Thursday, 28 January 2010

Week 21 - Player Picks

Before I start, a quick mention of last night...

After Rooney bagged me 45 points on Saturday I was dreaming of a 130-150 point week, but thanks to 4 big fat zeros from 3 no-shows (Aquilani, Stearman, Bily) & Robbo, plus -3 from Vermaelen, I think I have to be pleased with my final total of 104.5 points. Big thank you to Lampard & Kalinic!

Regarding last night's games in the Premier League - Chelsea look scarily efficient, brushing aside a 15-game unbeaten Birmingham side, Villa & Arsenal played out a 0-0 which was probably fair, Blackburn scraped past Wigan 2-1 & Everton easily dismissed free-falling Sunderland, 2-0. Great points for Lamps, Malouda, Cahill, Donovan & Pederson amongst others.

And as for the Carling Cup Semi, there are no words other than...WHAT A GAME!

Now, time for the Week 21 Player Picks. Firstly a look at the fixtures.

Saturday, 30 January 2010
Birmingham v Tottenham, 15:00
Burnley v Chelsea, 17:30
Fulham v Aston Villa, 15:00
Hull v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Liverpool v Bolton, 15:00
West Ham v Blackburn, 15:00
Wigan v Everton, 15:00

Sunday, 31 January 2010
Arsenal v Man Utd, 16:00
Man City v Portsmouth, 13:30

Monday, 1 February 2010
Sunderland v Stoke, 20:00

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hull v Chelsea, 19:45

Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Fulham v Portsmouth, 20:00

So double weeks for Hull, Chelsea, Fulham & Portsmouth. Yahoo STILL haven't updated their fixtures to reflect this, but expect them to do so today or tomorrow.

There is no doubt that you want to be getting as many double game players from Chelsea (2 easy away games) & Fulham (2 home games) as you can, maybe 1 or 2 from Hull (2 home) & Portsmouth (1 home & 1 away). The only single game to get really excited about is Man City at home to Pompey, and maybe Liverpool at home to Bolton.

All other games are too close to call for me, so hang on to any big discounts but don't go spending crazy money on single gamers.

With that in mind...


I can't see any real reason for not going with either Cech or Schwarzer this week. Personally I'd feel a lot more comfortable with the Chelsea keeper in my team (despite 2 away games), but going with Schwarzer will save you some vital pennies & Fulham are pretty tight at home. It's really up to you which way you go.

If some reason you don't fancy either of those chaps then Given is the only viable option; City should have a decent chance of a clean sheet vs Pompey. Avoid Myhill, I feel Hull could be in for a battering when Chelsea come to visit. Craig Gordon is back for Sunderland, so he's a cheap alternative, but also a huge risk.

A Cole

For the first time this season, no Vermaelen. The suspected broken leg means he's gone... goodbye Verm, thanks for everything (UPDATE - the injury not as bad a first feared, but he's still likely to miss this weekend). It leaves a small group to choose from really, because there isn't much choice about. I have a single gamer in Bale so I want to fill the other 2 spots (or 3 if I go with 4 at the back) with 2 gamers.

Baird will find his way into most teams as he represents the best value, Hreidarsson is a nice cheap option & you'll probably want to try to squeeze in a Chelsea defender. Ashley Cole is the dream but the chances are you're priced out unless you grabbed him 2 weeks ago. Otherwise, I'd go for Ivanovic over Terry.

J Cole
O'Hara (if he returns)

A bit more choice in the middle, with lots of double gamers finding form. Step forward Frank Lampard, 4 goals in 2 games, getting in to the box again - I hold him at £17.91m so it's very hard to drop him. If you hold Fabregas at big discount then I wouldn't drop him either (he was a lick of paint away from another goal last night) but obviously don't pay full whack.

Next in line is Damien Duff - back to his best this season, 2 home games, set piece taker...I think he's close to a "must have". I also really like Stephen Hunt for this week, but unfortunately I don't think i'll be able to afford him on top of Lamps & Duff. Malouda is also a great option if you have him cheap (as I know some of you do), as is Joe Cole (finally looking back to match sharpness), KP Boateng will always score points & Danny Murphy is another I'm considering.

