Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Injury Update 01/12/09

From the injury files over on football365.com

Isn't it lovely when we can bring you some good news?

Well, that's good news if you're a Chelsea fan, or Ashley Cole, and we can only assume that he's reading. So hello Ashley, but you can skip over this next bit if you want, because obviously you'll already know it.

Cole had to be taken off in the second half of Chelsea's pounding of Arsenal at the weekend with a tweak in his hamstring, but word coming out of Stamford Bridge is that the left-back will travel with the Chelsea squad to Blackburn for their Carling Cup quarter-final on Wednesday eve.

Whether he'll actually play is a different matter, but the important news is that the injury won't keep him out for long, if at all.

The news isn't quite so happy on the hamstring front for Everton, who look set to be without centre-half Joseph Yobo for their Europa League trip to Athens on Wednesday.

The Nigerian was taken off in the Merseyside derby on Sunday, but unlike Cole his muscles haven't quite recovered adequately. However, Jack Rodwell might be OK to take his place, as the youngster appears to have shaken off a groin problem.

Speaking of that region, we were giggling like schoolboys yesterday when we saw that Tony Pulis had apparently 'pulled off' Ryan Shawcross, but we suspect the big man himself wasn't laughing too much.

However, it looks like he'll be OK for Stoke's next game, which is against Arsenal at the weekend.

He said: "I'm hoping I'll be okay and back for the next game at Arsenal, but we'll have to see. I've had enough experience with injuries now to know when I can and cannot play.

"It's always up to me whether I play with an injury or not, but you don't want to make the injury worse and so you'll always consult those who know better first."

Not strictly injury news this, because it doesn't relate to a player and it's not technically and injury, but Sam Allardyce looks like he'll be back at work for Blackburn's home clash with Liverpool at the weekend.

Assistant Neil McDonald said of the big man: "He is at home, he's convalescing and hopefully he will be back in work on Friday.

"He has got through the procedure which is really good and he sounds in fantastic spirits. He can't wait to get back and hopefully Friday will be his first day back."

In terms of player knack at Ewood Park, something of a blow for Rovers will be the absence of David Dunn from their game with Chelsea, after sustaining a calf injury in their last game against Stoke.

Finally,  Wolves winger Michael Kightly is facing up to eight weeks on the sidelines after manager Mick McCarthy revealed he is likely to need an ankle operation.

The 23-year-old visited a specialist on Tuesday after being forced off half an hour into Sunday's 1-0 home defeat to Birmingham, with scans indicating he will have to go under the knife.

McCarthy told wolves.co.uk: "He's had a scan and it looks like he'll need an operation which would be six to eight weeks out."


Kellz said...

David Dunn's game against Liverpool you mean :D Huge blow and after the Everton win I hope my boys can get back on track!

Thanks AM!

Anonymous said...

@Kellz - Bburn have a game against Chelsea on LC first...

By the way, does anyone have any clue where O'Hara is tonight? The last thing I want now is to touch that place in my team...


Alex said...

Cup tied, along with KPB, Smith and Williamson

Kellz said...

Thats right, forgot about carling Cup, however this injury could see him out at the weekend aswell

Fidan said...

Hi guys. I have a team sorted out and btw I LOVE how it looks (I know this is the first symptom of a misserable week...but fingers crossed). HOWEVER, Im still not decided on the last 2 positions... As it stands:


Now, here is my problem. EDUARDO!!! I know he is due a goal but he is just one of my options I have as per now, which are: O'Hara/Eduardo, KPB/Eduardo (and extra cash to upgrade Hreidar to LYoung) and Duff/SEB...!!! Any suggestion would REALLY help...!!! Thnx in advance...!!!

And btw, I'm about to sell some GREAT players at HUGE dc: HRod(+3),Giggs(+4),Scharner(+2),Duff(+3) and KPB(+2.5). Am I being crazy or just a hunch of mine they'll all suck ;)

See you folks later (don't hesitate to give some advice)...!!!

greginho said...

hrod, scharner, duff and boateng are fine to let go because you won't want them next week, but is there any reason you don't want giggs? mtay will score more points this week, but giggs is who you want next week.

Anonymous said...

I've switched KPB/Fab for A.Young/Milner. I like BFAY and Milner cause many people are opting for KPB/Fab and it might give me a chance to jump all those people, or just fall behind...

bean said...

in seeing tonight's Carling matches I am much more interested in BFAY, maybe even Downing.. I'm wondering if Downing's involvement somehow allowed Ashley Young to find his old form? I do have to remeber that Cup form and league form are typically two very different things, but a goal, 2 assists, 3 SOT + phantom points for Young is makes him very tempting.. and they're home to Hull.

bean said...

currently have:

Anonymous said...

