Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 4 - My Team


G.Johnson  Givet  Belhadj

Gomez  Gerrard  O'Hara  Pederson

Drogba  Torres  Tuncay

So in the end, I stuck with Tuncay. The change I would've made was Belhadj to Sonko & Tuncay to Milijas/ the end I made no changes and so I have the same team I had yesterday.

Jamie O'Hara is my real hunch this weekend. He costs just £4million, has a great left foot, and with Kranjcar gone he should take all set pieces (provided he starts). Belhadj is an upgrade on Wilkinson (as I mentioned I had loads of money left over) - having 2 Pompey players may seem crazy but I think they could both do well.

Other than that it's pretty self explanatory. I fancy MGP to have a good game vs Wolves and Gomez is putting up points no matter how he plays. My midfield is filled with 4 set pieces takers plus I have Glen Johnson which is as good as having an extra midfielder given his form & match up. I was forced to pick Robinson due the Sunderland Keeper situation & I'm sure 90% of managers will have Torres & Drogba.

So that's it, fingers crossed for my team and for Tottenham...good luck to everyone, please post your final Week 4 teams up in the comments section below!



Anonymous said...

EVERYONE!! you cannot BD tuncay!! hes 7.72 now!!

glad i didnt sell him!!

~ Sam

Anonymous said...

sam - thats just what i was gonna say! i just had a HUNCH when everyone planned BDing Tuncay:)
i am ecstatic i kept him - now here's hoping he'll actually play:)

FK Suduva

mudwalkerz said...

I stuck with the team I had at the end of BD on the previous matchday..

G. Johnson, T.Vermaelen, S. Warnock
Lampard, Gomez, Milijas, Nani
Rooney, Drogba, Tuncay

Anonymous said...

what a @#$!

Dave said...

Holy crap, I just saw what Yahoo did to Tuncay's price instantly!!! Clearly they recognized the error and corrected it promptly at the very first opportunity. Lucky for those who kept him, hopefully it pans out for a few weeks.

I ended up keeping the team I drafted in over a week ago which I really really liked. So I stuck with it. No Friday changes for me LOL, though I was close to a bringing in O'Hara.

Verm, Jacobsen, Sonko
Gerrard, MTay, MGP, Gomez
Drog, Torres, Too Cheap, I mean Tuncay.

Good luck to all!

Naning said...

I finally decided on dropping Gerrard. We'll see if it turns out to be a good or bad decision.

Wilkinson, Vermaelen, G.Johnson
Milijas, Pienaar, MTAY, A.Young
Drogs, Saha, Tuncay

Milijas has a lot to prove, but still returns his value.

Pienaar usually gets fine points, and I expect Everton to give Fulham a really hard time. Same goes for Saha

MTAY against Pompey, nobrainer.

Tuncay might just have become a season keeper. Not sure tho.

Anonymous said...


Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Tuncay will be the fall of many teams I think.
To recon him as a season keeper is absurd in my opinion. It´s not even certain that he will start, and you can´t have a forward that doesn´t start, whatever the cost.
But we will see, I might just be very wrong about this...

Razesh said...

ballck please break tuncay's leg

Naning said...


Tuncay will probably start pretty much every game for Stoke. Maybe not this one, but later on. He's an awesome player. And will probably get us at least 5-10 points per game. And besides that. He allows us to have more premium players, without Aaron "-points" Mokoena.

Of course, dropping Rooney, Torres or Drogba at discount for Tuncay would be foolish. However, dropping your everyday striker priced 10 is not too bad. There's a lot of solid performing midfielders. There's very few solid fermorming strikers which means picking one up at 8-12 is a risk. Picking up some midfielder around 8-12 might not have the same potential points, but it guarantees at least 6-8 points whereas the striker could very well end up scoring -1 instead of 16.

Anonymous said...

i Friday traded MTay for GlenJo... hope MTay has a flop... i upgraded Blini to Jordi......
i am just GLAD that i kept TUNCAY!! :D ... he's DEFINATELY a Season-kkeper for me!!a WHOOPING +6.72 discount ..!!
i have also decided to go for 4-3-3.... i was on the verge of upgrading O'Hara to Milijas but it was just seconds after the dead line. :'( ... :( (..*covered in tears*..)
hope it pans out well... (crossed fingers) ....

here's my team..


hope it comes out well!!...
i'm still thinkin wat wud've happened had i swapped in Milijas... *muahhhahahah.. :(..*
i really shouldve done it ... i was jus a few seconds late!! why does it have 2 be me??