Utaka, Gera, Aquilani & Maxi are cheaper choice that could fill a spot & keep an eye on Jamie O'Hara. If he's back at Portsmouth in time then you have a fantastic value set piece taking double gamer!


Piquionne (added after comments)

The big question for those of us who sold Drogba is whether to get him back for the double week. For me, unless Anchelotti categorically states the Ivorian will play both games, I'm leaning towards sticking with Anelka. I've read lots of quotes from the Italian stating Drogba is very tired & he made a point of saying how well his team have done without him over the past 3 weeks, so I can see Drogba being on the bench for the first game.

Once you resolve that predicament, 2 single gamers who stand out are Rooney & Tevez. Both players are on fire, and Rooney will be facing an Arsenal defence with no Vermaelen - if Stoke scored 3 without him, what could Rooney do? If you still have him under £17m then I'd keep him. I'm personally tempted by Tevez, who will surely score at home to Pompey & is far more affordable.

However, I'm also thinking I'm going to hang on to Kalinic; it's not often you can own a goalscoring striker for £2.6m...yet Zamora is another option. My forward line will probably be 'Anelka, Tevez, Kalinic' or 'Anelka, Zamora, Kalinic' - I'm undecided, it'll depend on what I do with my midfield.

That's it for another week, I hope I've helped in some way...Please join the blog Facebook Group if you haven't already!

Let me know how your teams are shaping up for Week 21...anyone you feel I've missed from the lists above? What are you doing about Drogba?



Anonymous said...

piquionne should be a good pick for this dg week he scores near his value on average and is the best goal threat pompey have, as of late.

Anonymous said...

I have fabregas at 17.51, hes on fire at the moment but do you think hes worth keeping for man u followed by chelsea? Im leaning towards selling him to improve other positions, any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

provisional team 10 DG

Ivanovic A. Cole(10.03) Bale Baird
Lampard Utaka Duff
Anelka Piquionne Fagan

I really wanted hunt but he was just out of my price range. Fulham have looked shaky in the back so I opted for cech instead of schwarz. Hanging onto cole for two weeks was a really good move as he scored really well this yesterday and should earn great points.

Possible changes are dropping piquionne for riise(who is being overlooked) or garcia and then ivanovic for hunt. Being a chelsea supporter I really would not feel great having if hunt scored well. Come on two CS for Chelsea :)

Anonymous said...

why no chelsea and fulham game for midweek in YFF?

Anonymous said...

I actually dropped Fabregas last night although I had him for 17.51. It was a bit of an instinct, but also a fear of the schedual and the flashbacks from his not-more-than-5.5-points streak earlier this year. I love him in real life, but players from Arsenal that I pick usaully underperform, so if not picking him helps him destroy ManU, I'll be the happiest man alive.
Drogba is another issue, and I tend to agree with AM. It is a huge risk to buy him now instead of Anelka, but I believe I'll get him back for week 22. Anelka's points might drop down a bit when Drogba's back. I'm not taking the risk over JCole either. If Drogba comes back to the squad, it's likely that cole will be the one that drops to the bench. I can't see Carlo giving up Malouda or Ballack for him, especially as Ballack fills the middle.
If I do sell Vermaelen, it will be the first week since week 1 I didn't have one of the Gunners I admire so much. Sad, but as I sead before, that's exactly the thing that might bring them to beat ManU. I also dropped Rooney ahead of his tough schedual. I think Zabaleta will replace Vermaelen in my team - AM, are you sure he'll start?
Given is a long term choice.

Right now on:

Bale Baird Vermaelen/Zabaleta
Duff Ballack Gera Malouda
Anelka Tevez Kalinic



Anonymous said...

I also have fabregas at 17.51. I don't know if I should sell him. Finally sold Verm. He's been a good acquisition.