I need a defender help please
Gallas Ivanovic 7.4
O'hara(discount) KPB Bowyer(had him the last two eeks) Eagles

I may drop o'hara if not fit and get Downing I have luke young as third defender. I like yaya alot as long as he is taking corners as well.

Anonymous said...

Too many short forms. May i know who is Yaya and BFAY?

Dave said...

I'm not sure who "Yaya" is exactly, but I assume he is referring to Rodellaga, whose name is apparently pronounced Roh-deh-yay-gah. I know that Jeremy + Neal's blog coined him "Yayga" as in the the end of Roh-deh-yay-gah (I wonder why H-Rod hasnt caught on more... LOL). At least that's what I assume, that it is not referring to Yaya Toure, the Barca midfielder LOL. But seriously, if you are going to cop some else's moniker for a player, at least get it right ;)

And BFAY is another nod to Neal + Jeremy. When Ashley Young burst on to the YFF scene, they dubbed him Blog Favourite Ashley Young (BFAY).

Kellz said...

Shortlist off the top of my head:

Yayga = Rodallega
K2 = Adebayor
BFAY = Ashley Young
BFFL = Lampard
BFAR = Andy Reid
KPB = Kevin Prince Boateng

Anonymous said...

with eduardo mis-firing, (but i'm still keeping him at that price), do we think wenger might throw walcott up front ? suppose we'll see if he gets rested tonite. could be some stoke karma to get out of walcott's system for his inj up there last time. it's so difficult with these ars fwds / m/f's who will play- nasri, rosicky, walcott ? . currently have dunn..and ready to switch to one of these. the rest of my m/f is duff, o hara, bfay. S.P.

Anonymous said...

Here is my lineup for the week

Verm Dunne Hreidarsson
KPB Duff Valencia Bily
Yayga Rooney Drog

The most obvious thing would be the absence of any VILLA or ARS attackers, the 2 teams that apparently have favourable match ups.

But looking at my current team, I wouldn't touch the Strikers. Especially Rooney at preupdate with an upcoming DG

DEF & keepers are cheap with good chances of CSs

The only change will probably come from my middies. Who should I go for?

Fab is overpriced. Bily to Nasri maybe? Or stretch for Milner by downgrading Bily to O'Hara. But that will leave me with 2 Pompey middies...

Thoughts guys?


Bojan said...

Kaboul is suspended... Goals all over thr place at Pompeys and Burnley match

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shortlist dave and kellz

Fidan said...

@ Greg

I know Giggs might seem PERFECT for a DG esp with two home games and very favorable ones BUT, is he REALLY going to start 2 matches in 3 or 4 days. Thats the question. And MTay has also two home games and is a SURE starter imo...That's the reason why I think of dropping Giggs...

Still not sure about KPB and Hreidar, though???

Good Luck everyone and...see you later!!!

Bradley said...

For the long list of PL fantasy football nicknames, a post by Jeremy over at his blog:


The post is from May of last year, so a few of the entries are out of date or missing (for example, no Yayga).

Douchebag United said...

Before everyone gets all hot and bothered over the upcoming massive double game week I would like to point out that it might be the case the Yahoo will seperate the weeks since they are being considered as different game weeks by EPL next week is Gameday 16 and if you look at the fixtures the midweek games are considered Gameday 17. I'm not sure if it will make a difference on Yahoo, but it makes for an interesting wrinkle...

Dave said...

Well, in the last couple of years, Yahoo has grouped midweek games into the preceding week number, sticking with the notion that games are counted Saturday to Saturday. Of course, you never know in YFF LOL.

IMO it's too early to speculate for 2-3 weeks out; staying focussed on this next week and will adjust as we get closer to the busy Xmas fixture period. Lots can change yet...

Conswaila said...

Hi All
Would really appreciate your opinions

Vermalen,Alexandra,Nelson (al cheap )


Fab/Milner/Mullins or Muckena/Dempsey

Head wrecked, dont know what to do
Have Keeper/AllDef/Dempsey/Cole/Drogs/Rooney/Defoe all on da cheap

Anonymous said...

I've just dropped Paintsil to get Baird. I thought Merphy would be healthy enough for this weekend and take Baird's place in midfield, but right now it seems improbable. That being said, I'll still check the injury reports very carefuly on the following days. They're both good options in good form, but Baird also plays in midfield and gets less YCs.
It freed me up some money, and I thought about getting Walcott instead of Nasri (discount). If Walcott plays he'll do it as a striker, but I'm not sure he'll start, so maybe Nasri is the better option there.
For now:

Vermaelen Dunne Baird
Fabregas O'Hara Milner Nasri
Drogba Defoe Rodallega


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