~ CrazyEyed-Sam

Dave said...

I always check these things because I'm curious:

I just scanned the YFF world leaderboard, and interestingly, only 2 of the top 25 managers this week picked up Tuncay. Most kept 2 or 3 from Drog, Roon, Torres, Ade, with some Bent sprinkled in there. Not sure what it means, but seems that not many of the current leaders either fancy Tuncay or did not notice. We'll see.

Also curious is that the current #1 kept the exact same line-up...

mehicoradio said...

sweet, glad i didn't drop Tuncay.

I made 2 friday changes so hopefully it doesn't screw things up for me

Givet, G. Johnson, Sonko
Milijas, Hunt, Taylor, Ballack
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay

Brought in Sonko and Ballack as McCartney was injured (IIRC) and couldn't find any defenders i could afford that interested me so decided to chance it on Sonko. Ballack is mainly a hopeful pick, be glad if it works out. Went for MTay over Gerrard (earlier pick) due mainly to the lack of MTay ownership in the recent weeks. Drogs and Torres are staying for awhile since i have them at discount (Also the top 2 in total points). Hunt in because he has been good for the value. Not willing to give up on Milijas just yet.

Also noticed for week 5, as of right now ballack looks to have gone down in price by almost 1. Hunt also dropped at least .50 from his price

Anonymous said...

I am glad I kept Tuncay. If I could have a filler at any position, I'd chose forward, they are usually the most inconsistent in terms of fantasy. I definitely hate using middies as fillers, and I look for cheap defenders who will start. I learned, after playing for 2 years, that you shouldn't spend money on a premium GK, glad I got Given at 6.10!

Verms, Wilko, Sonko
Milijas, Gomez, Gerrard, MTAY
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay.

p.s. Tuncay for me was a no brainer, I dropped Altidore to get him. I also dropped Nani and Richards, for Sonko and MTAY. Might regret dropping Richards, but if Sonko can produce, idc.

Anonymous said...

Tuncay on the Bench..Wilkinson plays!

CITY (3-5-2): Sorensen; Shawcross, Huth, Faye; Wilkinson, Delap, Whitehead, Whelan, Collins; Beattie, Kitson. Subs: Simonsen, Higginbotham, Lawrence, Fuller, Pugh, Tuncay, Etherington.


Anonymous said...

funny how their "technical problems" didn't prevent them from adjusting Tuncay.

Anonymous said...

Who is everyone considering bd-ing?

Naning said...

Billy, Eduardo, Fabregas. Might not need any BD-ing tho :)

Naning said...

Milijas subbed at halftime... again.
He's had his chances now.

Anonymous said...

Milijas subed at halftime again. WTF??!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

damn, G Johnson off early with the 3-0 lead, no CS points. He got an assist at least.

Anonymous said...

Tuncay got subbed in after 66 :)

Anonymous said...

O'hara worth BDing. jumped of Milijas bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Tough Choice Vermulen Fab & Hunt or Sonko, Gerrard & Rosicky?

ToffeeDave said...

WHAT A BAD WEEK! My gamble DID NOT pay off at all. I was hopin for some points off players that no one had and AM goes and picks up Belhadj.

Myhill (loss and 4 goals)

Baines, Verm, Belhadj, R.J
Taylor, Gerrard, Cahill
Drogba, Tuncay, Piquonne

So bascially I nede Baines and Cahill to run rampant and tear Fulham apart to even break even.

Mike B said...

Well my Arsenal boys didn't do the business as expected :S but i'm bloody happy i went for Benyoun!!! And pleased i got hold of Skrtyl too.

Shame Robbo let one in, but happy Givet got a goal.

I'm barn doring Rosicky i think, he looked good when he came on.

Mike B said...

And i'm gutted i dropped Tuncay, but hey ho that's the way it goes.

Assistant Manager said...

Not a great day for me, only 1 goal from Drogba, my clean sheets for Givet & Robinson lost right at the end and Johnson subbed before the 75th minute so no clean sheet for him either.

Bent was my inital 'Pick of the Week' but never went for him myself and he gets 2...Givet's goal has been wiped off and given to Roberts, nothing really from Gerrard or really nothing to be happy about at all.

Hopefully I pick up some misc points from some of these players plus I think O'Hara did okay...not expecting more than 60 points this week and I have NO players left to play :(

Hope you all faired better than me!