My team currently:
Bale Baird Dunne
Fabregas Duff Hunt Utaka
Tevez Kalinic Donovan

Any advice whether or not to drop fabs?
Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Bale / Baird / Hreidarsson
Lampard / Duff / Utaka / Gerrard
Kalinic / Tevez / Zamora

i'm just afraid that Kirkland will let in 2 or 3 goals to an in form Everton, but there isnt much i can do about it as this was the only way i could squeeze in Gerrard, Lampard, Duff and Tevez.
I might drop Gerrard in favour of Hunt, and then upgrade Kirkland to Given. Opinion?

[@bengoh91, dont drop Fabs]

-Anorexic Pig

Catlio said...


Boateng had five yellow cards if I am not mistaken, so if he get one YC, he will get banned for two games. That makes him down the pecking order, I guess.

I am kind of need to choose either to keep Ivanovic or choose Duff. Kinda tough. Coz if I have them both, I need to have too many fillers.

Anonymous said...

FYI Anorexic Pig - Kirk is injued and out od service until mid-February at the earliest.

Doctor Teeth said...

AM - I am annoyed/perplexed by something in your the heck do you hold Lampard at 17.91m? I have played him on my team for the last two weeks (whereas you only BDed him last week) and I only hold him for 18.69m How is that possible??

As for my team next week, until Verms went down (thanks for the memories) my line-up was most likely going to look like this:

Verms Bale Baird Terry
Modric Duff Lamps Gera
Elk Kalinic

Now with Verms out, I am toying with this line-up:

Baird Bale A.Cole
Modric Duff Lamps Gera Hunt
Elk Kalinic

I think Gordon at home to Stoke - who don't score well on the road at all - is a relatively safe (and cheap) bet but I don't think I have the stones to drop Cech...I would really be doing this to upgrade Terry to Cole and to fit in Hunt. At the end of the day, I may eschew this line-up, stick with Terry and Cech and just swap out Verms for KPB, Geo or O'Hara.

I disagree with you, AM, on preferring Ivanovic to Terry only b/c I think Terry is more of a sure starter in both games of the DG. Normally I would agree with you that Ivanovic has better potential to score points in addition to a clean sheet but I would worry a bit that Alex might start over Ivanovic (or Carvalho) in one of the DGs.

I'm less worried about not playing Drogba this week than I am nt playing Tevez, to be honest...did you see his goal in the Carling Cup? Off the back of his calf it was straight out of the Buenos Aires playground. He is flying right now.

Bojan said...

74,5 points - went from 295 to 601, and now i am on 489th place...

3 zeros and 10 points overall from Anelka,Saha and Klasnic(5 goals and 3 wins for their clubs) without SOT...

I am out from the Cup and i am sad about it, but what can you do... I left out Steinsson,Cahill and Donovan(i choosed Saha) as my reserves and missed...

With my B team scored 105...

My saved team for now is:

Cech /Terry,Bale,Baird/ Lampard,Gera,Malouda,Utaka,Hunt/

I will have Duff in for sure but i need to do some changes... I miss 0,5M for my dream team so I need to do same work to grind it out... Kalinić and Bale(for sure) are only one gamers that will(could) be in my team...

I liked my post from last week where i told what are reasons why i choosed some player, and who were my reserves, so i will do it regulary...

What about J Cole's injurie, and what so you guys think about Nevland or Kamara(he played last week) from Fulham... They have 4 losses in the row and Hogdson will change something for sure...

Assistant Manager said...

Catlio - Yellow card count was wiped out on December 31st 2009, you now need a total of 10 for the season before a ban (but it'll be 2 match ban).

Teeth - My mistake, I do have Lamps at 18.69, I was thinking about Fabregas's value as I was about to write about him (I used to have him for 17.91).

Regarding Ivanovic, would Anchelotti play Alex at right back? Has this happened before?


Doctor Teeth said...

