match-ups in Jagielka/G.Cahill/Alex/Ivanovic/G.Johnson/Foley.

I'm thinking of having the following 4...


Anyone else think it's a good idea, is G. Cahill okay to start?


Anonymous said...

27.50 for Collins from Villa this week! What a haul.


bean said...

weak week for me, 124.50..i've been losing steam towards the end of the season. can't keep up with the blog regulars..

next week i'm thinking:


Hutton Ferreira Foley
AdamJ Cahill MTay Malouda
Bent Saha K.Davies

was thinking of spending and getting Arteta, but chance he won't start? i'm also tempted again by David James, seems he's trying to prove himself for England?

Anonymous said...

You have Saha?

He's on my dead-to-me list.


bean said...

@HC - not saved, but was liking him home to a traveling Fulham

Anonymous said...

156.5 points for me this week. Happy with that and preparing for next week. Good luck to all.


Bojan said...

Mediocre week for me... 141 points... lost SC on Malouda and Bender for Altidore and Bullard... No so good decisions because i will probably have malouda this week... had Collins on BD and gone with Dunne... I was sure that Milner wont shoot PK for Villa so i left him out and 44 in TOP 50 had him... My B team outscored me by 30 points... Happy because i left Tevez in... I hope will will do good against Arsenal so his price will stay high for double week...

dropped from 38th to 58th... but i was w/o internet for two weeks so it is ok... top 50 finish will be great stuff for me...

Only bad thing is that Steve_Bob kicked my ass in 1/2 final of CL... he has 50 point advantage so i doubt that i can do something in 2nd leg... well played mate... 192,5 points is a fantastic result...

Important thing is that Inter played great game against Barca... i hope that they will win CL...

there is lot of great options for this week in YFF... and i think that 130 will be just ok result in week 32... i have no hunches yet but i will share my ideas with you when time is right...

Gasper said...

Ah, my week was so so 128 points. Not to bad not to good.

I'm thinking about Yak vs Fulham. What do you guys think? Saha is in bad form, but Yak does well everytime he comes on.

My team for now
Manciene, Bale, Steinsson
Milner, Wilshere, Malouda, Young (will go)
Bendt, Tevez, Carew (will go)

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Eto'o and Valdes seem to be in the midst of an intimate thought in that picture! just have a look at them.

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