Mike B said...

Jeez that Adebayor head stamp on Van Persie wasn't pretty.

And i just saw that Jiminez didn't play grrr. Thank god for Benayoun i say or the week may have been alot worse.

mehicoradio said...

ugh i need some good Phantom points. Just on the Stats i can see on the ESPN gamecasts, i'll have around 48.5 with no one left play


ToffeeDave said...

Players I dropped and picked up instead

Givet---Roger Johnson

Dont you just love Fantasy? I barndoored Bent and might just keep him for the season now. He's pretty cheap and will score 15+

Anonymous said...

BD O'Hara or Diamanti for Millijas...thoughts?

Kellz said...

My hunch pick for this week was D. Dunn, glad he paid back for me. Drogba also helped my mediocre week. Gerrard will get some points, +10 for sure (watched the game, 2 SOT and 1 Assist), Torres is lucky to get 0.5pts, major loss on 19mil (full price yea). Otherwise I picked the right defenders from Liverpool, nice CS for Skretl. Liverpool/Wigan only teams with a CS so far.

For next week:
BD'd RvP. Looking to slot in some Villa, possibly BFAY but I also BD'd MTAY for now. Gonna stick with Hunt for now, dropped Milijas, just not getting points with only 45min.

Biggest player this week: Yossi
Close second with K2 who keeps his scoring streak alive. Worth it to BD him at 15mil rather than his price syk rocketing to beyond 17?

ToffeeDave said...

Wow picked up Saha at 8.67??? Somehow his price dropped by 1 giving up a huge bargain as he is the first choice striker right now. Lots of good BD this week.

Anonymous said...

YFF is driving me mad. As it turns out I could've stuck with Gordon (he, Kirkland, or Robbo was the way to go -- ack!). At least his replacement wound up with a win, albeit with two goals allowed. In the past, I've tried using Kuyt as a bargain-bin Torres, but sadly, his industry on the field often doesn't translate to fantasy points. Of course, this week I splurged on full-priced Torres instead.


My entire team is finished for the weekend (probably in more ways than one).

Oh sure, *now* Defoe scores a goal. Last round he couldn't even eke out a phantom point (not that I'm bitter).


Anonymous said...

I'm pissed I had benayoun the first two weeks and gerrard gets all the action. then i drop him and pick up gerrard for week 3...wth

on top of that i have Myhill oof

Naning said...

So far I BD'd Rosicky and Eduardo(his price won't rise tho). I will probably not stick with both of them, but if they start next week, I expect performance from them.

I'm thinking of Fabregas as well.

This week seems okay so far. Vermaelen should be looking at some decent points. Same with G Johnson(Although the CS would have been nice). MTAY got a goal and should have phantom points like always. Didn't see the game though. Drogs scored a goal and had an additional SoT. And still have Pienaar, Young and Saha tomorrow.

Dave said...

BTW they have Gerrard down for 3 SOT in addition to the assist, so he should score nicely. As mentioned, seemed Torres did bugger all.

Soccernet gamecast has Lamps down for 9 shots (!!) but none on target LOL, but surely he won some of the 14 corners to go with his assist.

I'm BDing RVP in for Torres (never seems to have luck with him as a pick :/ ), and O'Hara too. And as others mentioned, Milijas' time is up. Gomez has been the better 5.50 newbie MF so far.

Dave said...

Points are in...finish your BD picks ASAP!!

Mike B said...

Well the scores are on the doors.

I have 117.5 with Benitez to play tomorrow, not a bad week!

My only regret is swapping Rodwell for Jiminez, who has been barn doored for Rosciky.

How's everyone else doing points wise?

Anonymous said...

Lol K2 scores against Arsenal, but with a YC and 6 fouls committed only gets 7pts! Thats gotta be the lowest total for a player who scores!

Anonymous said...

Had a good week so far with Bent, Benayoun, Givet and Drogba. Already removed my Liverpool trio of Gerrard, Benayoun and GJohnson out and replaced them with Wilkinson, Fabregas, and Ashley Young. But to keep Bent for 1 more week... How do people feel about Sunderland at Burnley? Bullish?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is Ade's nicname K2?

Anonymous said...

Initially BDed O'Hara, but gonna try BFAY and Bent for Torres and O'Hara. Cuz if I chose to switch, I can, Torres's price should fall. I'll have to see what BFAY does tomorrow.