Alex has started three games as a right central defender this year...I guess I'm just saying that I feel much more confident that Terry and Cole will start both games than I do about Carvalho and Ivanovic.

STM said...

FYI, YFF has corrected the fixtures accordingly, Hull vs Chelsea and Fulham vs Portmouth have been included.

Thankfully I don't have to read comments asking questions about the fixtures anymore! ;-P

Anonymous said...

i need help here should i go for ashley cole or go for inanovic who will make me have 9.+ mil for a middle fielder on this list
a.cole/inanovic nelsea salgado
modric duff gera aquilani
drogba tevez kalinic

i need helpsoon am confused.if i buy inanovic that means aquilani can go n look for another midfielder.
by super coach

Bradley said...

@STM: Huzzah! Our great global nightmare is over! :) Now we can start obsessing about what YFF is going to do with the 16 Feb matches.

Anonymous said...

@AM - The danger about Ivanovic is that Bosingwa might come back to squad ahead of him.

Just to repeat my question: Are you sure that Zabaleta will start?


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!!!!!! Oh, Yes!

"a good chance that he won't play on Sunday"

If there's a good chance he won't play, it also means that there's a little chance he WILL play. And if that chance exists, and if God exists as well, he might be even available for Chelsea or Liverpool. I'm not dropping him for two games, I've already done this mistake with Drogba...


Anonymous said...

i see varmelen could be available n i have already rush to take himout am so disappointed i should have waited.

Anonymous said...

Robinho on loan to Santos.

Rio Ferdinand,banned for 4 games. Possible good news for Fabs holders....

Gudjohnsen on loan to Spurs..

Things are happening....

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone, this is my first ever post, and have been reading this blog for a short while now...loving the work AM keep it up!

my team for this week so far is:

ivanovic baird terry a.cole
duff barmby(always useful) gera
anelka piquionne fagan(cheap and always starts!)

any comments/suggestions?


Anonymous said...

SF - I don't think Wenger will risk Verm for the weekend fixture as he has Sol Campbell to cover while Vermaelen recovers least that's the logic I see in it, no need to rush him back.
Anyways I'm torn between letting go of Donovan for a, lets say Tevez...I already have Drogba & Kalinic, who are going nowhere, and need to decide the third spot (probably a double gamer, Zamora? or Tevez as I stated above).

current team...
Hunt/Mokoena/Ballack/Maxi Rod
Donovan/Kalinic/Drogba (Welcome back!!!)

Can you believe I still have 15.05 to spend? Man Fantasy footie has been good lately with a certain Bale and Kalinic that now I don't know what to do with the spare cash. Well, I'll probably use it to upgrade Mokoena to Duff...I don't know yet though, seems like Mokoena can return his value for the double and at 1.78. On other news, Congrats United!!! Exiting game Ehhh?

Good to hear from you again AM, hope you've gotten better and wish you well on your recovery. Well, I'd like to hear some suggestions on my team please. I advanced in the Blog Cup with 122.0 points so I'm happy about that also


Anonymous said...

hi am.. i want to know your opinion about DECO. on chelsea's website. carlo did spoke of deco would play when beletti is out.. what do you think?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Stephen Hunt got to get him in but stuck on this for now:

Bale Terry Salgado
Fabregas Duff Kilbane Malouda
Kalinic Drogba Donovan

its either get rid of Fabregas or Malouda to free up cash to upgrade Kilbane and Salgado...but I might just stick with this hmmm thoughts?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

by the way...What's the status of Jimmy Bullard, if plays both games for Hull, I want to pick him.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

ok Bullard is a no-go, Verms may play now...

donut said...

I've "bailed" on Bale (like how I did that...) for 2 reasons, one because I want 11 double gamers and two because I think Assou Ekoto might be back and he is normally ahead of Bale in the pecking order at Spurs...

Vermalen is also out regardless of injury, can always get him back...

Duff/J Cole/Deco/Utaka/Gera

Could change Deco or Cole for O Hara if he comes back to Pompey...