Mike Lowrey said...

Had a team of:

Vermaelen/Givet/G Johnson

First time I invested in Torres and got F-all in return, Cesc as a premium MF was also a total letdown and pretty much at the last minute I decided not to swamp Dempsey for Yossi, at least had him in another fantasy game.

Have initially BD'd almost half the team. Torres for RVP, and the whole midfield with Yossi, Rosicky, O'hara and MTay coming in.

As a gooner I can tell you that Rosicky looked really sharp and hungry in pre-season, if he doesn't get any niggles he'll be a real bargain. With Nasri out, Walcott & Arshavin still coming back he's bound to get games. Though realistically speaking he's always gonna be a gamble having been on the sidelines for 18 months, happy if we get the odd 15 games out of him this season.

And great blog btw!

Kellz said...

Finished a good 93pts this week:
Given, Skrtel, Jacobsen, Vermelaen, Gerrard, Hunt, Milijas, D.Dunn, Drogba, Torres, Tuncay (now 7.72!)

BD: RvP, Gomez, wait and see how Birmingham and Villa do tomorrow.

mehicoradio said...

points are updated and Torres got 2.5 points

I ended up finishing the week with 79.5 points ugh. I got 90 week 3 and that was with playes of less quality then the current team, Bah.

Gerrard got 19 which i really didn't need with everyone ****ing having him on their team.

O'Hara finshed with 7.5, Jordi finishes with 13.

Meaning on the last one i lost 12.5 points because of a couple friday moves >:(

As for next week i'm thinking of throwing BFAY in the mid, dropping G.John for a cheapo defender and figuring the last defender after that (currently being held by Richards til i decide)

Dave said...

@ 6:16 - Ade is nicknamed K2 because is like Kanu versions 2.0: a tall, lanky, african striker. He was anointed K@ on Neal & Jeremy's blog and it stuck.

BTW, I BD'd Gordon (4.17) - he notched 9 pts, so will go up. Away to suddenly toothless Burnley looks a good bet. It's a price protection move, as Myhill will surely drop into the $1-2 range once update. And home to Brum may be worth the price, but he can be picked up later.

greginho said...

burnley is going to shut out sunderland like they did in there previous home games, against better opposition. i have already dropped wilkinson for g. alexander.

geoff said...

Finished with 104.50 for the week.

Late last night i swapped given / rooney and replaced with reina / kuyt and that paid off nicely. Next week Milijas has go to go.

Anonymous said...

Robinho out!!

"" Scans have shown a stress fracture to the ankle and Robinho will now miss several key games for City, including next week's Manchester derby. ""

~ CrayEyed-Sam
(am hapi with this weeks perfomance... was epectin 50-65.... turned out to be 90!!

Anonymous said...

For all my belly aching, I've somehow wound up with 92.5 (God bless Hunt and Gomez). All in all, consider me content.


chris m said...

Big props to everyone who had Benayoun. Wow.

My points aren't all in Rooney hasn't been post yet. Have 60.5 without him and Rodwell tomorrow. And f*ing Nani who started on the bench. I dumped Gomez for him. What was SAF thinking of when he started Scholes instead of Nani. Or didn't sub for Scholes when he got the first yellow. Anyhow above I said 3-0 ManU with a brace for Rooney, which should have happened except Cuidicini's great hands and maybe the goal of the year from Defoe in the first minute. Damn that was brilliant.

I swapped Lampard for Torres. Torres phones it in and watched Kuyt and Benayoun do all the work. I dunno what to do with him. Any thoughts?

My hunch on Diaby didn't pan out. Got it wrong.

Bottom line is my midfield is a clusterf*ck. I had Milijas/Rodwell/Nani/Diaby. They are all going to go. What was I thinking?

So I have some major reconstruction to do. As I tumble from the top. But that was inevitable. Ah! Humility.

chris m
velvet underground allstars

I said prematch I was going to BD Rossicky if he played and I have done so. I love that guy. Him and Modric are clones.

Yea, Milijas has got to go. Why 45 minutes. No one has explained that.

Eric said...

Damn, was really hoping to BD Rosicky but couldn't as I was at work. He went and scored too!