Apart from that I am happy!!

Kellz said...

Hard decision to drop Almunia at 5.5mil but given the absence of Verm, even for one game and the schedule of Utd, Chelsea, and Liverpool its just not smart to keep him (but you could gamble at pay off huge). Also missed the BD of Lampard at 18mil which put him out of reach at 21mil unless I wanted 3-4 fillers, and that was not going to happen. So:

Smalling, Verm, Bale
Duff, Malouda, Joe.Cole, Moke
Rooney, Tevez, Zamora

Anonymous said...

Kellz - I just wanna know why no Drogba in your team...even if he misses the first game, he can play against Hull City and we all know what Rooney did against imagine what Drogba and a solid Chelsea team can do to them.
My team...
Ivanovic/Bale/Verm (might switch to Baird)
Hunt/Ballack/Mokoena/Maxi Rod

I still have 15.05 to spend but i feel I have no use for it cause I don't want to switch my lineup above...huhhhh, what to do? Bale, Kalinic are staying...Mokoena, I have a feeling he can return his value. Now Donovan...another headache there, I don't want to drop him but I need Tevez!


Snoop! said...

please help...

Drogba(potentially benched for first game) OR Anelka?

Barmby OR Mokoena? Who will return more points-price is very similar!

Ivanovic(may not play both games) OR Joe Cole (may make way for Drogba in the second game vs hull)?


Tundra United said...

Any thoughts from anyone on whether to keep EvdS? I have him at discount and he has a good run of fixtures coming up -- but it's 8-and-change at goalkeeper...argh!

Really REALLY hoping Drogs comes back with a vengeance since I held on through the long, cold weeks of ACN...

And had Lamps on the BD but forgot to hit "save"...double ARGH! Now a MF of low-cost double-gamers = anxious moments.

Finally...thanks for the memories, Verm! 'Twas a nice run but you're gone now (along with GAlex, who I held on to for too long).

Kellz said...

@Saul: Hes not confirmed back just yet, possibly tired, will most likely be rested the first game making him a single gamer, for 3mil less Tevez is a much better option home to the bottom team, thats why no Drogba, if hes confirmed back for both I'll consider a switch.

Kellz said...

@Saul: By confirmed back I mean back into the starting line up not back from ACN

Guy said...

Kellz - one of the last posters here holding Almunia cheap and now about to drop him? It's tempting when you look at the double game and the next three Arsenal games, but he's scored so well since I picked him up in week 14 for 5.39 - 97.5 at an average of nearly 14 per week. I feel he's earned his keep so I'm prepared to gamble that Arsenal won't lose all three games and he'll at least make a decent number of saves. Schwarzer looks good value this week but I think I'm going to take the chance on Almunia.

Kellz said...

@Guy: It was really tough for me to drop him but its the right thing to do. Almunia's average for the past 3 games is only 6.88pts and over the whole season 5.39pts, given the extremely tough schedule with Vermealen possibly out and Almunia's shakiness, its better not to gamble on him. Sure Schwart will have his work cut out for him versus Villa, but hes got another game to make up for any lost points. Can you really see Almunia keeping a CS against Utd?

Anonymous said...

@Kellz - True, I see what you mean...I myself am considering Tevez but I have Kalinic/Donovan(both on discounts and racking up points) and Drogba...who is well, a friggin monster. Even though he's a gamble, I think it's worth it cause if he plays...oooh I'm gonna regret it. So there you have dilemma of having Drogba, better to have him than not to. Anyways I don't know what I'll do with my team as I still have 15.05 to use...

geez I have so much to spend but don't want to get rid of anyone...exept Mokoena of course and for who? How do I fit in Tevez without getting rid of Kalinic and Donovan?...and getting rid of Drogba is out of the question so I'll probably just upgrade my midfield and stick to the forward line.


Anonymous said...

Going with...


Having three Fulham defensive players may be a risk, but they haven't allowed a goal at the Cottage for two months. Rich Garcia is just a cheap hunch, but he's well due and will be glad to see Wolves as his opposition.