Max said...

only managed 79.5pts this week with (hopefully) billy will play tonight and get big points..

verma, wilko, sonko
lamp, stevieG, gomez, billy
drog, torres, tuncay

still my big scorer is drogba.. with gerrard, lamp and gomez all scores 10th points.. robbo & sonko got positive points.. and big disapoinment torres only got 2.5..

earlier this week was thinkin of dropping wilko for someone else.. but end up keeping him.. i should just follow my gut.. sigh..

anyway.. thinkin to bd arsenal player last night but missed.. but since they didn't do too good, their price won't be that much different.. :p

still can bd aston villa player before tonight game..


Anonymous said...

can't believe i BD'd rosicky for gomez. i should have dropped milijas instead. messed up completely. now gomez is at nearly 8.


Anonymous said...

Where the F is Michael Turner's points for a goal and SOT? Nothing is registering for him. Does anyone know how to complain to Yahoo about this?

Anonymous said...

Turner's points rescinded for a Hull own goal. Ugh.

Doctor Teeth said...

Everyone who still has Milijas (me included) should drop him for Kightly, the Player of the Year in the Championship last year.

My hunches paid off this week. Dropped El Nino for Bent and Kuyt. Fielded O'Hara. Drogs continues to produce. All in all, a good week.

Wow, Citeh could be for real.

My poor Spurs...can't believe how anemic they looked with a man advantage for a third of the game. Three unanswered goals after a Defoe bicycle kick in the first minute is just unacceptable. Sigh....

Looking forward to seeing if Bliny plays tomorrow.

Could the arrival of Zhirkov be far off?

And how many managers have a hard on for Rosicky now?

Anonymous said...

I hate Darren Bent! For crying out loud - who scores a brace and gets 19 points?! Well, I don't really hate him. After I kept him from the start of the season, including his terrible preformances against Blackburn and Stoke, I deserved some points from him.
So now I have 90 points. Defoe still didn't get his points, and Rodwell plays today so I expect at least 100. And after keeping Vermaelen, Given and Defoe with their match-ups... I'm very happy.
I didn't want to waste the BD, so I got O'Hara and dropped Rodwell before he had any chance to impress me. But I still have enough money to get him back.
Got rid of milijas. I wanted to do it already at week 2, but with all the advice on the blogs... until he scores something, he wouldn't see my team. Dropped Bosingwa too - he's too expensive for a right-back that gets almost no points but CS.
So I got Richards on BD, because he attacks much more. And then there's Benayoun - I got him on BD, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure he'll preform that well again. I think I'll keep him, at least until his midweek match at CL, but I'll still be glad to read AM's or anyone else's advice about it.
Still afraid from those who had Rooney.
Friday trades are not that bad - got Hunt and Skrtel on one.
I can't believe I have Drogba on 10. That's nothing short of fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on bringing Sicky in....
whom should i trade him for??
Verma OR Dunne OR Givet ???

i am leaning towards kicking Dunne out... will w8 till the Vill-Gham match...

plz impart ur knowledge..

~ Sam

Anonymous said...

I think there are much greater chances for Pompey to score against Villa, than for Wigan to score against Arsenal. Especially after their two goals yesterday. And Verma also attacks more, so he's my pick (if you can put both Vermaelen and Dunne, it would be great).

Anonymous said...

@ 6:55 -

I didnt understand what you just said....
Your telling me whom to pick .... read my post carefully... I was askin whom to KICK-OUT to bring in Sicky..... Understood??

Are u indirectly indicating dat i should drop Givet??

And also... let me re-phrase my question..

Which three should i pick out of these players...

Verma/Dunne/Givet/Sicky ??

~ Sam

bean said...

i have to say two things:
1. terrible week, no one should ever listen to anything i suggest
2. adebayor is a cocksucker, i hope he gets banned


bean said...

okay, one more thing, why do I think rafa will bench benayoun next week?

Anonymous said...

@ bean -
Cause he's an a*s who does not bother bout the player's current form NOR does he bother about the team NOR doe he bother that he's creating a hell lot of confusion in our brains due to his rotation....
and im NOT gonna bet on yossi next week...
if u BD'ed him THEN keep him...
otherwise i wouldnt bet on him returning his current value...
what with Masch set to come back....
And then StevieG goes up front...
so i dont think he might get PT..

and bean... whom would you kick out of your team from these .. Verma/Dunne/Givet/Sicky??

~ Sam

bean said...

wait and see today's matches, if Everton play well i would drop Givet. As long as there's certainty Rosicky will start and Dunne plays well, they both have good matchups and are playing at home. I think you'd be insane to drop the Verm, he's looking pretty good.

but don't listen to me.

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