Sulldaddy said...

@saul if I had 15.05 to spend with mokoena in my lineup I would flip for Duff in MF instead. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

my team


Anonymous said...

any chance bullard joining the team?

Anonymous said...

Tigers Top Ten
1) Fulham.... losing games, Paintsil/Konchesky out (Dempsey too) = shaky defense.... though Villa has not scored forever and Portsmouth isn't scoring either... both games home. Schwarzer might make a lot of sense,,,, or no sense at all. Baird actually played defense last game, not in MF. Duff is a must!
2) Anelka.... will he rest a game with Drogba back; he has handled the lion share well and with Cole in form and Malouda (he might rest too) and the emerging Sturidge... making it hard to buy him. Chelsea plays a lot more defense than offense on the road.... though the ineptitude of their opposition should not take too much defensive effort. Terry must have. Lampard will get 40 points.
3) Verm.... if comes back in two weeks; keep him. He scores points regardless of a shut out
4) Robo... I have him at 2.57. Cech is certain to get points, but I would have to pay 11.97. Will he out perform Robo 4x.... hmmm? or go with Schwarzer above??? this IS my biggest Problem.
5) Tevez... not owning him now, could haunt in the future
6) Mokoena is pick of the week with his price even if he only plays one... but will probably play both with Brown out. Not usual to get a filler like that in a double... I know, he could get a grande rojo, but worth the risk to me.
7) Geovani.... yuck. He rarely plays the full game and is a head case.... Zaki is lurking and Fagan is hungry.... what happened to Altidore? When he started Hull was winning (Bullard was playing too....) Hunt is appealing, but a twit and I hate watching him.
8) Landycakes... hard to drop if you have him at discount likewise with Kalanic. Wish I could have 5 strikers to keep these two alongside Drogba (sweet to have him for 10.?? :) )
9) I want O'hara!!!!!
10)Maxi on the barn door.


ToffeeDave said...

Why hasnt anyone kept Van Der Sar? I still have him and I think he's a season keeper at his price, but regardless of that, arsenal seem toothless up front with eduardo now gone as well.

Merv said...

I kept him. I thought Almunia was a season keeper but I dropped him once I saw the fixtures.

Two Face said...

My team for the week:-


My issues are i want Hunt but the only midfield that i willing to drop is J.Cole..if he's really injured then i need to find money for Hunt, i feel he's gonna score big especially against wolves..

Or just drop nevland and get Zamora ( a sure starter)..i got ard 3 million more to spend..

i feel AM is right, Drogba might play one of the game and Anelka is a better bet..Ivanovic is a sure starter too so i disagree with Teeth..but maybe i should drop Iva for Hredairson and upgrade to Hunt..hmm dilemma!!

Anonymous said...

I scored just 19 points last week, Lowest score ever, thanks to my midfield score: 0(valencia,kranj,bily,aqua) + lost 2nd position in my private league.
Want to score good points this week...
please comment on my team :

Alexander | Baird | Hreidarsson /
Moko | Duff | Hunt | KP.Boateng /
Tevez | Drogba | Zamora

- Ajinkya

Catlio said...


Which one do you think is a better combination?
Reina (BD)/Salgado
Schwarzer / Salgado
Myhill / Baird

Anonymous said...

Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou out of tomorrow's game. They will be ready to face Hull on Tuesday. [Source: Ancelotti Press Conference]


Bojan said...

@dave - i think that arsenal will menage without EDS, theur problem is Vermalen and Diaby... their line-ip will be:

Anonymous said...

Last minute dilemma:
The return of O'Hara gives me the possibility of losing Ballack+Gera for JCole+O'Hara. I'm not sure that Cole will start both games, but I have the same doubts regarding Gera. Also, I couldn't find out if he's able to play on Sunday. Could anyone find information about it.
I currently have Given in my team, but for some reason in the last couple of hours Schwarzer has suddenly started to seem more attractive to me. I'm afraid of his home match with Villa, but should I?

Please help me with these two problems!


donut said...

That Ancelotti press conference comment has got me thinking about Drogs v Anelka although I guess against Hull he could do a "Rooney"...

AM - how is your thinking going on this issue? Still sticking with the Anelka view?

SF - Fulham seem to do well at home so with 2 games and 1 against Portsmouth I would go with that. Personally I don't care too much about value of players - there are always alternatives esp with keepers and I believe in picking for the match-ups.

Catlio I wouldn't touch Myhill with a barge pole away at Chelsea with Drogs back and Bolton with Coyle in charge will score against Liverpool IMO

Twoface I like your team, wish I could get Lamps, if I were you I would upgrade Nevland to Hunt and if you need to swap Ivanovic to do that, then go for it. Is there not a risk with Ivanovic and Bosigwa returning?

Fantasy Fan said...

Not sure how many ppl are still holding on to Almunia. I have him on the cheap at 5+ as well as Vermaelen. I dont see many good options available for replacements for the price even with tough fixtures for the gunners coming up. With ivan, lamps, duff, hunt, utaka and elk for the double i'm short of funds for any upgrades. I'm still unsure to drop and reshuffle or will this be enough to get thru this week. Any thoughts?

PPboy said...

Im going for moderate team this week.

Bale Baird Smalling
Lampard J.Cole Mokoena Barmby
Anelka Piquionne Zamora

Any suggestion for improvement? Good luck to all managers :-)

Geos said...


who would you go for...

tevez and duff


lampard and piquionne????

someone please help...and good luck to all this week, i am finding it crazy tough to make up my mind!

Anonymous said...

Those that held on to Drogba at ~10. will obviously keep him for a single. I would maybe even advise to add him at ~18. over Anelka since he has a good shot to out-shine Anelka as usual against Hull (Burnley will be good defensively at home, eh?) Hull, not so. Also, Anelka has played a lot recently and could see a rest or partial game to Hull. Plus, you don't want to see Drogba inflate over 20 do you? as he may be a mandatory player for the remainder. Remember, Chelsea has only missed him for the last two EPL games against Sunderland and Birmingham AT home and the last Drogba show was a goal against Fulham. I would suspect he'll still be the go-to...

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit stuck for a midfielder for 10.14. Thinking about Martin Petrov but has anyone got any better ideas?

J. Dunn said...

I've settled on

Verms | Bale | Baird
Modric | Lamps | Malouda | Duff
Rooney | Kalinic | Zamora

I'm staying on Verms @ 6.02. Smalling was a possible replacement, but I'm not even sure he'll play twice, and he's not likely to score a ton if he does. And longer-term I don't see how I replace Verm's production for 6.02.

I wanted to buy into Chelsea's defense, but it was just too expensive unless I wanted to field a total filler like Moks in the MF. I also considered Schwarzer, but decided I'd rather have both Duff and Malouda in the MF and hope Gordon doesn't hurt me much. I also feel like I'm betting too much on Fulham anyway, but I'd rather do that than mess with the uncertainty among Boat, O'Hara, and Utaka at Pompey and the outright suckiness outside the expensive Hunt at Hull.

Sulldaddy said...

Im stuck on Deco or Ohara as my final MF.

So far

VDS (8.14)
Bale, Alexander,Salgado(filler)
Malouda (12.4), Utaka, Duff, Deco
Rooney (16.05), Anelka(15), and Zamora

I really like the roster but want to maximize points. Figure Ohara will be the best scorer for Portsmouth, but Chelsea could be invovled in 2 goalfests and Deco should get some involvement with those goals right? The extra $$ freed up by switch to Ohara would go to where? Not sure I would swap anyone else off the roster.

ANy advice would be great!

Anonymous said...

Comment my player please!
can give any suggestion too.
Nelsen Baird Ivanovic
Lampard J.Cole Geovanni Duff D.Fletcher
Kalinic Anelka

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